Appearing on today’s Morning Joe, Rep. Joe Crowley, the fourth-ranking member of the Dem House leadership, stated that President Obama is “leading the charge” on efforts in state legislative races.

Crowley was responding to Joe Scarborough’s question as to what Dems will do differently from what they did in November, when they got “absolutely shellacked.”

Crowley began by mentioning the Koch brothers in connection with Dem losses. Scarborough challenged him: “you’re not blaming that on the Koch brothers, are you?” Crowley then switched gears and spoke of Obama’s involvement.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: What are you guys doing differently now that you weren’t doing last November, when you just got absolutely shellacked as a party?

JOE CROWLEY: This has been going on, Joe, prior to that. This goes back to 2010, 2012 when the Koch brothers and Republicans invested in state and local legislative races where they’ve taken over state capitols around the country. I think we have like 15 Democratic governors today. We’ve lost 1,000 —

JOE: But you’re not, you’re not really blaming that on the Koch brothers, are you?

CROWLEY: Well, I’m blaming it on our lack of participation as well, our lack of a plan last decade when it came to reapportionment. I know President Obama is really leading the charge in terms of really focusing on the efforts in state legislative house races, so that we can get back into the game in state legislatures around the country. Focusing on winning gubernatorial races: the silver bullet to really help us in the next reapportionment period, coming up in 2020, 2022.

Note: earlier this month, it was reported that President Obama’s return to politics would be “low key.” “Leading the charge” sounds pretty “high key” to us! No more leading from behind!


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