When will Hollywood ever learn that Americans want its elitist politics out of its entertainment?

Just about now, actress Jennifer Lawrence is probably regretting her assertions that the recent spate of hurricanes hitting our country is the result of our nation electing President Donald Trump.

And if she isn’t, then those who hire her for future productions should be deeply concerned. Hollywood has had an execrable year in box office, partly attributable to their stars’ Trump-hating remarks and continued smears about us “deplorables”.

Legal Insurrection readers may recall my post on Axanar, the Star Trek fan-film that drew the legal ire of CBS. In part, the studio wanted to avoid competition against its upcoming Star Trek series, Discovery.

Intriguingly, the showrunners of the new CBS series indicate that the show will liken Trump supporters to the warrior race called Klingons. The first season of the show presents the the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire as a loose allegory for the 2016 election.

The upcoming CBS All Access drama tells the serialized story of a war between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. The show is set a decade before 1966’s original series — which premiered 51 years ago today — during which the Federation and Klingons were in a Cold War standoff that reflected yesteryear’s U.S.-Soviet relations. In Discovery, war breaks out and the Klingons leading the charge have some ideological ideas inspired by the 2016 electoral divide.

“The allegory is that we really started working on the show in earnest around the time the election was happening,” showrunner Aaron Harberts says. “The Klingons are going to help us really look at certain sides of ourselves and our country. Isolationism is a big theme. Racial purity is a big theme.

The Klingons are not the enemy, but they do have a different view on things. It raises big questions: Should we let people in? Do we want to change? There’s also the question of just because you reach your hand out to someone, do they have to take it? Sometimes, they don’t want to take it. It’s been interesting to see how the times have become more of a mirror than we even thought they were going to be.”

Time will tell if this is a suicide mission or an accidental stroke of brilliance.

As a Trump-voter and a fan of Star Trek, I adore Klingons. Most of the best episodes and movies featured this battle-ready, honorable race.

It appears I am not the only one.

One Tweet inspired me to reply:

I have often said that while others play chess, President Trump is playing a Klingon battle game. It seems, once again, I was prescient.

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