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Joe Biden Thinks He Was Most Qualified Person to Run in 2016

Joe Biden Thinks He Was Most Qualified Person to Run in 2016

“I regret that I am not president”

Former Vice President Joe Biden was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for a program that will air this Sunday. Biden claims he regrets not running for president in 2016 and took a shot at Hillary Clinton in the process.

Adam Kelsey of ABC News:

Biden: ‘I regret that I am not president,’ but ‘it was the right decision’ for family

Just over two years ago, then–Vice President Joe Biden announced that he would not run to succeed President Barack Obama in 2016. This week he admitted he regrets that he doesn’t occupy the Oval Office, given the potential he sees in the United States.

“I regret that I am not president because I think there is so much opportunity,” Biden told Oprah Winfrey in a clip from an OWN interview aired exclusively by “Good Morning America” on Thursday. “I think America is so incredibly well positioned.”

Biden, who served eight years as Obama’s vice president after 36 years in the U.S. Senate, said he did not have second thoughts, however, about the reasons he passed on the race.

“I don’t regret the decision I made because it was the right decision for my family,” he said….

Joe Biden explained that in order for people to decide whether they will run for president, they need to be able to answer two questions.

“One, do they truly believe they are the most qualified person for that moment? I believed I was,” Biden said. “But was I prepared to be able to give my whole heart, my whole soul and all my attention to the endeavor?

“I knew I wasn’t.”

Wouldn’t you have liked to watch a Democrat primary debate between Biden and Hillary?

Watch the video report below:

FOX News points to another reason Biden didn’t run:

Biden Didn’t Run in 2016 for Fear of Clinton’s ‘Stop at Nothing’ Opposition Research

In his new memoir, former Vice President Joe Biden says he knew he was capable of beating Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, but he decided not to run for fear of a “stop at nothing” campaign by her backers.

“My numbers on trustworthiness, honesty, and empathy were as high as they had ever been. And I was strongest where the most formidable candidate, Hillary Clinton, was weakest: the key swing states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida,” Biden writes in “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose.”…

Biden writes that he feared opposition research from the Clinton camp that would “stop at nothing,” and he eventually announced he would not run in October 2015.

“Clinton backers sent the signal that they would not stop at voting records and policies if I did get in the race,” Biden reveals.

Will Biden join the multitude of Democrats who will run for president in 2020 now that the Clintons are out of the way? Don’t be surprised if he does.

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Where’s all the complaints about fondling various wives and interns? Perhaps that’s where Hollywood pervs made their biggest error, they fondled women/men who were basically ‘conservative’ in their world view instead of the beasts populating the Progressive ranks.

    Exactly my thought. When does the progressive feeding frenzy over Drunken Uncle Joe’s decades of serial groping begin? I need to set my DVR.

I think Biden would have defeated Trump. How qualified he is, well, that’s another question. Clinton, Biden, Warren, Sanders, etc. are old – now, and in three years they will be older. Trump is old, too, for that matter but he is the incumbent.

    Massinsanity in reply to cwillia1. | November 10, 2017 at 11:49 am

    I think there is a pretty good chance he would have won too. I can’t seem him losing PA and WI the way HRC did. But she would have shredded him in the primary. There were far too many forces in the Democrat party and the MSM fully invested in fulfilling HRC’s destiny as the first female President to let that be derailed by Joe Biden.

      4th armored div in reply to Massinsanity. | November 10, 2017 at 12:30 pm

      considering the choices for (D), I had hoped that Biden had run.
      He would have given Trump a run for his money.
      Trump had the right message and Slo Joe would have had to defend Obama (as running for a 3rd term) and the wymens would NOT have forgiven him for taking Hillary (it’s my turn) chance.

      all in all he made the right choice to not run.
      as far as DJT being OLD, he and I are about the same age and I am in awe at the energy and clear thinking he displays. I hope that we have 8 years of DJT to START to roll back the damage of the Obama years.

      we are going to be in a world war in the next few years and I believe that DJT will be a good war time POTUS who will protect and defend the USA from the Iranian/NORK instigated war.

      comments to my thougts re welcome (including flame thrower).

Trump may be old, like me, but he clearly has more energy than the whole group put together

Biden is a professional fondler

    C. Lashown in reply to gonzotx. | November 10, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    If Biden brings anything to the table in the way of ‘Dem Leadership’ (an oxymoron if there ever was one) it’s his terrible sense of timing married to his political boiler plate bonhomie. He’s just a good old chap, obedient and servile, always ready with the slap on the back. AS TRUMP is learning 10,000 atta-boys can be erased with just one nasty tweet. The same happens with a brainless twit who consistently stuffs his foot in his mouth.

    My memories of Biden, after watching him fondle any woman in the room, was his standing on a platform in a park somewhere. He was introducing people in the crowd he knew. One gent he recognized and called on for plaudits: “Stand up Chuck!”. …but Chuck had a little problem. Sitting in a wheelchair unable to stand up. Oops. A typical Biden move. Watching him bob his head or try to look tough while Obama was speaking was a hoot. Just what America doesn’t need, another clown. I still recall how Gerald Ford had trouble walking, and Carter was attacked by a rabbit.

“I regret that I am not president”

I don’t.

Or any other Democrat.

” . . . the multitude of Democrats who will run for president in 2020 now that the Clintons are out of the way . . .

Can I see a show of hands for those who think that Hillary is now out of the way? Do you really think she will fade off to enjoy walks in the woods and not consider running again?

Seriously. George Romero could have made a good political zombie movie here . . .

Seems the whole bunch of Dems/Progs have severe problems with reality. Slow Joe Biteme was most qualified. Perhaps, within the Democrat offerings, but clearly he is damaged goods, from the plagiarized speech of Neal Kinnock, to the gross fondling, many times on camera, to swimming in the nude making it awkward for female Secret Service Agents. The list goes on and opposition commercial spots practically write and film themselves.

Sure you were, Joe. Sure you were.

Joe coulda had class.

Bucky Barkingham | November 10, 2017 at 11:21 am

More qualified in the ways of the swamp than anyone except Trump.

Of course Joe thought he was the best choice in 2016
and in 2012
and in 2008
and in 2004
and in 2000
and in 1996…

Biden is a special kind of dumb.

Which just might make him the most qualified democrat candidate.