Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder gave the appearance of partisan hackery and outright corruption since early in his tenure at the Department of Justice.  According to Holder, we are a “nation of cowards” for not focusing on race and racial “justice,” and we need to “brainwash” Americans to hate and fear guns.

In the wake of the latest anti-Trump feeding frenzy over a phone call to a Gold Star family, Holder has reaffirmed his devotion to the “resistance” and has not only called Trump a liar but has declared his policies “dangerous.”

Newsweek reports:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, whose tenure was embroiled in controversy, had some strong words this week for the Trump administration’s position on key issues involving the criminal justice system.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s stance on crime, sentencing, private prisons and drugs is “disappointing, dispiriting and ultimately dangerous,” Holder told a crowd of law enforcement leaders from around the country who had gathered in Washington, D.C., according to The Hill.

. . . .  “I believe our country is at a crossroads,” Holder said, according to the network. “Will we return to the policies of the past?”

He also said he was disappointed with the rollback of Obama-era oversight programs for police shootings and Trump’s decision to allow more private prisons contracts, the news network reported.

In addition to this statement, Holder also noted that he is a part of the anti-Trump resistance.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday he was a member of the political resistance against President Trump.

“There’s no question about that,” Holder told CNN. “You know, I’m a progressive Democrat committed to the ideals of my party and proud of the work that I did as attorney general.”

Holder, who headed the Department of Justice from 2009 to 2015, admitted it’s been “difficult” to watch Attorney General Jeff Sessions dismantle some of his policies that he thought made the U.S. “better, more fair, more just.”

“At the same time, I’ve tried to be respectful and only when certain lines have been crossed have I raised my voice,” Holder said. “But yeah, it’s been a difficult thing to watch and it means that I think I have to be a part of the resistance and to try to save as much of the great work I think that we did as is possible and to try to ensure that we put in place leadership in 2018, in 2020, that will be supportive of the positive things that we did.”

Holder was also one of the Obama administration’s alumni who defended the former president’s outreach to military families grieving loved ones after Trump claimed Obama “didn’t often” call them.

Holder on Tuesday implored Trump on social media to “stop the damn lying.”


Holder continues to hold Obama up as some sort of light-bringer at his own peril.  The news cycle may have our attention levels whittled down to days or even hours, but Americans don’t forget a “leading from behind” administration who worked to dismantle, hobble, and undermine our nation, its laws, and its military.


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