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Top Democrat to Pelosi: ‘It’s Time to Pass the Torch’

Top Democrat to Pelosi: ‘It’s Time to Pass the Torch’

More headaches for the Democrat Party.

The anger and annoyance towards House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other Democrat leaders continues to boil as the fifth-ranking Democrat in the House, Rep. Linda Sánchez (CA), has asked for a change. From The Washington Post:

“I do think it’s time to pass a torch to a new generation of leaders, and I want to be a part of that transition,” Sánchez said on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” in an interview conducted by reporters with The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. “I want to see that happen. I think we have too many great members here that don’t always get the opportunities that they should. I would like to see that change.”

Pressed to clarify her comments, Sánchez went further and said House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer (Md.) and House Assistant Minority Leader James E. Clyburn (S.C.), who have been part of Pelosi’s leadership team for more than a decade, also should prepare to step down.

“They are all of the same generation, and, again, their contributions to the Congress and the caucus are substantial. But I think there comes a time when you need to pass that torch. And I think it’s time,” she said.

Sánchez said that the leadership change did not need to happen immediately but by after next year’s elections. The 48-year-old lawmaker also stressed that her concerns were about seniority. “This is not an age thing,” she said.

The Democrat Party has been in turmoil since November after failed Democrat presidential candidate lost to President Donald Trump. Not only that, though, since Democrats lost seats and power across the country at state levels.

The party also faces a tense mid-term election in 2018, especially in the Senate. 23 Democrats face re-election and 10 of them represent states that Trump won.

After the election, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) decided to challenge Pelosi for the leadership spot because he believed it was time for a new direction. He lost the challenge 134-63. But he has kept up his criticism of Pelosi, saying in June “that ‘it’ll be very hard’ for Democrats to win back the House with Pelosi in charge because she remains polarizing in swing districts.”

Sánchez took her seat in 2003 and represents parts of eastern los Angeles County. She serves as Democrat caucus vice chairman and led the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. She currently sits on the House Ways and Means Committee. She also went to the White House last month to meet with Trump about tax and immigration.

Could she be the next leader? Sánchez does not know if Pelosi could win another challenge and could not come up with a good challenger, but said, “I think I’m well placed to help make that transition to a new generation of leadership.”


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I sincerely hope and pray that Nasty Nancy clings to power for another decade.

4th armored div | October 6, 2017 at 12:19 pm

how much farther left can they go until a rename of that party needs a formal change to Prog Party then the GOPeeeee can rebrand themselves to what they truly are DhimmiCraps.

    Democrats aren’t against supremacy as such. Just so long as they’re supreme.

    Democrats aren’t against oppression as such. Just so long as they get to do the suppressing.

    For Democrats, it’s just about the Who.

    Democrats/Progressive politics are NOT progressive or enlightened. They are retro-grade in the rawest form – a return to a tribal spoils system and the powerful coupled with those who worship power. This explains why the tribes, today called “identities,” must be kept apart. None of that E Pluribus Unum nonsense for them.

    But as they’re finding out, not all the tribes want to see themselves as equals among the tribes. One of those tribes in particular, Muslims, are extremely supremicist-minded. Great rifts are developing.

Pass the torch…? I didn’t know the hammer and sickle flag also had a torch on it too?

caseoftheblues | October 6, 2017 at 12:31 pm

Anyone who thinks Nancy is going anywhere unless she wants to hasn’t been paying attention….Sanchez seems to think that Democrats actually give a damn about hispanics and their voices… they don’t… they just care about appearing to.

Ha ha, yes, by all means pass the torch to a bunch of CA Democrats. That’ll end well.

Linda’s sister Loretta unseated B1 Bob Dornan. Loretta (term limted) lost to Harris this past election cycle.

I wonder if Loretta is now a paid staffer on Linda’s staff.

    Milhouse in reply to Tiki. | October 8, 2017 at 7:04 am

    Term limits?! There’s no such thing. Can’t be, without a constitutional amendment. She chose to contest the senate primary, and by the time she lost that the Ds had a new candidate for her seat, who wasn’t about to step aside for her.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | October 6, 2017 at 3:06 pm

Let’s ask Nancy about this.

“Hollywood Executive Harvey Weinstein Exposed For Decades of Sexual Harassment…”

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital. | October 6, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    More from the fake media’s Harvey Weinstein.

    “I’m making a movie about our President, perhaps we can make it a joint retirement party. One year ago, I began organizing a $5 million foundation to give scholarships to women directors at USC. While this might seem coincidental, it has been in the works for a year. It will be named after my mom and I won’t disappoint her. (link)

    Seriously, think about what Weinstein is saying here. Think about it.

    Sorry for all the sexual assaults over the years folks, in order to deliver appropriate reparations I shall seek penance via attacks on the NRA and President Trump.?

    Hollywood is running out of money. Not as many people are buying tickets to their crap movies. Viewership of their self-indulgent award shows are way down. Overall, the entire entertainment enterprise they constructed, then politicized, is an ever imploding echo-chamber.

    Subsequently, as the finances tighten the downstream beneficiaries, those who rely on that income stream – politicians and connected democrats, are weakened by less donations….”

pablo panadero | October 6, 2017 at 3:45 pm

There is no torch to pass, but there is an impressive dumpster fire.

This is grotesque.

Unless Pelosi’s problem is due to some current drug treatment, she’s going fast. In a month she won’t know if it’s raining or Tuesday. In the meantime, she shouldn’t be kept up there like a performing monkey. She’s turning the Dems into the party of senility … and the party which abuses the handicapped.


Rick the Curmudgeon | October 6, 2017 at 5:32 pm

Nothing I like better than dissent and infighting by the Democrat leadership.

You’ll notice she has not one actual criticism of policies Pelosi has pushed.

Just another typical liberal. Convinced that if they just had a better messenger things would be sugar and rainbows for them. It can’t possibly be that their message is what people are voting against.

My theory is that their geriatric problem is part of why the Dems are having problems these days nationally. Republicans in at least the House impose term limits on their leadership, which means that there is always turnover, letting younger (than maybe 70 for the Dems these days) members get seasoning. The Dems on the other hand run mostly on a strict seniority basis, which means that the same people rotate back and forth between committee chairs and ranking member, decade after decade, based on which party controls the House.

Another part of this is an ideal on the right of citizen legislators, who have real jobs, go into politics for a bit, to make a better country, then leave. Davy Crocket (the myth – reality appears to have been that he lost reelection through allegations of fraud), Fred Thompson, GW Bush, Trump, etc. that again allows new blood. The a Dems though often seem to view political office from the point of view of machine politics, with winning and maintaining elective office justifying the spoils acquired through it. You compound this by much of the Dem leadership having ultra-safe districts, where their only real challenge to reelection comes from members of their own party, and then, since they are Dems, usually prevail because they control the money and patronage. Last I knew, the entire membership of the CBC (many of whom having risen to powerful positions through seniority – e.g. Conyers, Waters, etc) were elected from gerrymandered minority majority districts (I am assuming that Black Republicans, inevitably elected from competitive districts are still not welcome in the CBC).

Which is why I am more than happy if things continue this way. The Boomers (and older) running the Dem party have a serious problem communicating with the Millenials, their hope for continued and future power. It doesn’t help swaying idealistic young adults when this generation of geriatric leadership is so obviously grossly corrupt. They don’t understand that the point of elective office for at least the older generations of Dem politicians is to accumulate power and money for themselves, their families, and their cronies. Why did Crooked Hillary lose? One part of this was lack of enthusiasm by these millennials for voting for the most corrupt major party candidate for the office for probably the last century, at least, just because she has (or had) a vagina. And so that maybe the Clinton’s could finally move up from the poor centimillionaire class into the more prestigious billionaire category.