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Al Franken Thanksgiving Day statement: “I’m a warm person; I hug people.”

Al Franken Thanksgiving Day statement: “I’m a warm person; I hug people.”

Will not resign. Which is good for Republicans.

From a purely partisan standpoint, it’s better for Republicans if Al Franken stays in the Senate.

Franken is a living, breathing monument to liberal hypocrisy, an accused serial groper and tongue-shover-in-mouther who reminds us daily that whatever else it is, the Democratic Party is the party that promoted and covered for the lustful Kennedy brothers and their more modern progeny, Bill Clinton. If only Teddy had a Hillary to go to bat for him when he needed it most; just think what she would have done to the reputation and memory of poor Mary Jo Kopechne.

Every day that Al Franken remains in the Senate is a day that Republicans get to whatabout Democrats. It’s another day that Democratic Senators and Representatives have to confront their sexist double standards not only for politicians, but for their base supporters in the entertainment and media industries.

After an initial shock to the liberal body politic, the wagons circled around Franken. Media and Democrats in unison sang the message that Franken just made a mistake, that he’s too vital in the Senate to throw overboard. The womyn of Saturday Night Live stood with Franken against their sisters who have accused Franken of copping feels at their expense, including during a photo pose at a 2007 event hosted by the Minnesota Women’s Political Caucus.

Other liberated women slut-shamed Leeann Tweeden, who first brought Franken’s conduct to light by publishing the now infamous grope-her-while-she-sleeps photo.

There has been a lot of talk that with four accusers, Franken would have to step down. But as of tonight, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Franken issued a defiant Thanksgiving Day message that he will not resign. The Star Tribune reports, Sen. Al Franken vows to regain trust of Minnesota after harassment allegations:

Sen. Al Franken said Thursday that he plans to stay in the U.S. Senate and try to win back Minnesotans’ trust.

The Minnesota Democrat, who has been accused by four women — two of them anonymously — of inappropriate contact, issued a Thanksgiving afternoon apology and pledge. He wrote that he “feels terribly that I’ve made some women feel badly.” He called himself “a warm person” who likes to hug people when they’re being photographed with him, but clearly, his embrace “crossed a line for some women.”

Although his statement did not directly address the question of whether he might resign, it vowed to move ahead with an effort to regain the trust of his constituents. A spokesman for Franken said Thursday that the senator has no plans to resign.

This is the statement issued by Franken, via the Star Tribune (emphasis added):

“I’ve met tens of thousands of people and taken thousands of photographs, often in crowded and chaotic situations. I’m a warm person; I hug people. I’ve learned from recent stories that in some of those encounters, I crossed a line for some women — and I know that any number is too many.

“Some women have found my greetings or embraces for a hug or photo inappropriate, and I respect their feelings about that. I’ve thought a lot in recent days about how that could happen, and recognize that I need to be much more careful and sensitive in these situations.

“I feel terribly that I’ve made some women feel badly and for that I am so sorry, and I want to make sure that never happens again.

“And let me say again to Minnesotans that I’m sorry for putting them through this and I’m committed to regaining their trust.”

So it looks like we’re going to have Al Franken to kick around for a while. Unless more accusers come forward, or Democrats decide Franken is too damaging to be of use to them anymore, much like Bill Clinton.


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I notice that AlGore has been laying low lately. The Internet hasn’t forgotten how he was chasing that masseuse around the room trying to get in her pants.

    Aarradin in reply to snopercod. | November 24, 2017 at 1:28 am

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Al “Happy Ending” Gore


    Seems the only Liberals that are not sex offenders are those that have not yet achieved sufficient stature.

“I’ve thought a lot in recent days about how that could happen, and recognize that I need to be much more careful and sensitive in these situations.”

“So from now on I’ll be wearing oven mittens whenever I’m outside my house. Because I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!”

He called himself “a warm person” who likes to hug people…

“…and sometimes they are even awake when I hug their naughty bits…”

Hey Al, “Hug” is spelled H-U-G not G-R-O-P-E!

Agreed, he might as well stick around in the Senate. I mean, replacing him with Keith Ellison wouldn’t help… and refusing to may help alienate Ellison supporters. So theres’ that. Heh. He hates the black man! He won’t resign for the good of the party!

    Aarradin in reply to RobM. | November 24, 2017 at 1:30 am

    Not so sure on that.

    Watching them put a Malcolm-X, Nation of Islam, radical in the Senate as the face of the Democrat Party could certainly pay dividends for us.

This isn’t a “warm” man; this is an insufferably arrogant man. A creepy boor like Al only does a full cheek grab when he believes he’ll get away with it. And ’til now, he’s been right. Thank you, Democratic voters!

4th armored div | November 23, 2017 at 11:47 pm

let’s see – Moore, accused of acts done F_O_U_R_T_Y (40) Years Ago, can’t show that his life with 1 wife 35 years is a good man.
BUT Conyers, Franken et al who have been accused MUCH more recently and at least in the case of Conyers. paid off these accusers with PUBLIC FUNDS are just good ol’ boys in the Clinton/Kennedy Chakra.

what’s the problem ? Jealousy ?

BTW let’s not forget McConnell and McCain who both were fooling around while in the bonds of matrimony.

we need term limits of a total of 12 years combined in senate+ house of representatives and a ban of 5-10 years post retirement to become lobbyists.
term limits for SCOTUS similarly to 12 years or age 75 whichever comes first.

No adult pampers allowed!

    4th armored div in reply to 4th armored div. | November 23, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    if these gov’t officials can’t be trusted to keep vows to spouses why would we believe them NOW ?
    what penalties besides shaming do they incur ?
    in the case of the Clinton Crime Family, they’ve done quite nicely for themselves but nyet for the USA ——
    pass the Uranium one may request….

    “we need term limits of a total of 12 years combined in senate+ house”

    Exactly what I’ve always advocated for.

    It would take an Article V Convention of the States to achieve though.

    But, it would have near universal, bi-partisan, support nationwide.

–and grope women’s breasts while they’r unconscious.

4th armoured…..
Wat!?!…..some woman actually fooled around with McConnell!?!…ugh on so many levels…

“If only Teddy had a Hillary…”

No one “Hillarys” a rape victim like Hillary.

That’s the mistake Weinstein made – he hired Gloria Allred’s daughter to Hillary for him, but it turned out she wasn’t up to it.

If he’d hired Hillary instead, she’d have Hillary’d his victims like a pro and he’d still be raping at will.

“The womyn of Saturday Night Live”

The rape-enablers of Saturday Night Live

Want them to stop doing that? Start calling them out for it in terms explicit enough that everyone understands their offense.

I’m sure I have just been inattentive, but I have not heard any GOPe shouting “Democrat War on Women” on display here! Is the GOPe fearful of being exposed so to speak? Or, is there some other political agenda that has the GOPe silent?

The male dems and their female enablers from SNL are showing their moral vacuum, but the GOPe acts like it is all “nothing to see here.” What’s really going on with the GOPe, the non-opposition party? Something is not right in the larger context.

I’m a lukewarm person. I think he’s doing it wrong.