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Left Trying to Slam the Brakes on Biden’s 2020 Prospects

Left Trying to Slam the Brakes on Biden’s 2020 Prospects

“Please, Joe. Please. Not now.”

There has been some chatter lately about the possibility of another run for president in 2020 by former Vice President Joe Biden. He even said he has regrets about not running in 2016: Joe Biden Thinks He Was Most Qualified Person to Run in 2016

In the age of Harvey Weinstein however, and perhaps even more importantly due to the explosive Al Franken story, the left is beginning to rethink the idea of a new Biden candidacy.

Amanda Terkel writes at the Huffington Post:

Joe Biden 2020 Is A Terrible Idea In A Post-Weinstein America

Joe Biden is a man looking for his moment. Behind those famous aviators, he’s surveying the landscape to see if 2020 might just be his year to fulfill his presidential dreams.

Biden has already run for president twice. Although he didn’t run in 2016, he thinks he could have won that race. When Hillary Clinton lost, she was heavily criticized for not having a populist economic message that could have reached the working-class white voters who swung over to Donald Trump.

Those voters are the speciality of the former vice president, who was born in the Rust Belt city of Scranton, Pennsylvania. When he represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate, Biden was known for taking Amtrak to and from Washington, just like the regular people…

Men in entertainment, media, business and other areas are finally being held accountable for sexist behavior. From former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly to producer Harvey Weinstein to comedian Louis C.K., men are losing their jobs after years of having sexually harassed or assaulted women with impunity.

Biden is the wrong guy to bear the standard of any party purporting to speak for the victims of unaccountable power.

Even the folks over at far left Salon are concerned.

Sophia Tesfaye writes:

Please no, Uncle Joe: Can we pull the brakes on the Biden 2020 express?

Joe Biden said on Wednesday that he has “no plans” to run for president, but on Tuesday the former vice president had insisted that he is “not closing the door” on a future run. If you couldn’t tell, Biden is out selling a book. Still, his numerous and contradictory statements about an impending return to electoral politics should be enough to make Democrats nervous…

Biden’s subsequent history of handling women in ways that makes them visibly uncomfortable made for great memes while his hokey “Creepy Joe” persona was in full effect, but in the wake of sexual harassment scandals surrounding numerous powerful men, it’s hard to imagine that such actions will continue to be overlooked.

That history of handling women has been well documented:

Here’s one more example from Erin Gloria Ryan of the Daily Beast:

Dear Lord Would Joe Biden Be a Terrible Candidate for These Times

Over the last few days, former Vice President Biden has made the rounds promoting his new book with talk show hosts who pretend to have read his new book. During these breezy little chats, Biden has teased that he hasn’t ruled out running in 2020. On behalf of all left-leaning people who also care deeply about our current national conversation about harassment and consent: Please, Joe. Please. Not now. Now is extremely not the time.

While Joe Biden has been jokingly depicted as a kooky uncle or Obama’s wacky sidekick or Leslie Knope’s grin-flashing celebrity crush, he’s also got a troubling history of acting weird in public around women who don’t seem entirely on board. This isn’t just based on whispers or rumors; there are so many photos and clips of Biden looming over, or massaging, or gently nuzzling, or whispering to, or kissing women and girls who don’t seem all that into it.

People on the right have been pointing out Biden’s creepy behavior for years. Democrats and their media allies would usually respond by blowing it off saying that’s just Joe being Joe.

It’s great to see them finally coming around.


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No, no, Gropey Joe…go fire it off the balcony…!!!

Fade away, dude.

From Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.”

Not a fan of the picture. While, contextually, many of those may be showing an awful side of his personality, most of those are pictures that I might see in an elementary-school religious education textbook about ways people show love and friendship.

I remember reading in grad school a poem written in and during Franco’s Spain lamenting the palpable hatred the citizens were taught to foster in which any kind of tender touching would lead to some kind of denunciation and police activity.

I get it that this very touching may be a power play or a self-centered reductionism of the other, but I defy anyone to prove that it is inherently so. I am not a Joe Biden fan at all, but let’s stick to real evidence instead of innuendo, at least in an intro article on the topic.

Obama had “HOPE”.

Biden could have “GROPE”.

Please, Joe. Please. Not now. Now is extremely not the time.

Never is the time!!

They could care less if he is creepy and handsy….they want a candidate to the left of Bernie for 2020….the controlling parties of the Democrats want to go full on Communist in 2020….and it MUST be a person of color….just watch

Please run gropy dopey Joe – he is the perfect Democrat candidate!

It’s ‘his turn’. He has ‘experience’. He’s happy to accept your donations to push the leftist globalist communist positons. …

I remember when Biden was testing the waters about a run in 2016, a montage of Biden’s greatest creepy hits that made the internet rounds. I clicked, expecting to see typical partisanship, “Oh, LOOK!! He kissed a little girl!!” and was truly shocked at how openly predatory his behavior was.

Once he was officially out of the race, the videos made the rounds again but the shocking pictures were no longer included and all that remained were the sort of creepy ones that could be viewed any way you felt inclined to view them. I searched for the more shocking ones to show a friend, but was unable to find the ones I’d seen before.

Funny, he talks about running again and out they come again. I have to wonder who gets to control which ones we are allowed to see and when.

I don’t have a problem with Creepy Joe running for the demorats.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | November 18, 2017 at 5:29 pm

Who was creepier?

Hillary, Bill, Obama, Michelle, or Joe?

I don’t think they’re getting anything. They lack the intellectual and emotional depth to get anything. They care about the national conversation because it’s now affecting them so negatively. They cared about it before as a political tool to use on Conservatives.

They love Uncle Joe. They’d love him to run. Just not right now. Not Right Now. Before, they overlooked and even affectionately minimized his behavior as well as the behavior of so many others. But right now it’s problematic.

They will try to find candidates who are ‘clean’. Then they will prop him/her up with ‘messaging’ regarding ‘jobs’ and ‘middle class’. In reality any jobs won’t be for Americans (remember those shovel ready jobs *snicker*. There were never any shovel ready jobs – it was ‘messaging’). They will care about the middle class, even though the Leftist philosophy has no for it(interestingly they will vote for their own demise.

They will move to the Center, the Right even, with a Populist ‘message’. They will get out and visit constituents, door to door. They will ‘care’ and talk about what people care about including their kids and dogs. They will observe their surroundings and comment on the constuents’ activity at the moment. They will converse, they will be personable, an average person, one of them. Conservatives & Republicans need to learn to do the same.

Democrats will hit the streets and hit them hard. They miss you? They won’t leave a flyer on the door and never come back. They are attentive now…they’ll double down in upcoming elections. They’re in it to win. There’s a lot at stake. And if they win…