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Why the SNL Women’s Defense of Franken Means Little

Why the SNL Women’s Defense of Franken Means Little

“It doesn’t matter how Franken treated his coworkers if he harassed other women. Treating one person well doesn’t expunge treatment of others.”

36 women who worked with Al Franken during his ‘Saturday Night Live’ years signed a letter testifying to his character. His former female Senate staffers made similar remarks.

Great. Franken never inappropriately groped his coworkers. But does that really prove Franken’s innocence? Hardly.

As we’ve discussed at length, the court of pubic opinion is not the ideal place to try sexual harassment allegations. But this is the venue the media (and many accusers) continue to choose. We’ve cautioned against crucifying anyone, regardless of ideological orientation, without a complete assessment of the facts.

It doesn’t matter how Franken treated his coworkers if he harassed other women. Treating one person well doesn’t expunge treatment of others.

As Yashar Ali pointed out in the tweet above, the only result of these kinds of letters is that they dissuade other women from speaking up, and serve to delegitimize their allegations. Especially when the media talking points on Franken’s alleged offenses are that he made an itsy bitsy ‘mistake‘. A ‘mistake’ that as one reader pointed out, Franken made repeatedly, if allegations are to be believed.

As I blogged Sunday:

If what Franken did was simply a mistake, and he’s too politically valuable to lose, when and to whom is this standard also applied? The obvious answer is only to those who are Democrats, but that answer is hardly sufficient for the public who grow weary of double-standards and perverted logic in order to defend some while prosecuting others for the same offenses.

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4th armored div | November 21, 2017 at 2:47 pm
Newly surfaced pics show Al Franken grabbing Arianna Huffington’s breasts and butt

Could it be that there is considerable variation in what different women regard as “harassment”. SNL tends to work pretty close to the edge with its material, and women who work there may have a more forgiving or “cosmopolitan” attitude.
Much as I detest Franken, I have to suspect that his boorish behavior has not been universally unacceptable, and it’s obvious that he has no innate concept of right and wrong.

    “..and it’s obvious that he has no innate concept of right and wrong…”

    Prisons and mental institutions are filled with people who have no innate concept of right and wrong. Apparently, so is Hollywood and Congress.

4th armored div | November 21, 2017 at 2:53 pm

an aside, if Franken resigns, the likely replacement is Keith Ellison, a much more politically toxic joker in the pack.

    Joseph Farrah predicted that the election of obama – and his smelly time in office – would turn-off the electorate to the likes of obama.

    Farrah was right.

    If Ellison was appointed to the Senate, his stink would become as great a turn-off to his ilk as obama has been.

    The Farrah Principle works.

Und uncle Adolf va alvayze such da kind gentlemen vis ze puppies und ze kittens, ya, you know?

Nice guy…

Giving moral license to harass unconscious women.

What, exactly, are the offering?

Are they character witnesses?

Do they expect due process? Are the opposed to Pro-Choice moral, lega doctrine? Are the opposed to trial by press?

The guy was photographed molesting an unconscious woman for what may have been misogynistic spite, and apologized for forcible intimate contact.

    The woman was Leean Tweeden. Franken never apologized to her.

    His public apology was b.s. – a stunt for the angry hysterics around him to rationalize an excuse for his act.

    Notice taht Leean Tweeden has not accepted Franken’s apology.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to | November 21, 2017 at 10:28 pm

      Doesn’t the military take recruits that are a bit younger than 18 years old?

      How old was the lady in that picture at the time I wonder……

On top of this you have to keep this in mind:

Franken is the left’s Chosen One. Comic and entertainer onto lawmaker. He is their Ronald Reagan.

It’s a given that they’ll lie to try to protect him.

I love their defense of him.

Highlights their rank hypocrisy.

We’ll be throwing this back in their faces for decades.

19th century feminism: ” yes we still own slaves but they are well fed and treated with respect”

Remember these are people that claim they are “woke”. Blind to their own hypocrisy, without shame, and so corrupt that hey no longer recognize right from wrong. Yes, these are our enlightened betters, lol.

A ring of car thieves offers as their defense: “But look how many cars we DID NOT steal in this city!” How well would that work?