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Dem Congressional candidate Brianna Wu wants Editor fired for “deadnaming” Chelsea Manning

Dem Congressional candidate Brianna Wu wants Editor fired for “deadnaming” Chelsea Manning

Stating an accurate historical fact that Chelsea Manning was named Bradley Manning is a firing offense?

Brianna Wu is a Democrat running for Congress in the 8th District of Massachusetts, in a seat currently held by Democrat Stephen Lynch.

Lynch has caused some upset in progressive circles by being too much of a “lunch-bucket” Democrat, as this article in Commonwealth magazine depicts:

NO ONE WOULD question the wisdom of a gambler who put money on US Rep. Stephen Lynch securing another easy win next year. Still, the odds are changing a bit, in part because the demographics of his district are changing and the Democratic Party in Massachusetts is moving away from him to the left….

In February, in fact, he stood up for Trump, telling WBZ NewsRadio that the media has been unfair to the president. Lynch has moved to the left over the years, but he still reflects the conservative Roman Catholic ethos of his upbringing. He rejects his Democratic colleagues’ focus on racial and gender identity politics, their attention to “elitist” issues such as climate change, and their neglect of the type of people who sparked Lynch’s own political rise, the ironworkers and union men he once worked alongside.

“I was an ironworker for 20 years,” he says. “It’s hard to get that out of your system and I don’t want to. I try to spend as much time as I can with blue collar” people….

Lynch is one of three House Democrats still in Congress who voted against Obama’s 2010 health care law. Lynch says he didn’t like the absence of a government-run insurance option, as well as the law’s tax on high-cost, high-quality insurance plans offered by some unions.

Lynch describes himself as personally “pro-life,” even as he says he supports the Roe v. Wade decision.

He derides his party’s focus on climate change, arguing that it has detracted from Democrats’ appeal to Rust Belt voters.

Commonwealth noted the risk to Lynch:

The irony is that Lynch shares the impatience of the Democratic Party’s liberal base, but also seems vulnerable to its rage….

That “rage” factor appears in the form of Wu.

I didn’t know who Wu was until today, when she tweeted the demand that is the subject of this post. Perhaps I didn’t know Wu because I didn’t follow (and still don’t really understand) the Gamer-Gate brouhaha.

The NY Times profiled Wu in March, Brianna Wu Wants to Change the Democrats’ Playbook:

Many people are familiar with you as a prime target of Gamergate, a harassment campaign against women in the video-game community. Considering the flood of abuse you received, why would you decide to do something as high-profile as run for Congress? It’s terrifying, right? The thing Gamergate taught me is that there’s nothing I can’t handle. What is someone going to do: Call me ugly? Threaten to kill me? I already deal with all of that on a daily basis. I realized I needed to do this in a business meeting after election night, where I couldn’t even concentrate because I was so upset. I knew I wouldn’t feel good about just making video games for the next four years.

So Trump’s victory reoriented you? It helped me come to the conclusion that Republicans are very, very effective at getting people to go out there and vote with their emotions. That’s a real failure of the Democratic Party. I look at my own party, and I see that we’ve taken this technocratic, academic, elitist liberal class philosophy as far as it can go, and we got our butts kicked — and I don’t know what else to do other than get involved myself.

Wu told WBUR:

“My frustration with Stephen Lynch has been going on for quite a while. I think most people would agree with me when I say he’s a very very conservative Democrat here in Massachusetts. I personally don’t consider him a Democrat. I look at his background on voting for reproductive health care, I look at some of the bills he tried to pass about LGBT rights, and I personally think Massachusetts can do so much better. I think he doesn’t stand for my values and the values of a lot of people here in our state.

So Wu is challenging Lynch from the left. Big League:

On election night I was at Hillary Clinton headquarters, standing not 30 feet from where I expected her to accept the presidency….

But then, our worst fears came true and Donald Trump was elected president. If this were just another Republican president, someone like Mitt Romney or John McCain – I’d take the loss in stride. But we all know the truth, Donald Trump represents a unique threat to the American system. Not only is he temperamentally unfit to be president, but there are unanswered questions about his ties to Russia and business conflicts of interest.

I have respect for so many of our leaders in our great Democratic party. But, the contentious primary between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton revealed a deep divide that must be reconciled. There is a disconnect between those marginalized and our party leaders who vote too often as moderate Republicans. I personally supported Hillary Clinton in the primary, but today I see the vision of Bernie Sanders for America is one we must bring to pass.

I believe today’s Democratic party is ill-equipped to fight the Trump administration’s assault on women, on people of color, on the poor, and on the LGBT community. We do have true progressives, but too often they don’t have the support of the party establishment.

I’m announcing my candidacy today for the House of Representatives in Massachusetts district 8 to change that. It’s time for a bolder Democratic party.

I stumbled upon Wu’ when someone in my Twitter timeline commented on a tweet of hers concerning an Op-Ed in The NY Times, When Transgender Trumps Treachery. It was an article by Jamie Kirchick taking to task the glorification in the LGBT community of Chelsea Manning:

Celebrating Chelsea Manning just a few years after gay and transgender people were permitted to serve openly in the military discredits the L.G.B.T. cause. Throughout most of the 20th century, homosexuality was associated with treason and used as a basis for purging gay people from government jobs, denying them security clearances and restricting their service in the armed forces. The decision by Ms. Manning’s defense team to argue that untreated gender dysphoria was a factor in her decision to leak classified information unwittingly aids those who say that L.G.B.T. people cannot be trusted in sensitive government jobs. And it dishonors the L.G.B.T. people who have served in the military throughout history without betraying their country….

There are elements of the American left that would celebrate any leaker of government secrets, regardless of their gender identity. But it’s hard to imagine Ms. Manning receiving such a positive reception — never mind a spread in Vogue — if she still identified as Bradley, transgender being the liberal cause du jour. Ms. Manning’s atypical identity adds a frisson of subversion to her already subversive acts. Transgender, it would appear, trumps treachery.

The Kirchik Op-Ed received a lot of attention and praise. But not from Wu. To Wu, Kirchick committed a grievous offense, mentioning Chelsea Manning name when in the military, Bradley Manning.  Kirchick doesn’t work for the NY Times, so he can’t be fired, so Wu went after whoever edited the Op-Ed, tweeting:

Hey, @nytimes. You’re disciplining/firing the editor that approved deadnaming @xychelsea, an egregious breach of ethics, right?


Apparently that refers to using the prior name of a transgender person, and it’s beyond horrible according to this HuffPo column, Deadnaming A Trans Person Is Violence  —  So Why Does The Media Do It Anyway?

Hearing or seeing one’s old name can induce a visceral sense of terror that no matter how much progress one makes in their transition, the person they used to be (or pretended to be) is still there.

Hence the term “deadname”: a name that shall not be spoken, for it invokes a restless spirit. Many trans people will go to great lengths to prevent people from finding out their deadnames, destroying irreplaceable photos and documents in an effort to ensure that who they really are is the only identity most will remember. We may not be able to make our families forget what they used to call us, but we can change how we’re known to the rest of the world.

So how to accurately and factually describe the name of the person who committed an egregious betrayal of our nation. Let’s start with the name of the person at the time the person committed the crime, which was Bradley Manning.

How can stating a fact be a firing offense?

If Brianna Wu thinks a NY Times editor should be disciplined or fired for allowing an Op-Ed columnist to state an accurate historical fact, then Brianna Wu should never come near a position of power.

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“Those who control history…”

    If he/she/it wants to get rid of Lynch, I say go for it. I don’t know anything about Lynch except that the article says he was an ironworker for 20 years and is pro-life. The sooner the Defunct Dem Party gets rid of all its members with any connection whatever with working people, the better. Replace a former ironworker who may actually understand real Americans with . . . whatever Wu is, and the dems will fling themselves off the cliff even faster.

    Ms. Wu goes to Washington. Where is Frank Capra when you need him…

casualobserver | September 2, 2017 at 8:56 pm

She appeals to the Bernie crowd to some degree. But don’t take her word for it that the state is moving further left. The reaction to 8 years of Deval Patrick pushed more people to the center and a little more to the right. And delivered the current GOP governor a win, Baker. It’s more wishful thinking on her part.

What else would one expect from a leftist fascist but a call for for oppression of political opposition.

We have a concentration camp commandant in the making.

I didn’t follow (and still don’t really understand) the Gamer-Gate brouhaha.

In brief: A writer for a video games review magazine found out his girlfriend, a video game developer (she created one game, a text adventure about living with crippling depression) had been sleeping with video game reviewers from other outlets in exchange for favorable reviews of her game. He outed her for this. This happened about the same time as Anita Sarkeesian, a “feminist” activist and alleged con artist, was fundraising for a YouTube video series about how horribly video games depicted women.

When people pointed out that cuckolded game writer dude was being pretty petty about the whole thing, that side pivoted to claiming the real issue was about “ethics in game journalism”, rather than one guy getting cheated on by his crazy ex. Sarkeesian and her fellow travelers began amping up the “gamers are pathetic losers/misogynists/rape culture apologists” rhetoric.

Pretty soon, Internet trolls on both sides started pouring gasoline on the fire, doxxing and harassing the opposite side in a tit-for-tat Twitter campaign. Sarkessian et. al. claimed all manner of death threats and illegal harassment tactics by the other side, but no evidence that any such threats were actually made has ever been presented. Sarkeesian et. al. used the sympathy generated from their alleged victimhood status to boost donations to their fundraisers. There are still unanswered questions about where all the money Sarkeesian raised went, along with allegations that she was running a con job on gullible feminists.

Meanwhile, the pro-gamer side went hogwild trying to discredit the pro-feminist side, amping up their accusations of unethical behaviour. While they did uncover a number of undisclosed relationships between video game reviewers from various web sites and independent video game developers, it’s debatable how much of an issue “ethics in video game journalism” ever was, given how small a market niche “video game journalism” is in the first place.

The pro-gamer side claimed, with some support, that the pro-feminist side was blatantly making up their accusations to get attention, funding, and suppression of the pro-gamer side. The FBI investigated “GamerGate”, and determined “GamerGate” was not a hate group and had not committed a coordinated harassment campaign. (There was a great deal of online harassment on both sides, but no evidence it was anything other than bandwagon-jumping trolls stoking the conflict).

The entire conflict happened on Twitter, which is why it had no impact on the real world whatsoever.

    Matt_SE in reply to daniel_ream. | September 2, 2017 at 9:37 pm

    Your characterization is only superficially true. Gamergate awoke an entire generation of gamers (not all of them men) that the left would not allow them to not care.

    It was one of the modern culture’s flashpoints, and was misunderstood by people who don’t think culture is worth fighting over.

    Wrong. The anger among gamers directed towards the gaming press and their too-cozy relationship had been building for years before anybody knew who Zoe Quinn was.

    MULTIPLE incidents had already occurred before that – a reviewer for Gamespot was fired for writing a bad review of a game that had plastered the site with advertising for weeks before release. Another reviewer conducted a video review of a game literally sitting next to products (I think it was Doritos or Mountain Dew) that had game advertising printed on it. And there was a big conference where a game company literally gave dozens of game reviewers hundreds of dollars of perks and free stuff immediately prior to the release of their game.

    Zoe Quinn was, quite frankly, a small blip on the radar of anger directed towards gaming ‘journalists’ in general, and would have been forgotten in a week if gaming media had just stayed quiet or acknowledged they had a problem and hadn’t tried to get out of it by running an organized smear campaign directed at ‘gamers’ trying to paint them all as stupid neckbearded misogynists living in their parents basements (that was a direct quote from an article).

    Sarkeesian is just a straight up con artist who has taken literally MILLIONS of dollars in donations and produced a handful of deceptively-edited videos of games where she cherry-picks a few seconds of gameplay out of 40-60 hour games and whines about misogyny, has been the subject of lawsuits where she used streamers and Youtuber’s content without permission, and has been caught multiple times in outright lies.

    Add that to the fact that Sarkeesian absolutely REFUSES to hold any kind of debate with any critic. Every single one of Sarkeesian’s videos has comments and like/dislikes disabled, she refuses any kind of news interview where she doesn’t know the questions in advance, and I believe the Colbert Report interview of her remains the ONLY Colbert Report video with comments disabled.

Brianna Wu’s candidacy should always be discussed in the context of “Seriously, is this a joke?”. Or better yet, not discussed at all. Giving these people publicity as if they were serious is playing their game.

On the other hand, if you want to make Brianna Wu (a.k.a. John Walker Flynt) the face of today’s Democrat party insanity, that might work out ok.

Wu vs. Lynch. What difference, at this point, does it make?

I’d have more interest in which is better, Bud or Bud Light, and I’ve never tasted beer in my life. 😉

John Walker Flynt.

His name is John Walker Flynt.

aka Brianna Wu.

Only in america can a young white boy grow up to be a bitchy asian female.

I only know of one Brianna Wu, from Gamergate infamy. Brianna Wu is a man.

Congressional candidate. Right.

I don’t see a major electoral challenge here.

Massachusetts can be pretty annoying, but California it ain’t.

Brianna Wu is/was John Walker Flynt.

Feel the violence!

    C. Lashown in reply to Another Ed. | September 2, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    RE: “Brianna Wu is/was John Walker Flynt”

    That’s American opportunity, right, allowing a person to go from an amateur to a professional? At least the gene line is gone, unless science ‘out smarts’ the scalpel.

    Rab in reply to Shane. | September 3, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    Thanks, Shane. That link you gave led me down the rabbit hole, link after link, for a few hours.

    Something in all the Flynt/Wu material I read today tells me that Flynt/Wu (or F-Wu, as I prefer) is the one who has written all this anti-F-Wu stuff. I have to conclude that F-Wu is self-loathing, narcissistic and schizophrenic…or just bizarre

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I don’t remember Caitlyn Jenner ever being shown on a box of Wheaties so if it wasn’t Caitlyn, who was it? At least Caiylyn won’t brcome comfused about what top to wear in Berkely under the Nipple equality law.

Kriss Worthington, the progressive councilman who has represented a student-heavy district near UC Berkeley for two decades, said the indecent exposure law is antiquated and sexist. He said it objectifies women and creates confusion for transgender individuals as well.

San Francisco allows public nudity, but most who have taken advantage of the ordinance are balding old fat gay men hanging out on benches in Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro who make the elephant seals at Año Nuevo State Park look like GQ models. Somehow, I don’t think this is quite the legacy Harvey Milk wanted.

And now you know pretty much all you need to know about GamerGate. When you read that it was “a harassment campaign against women in the video-game community”, just remember that this is what it looked like from the point of view of megalomaniacal lunatics like Wu.

Brianna Wu / John Walker Flynt

Congresscritter Brianna Wu (BM)* Massachusetts.

I like its sound.

Vote early and often Bay Staters!

*(Barking Moonbat)

We’re with you Doctor Wu!

Brianna Wu was born John Flynt. He calls himself a victim of gamer-gate harassment but was one of the leading attackers and slanderers, endlessly dishonest in the service of his perverted sexual mores.

In other words, he’ll make a great Democratic Party candidate. The more that comes out about his viciously deranged leftism the more he will not just lose but will destroy any party that accepts him. It’s like the Democrat embrace of Antifa. Yes, the Democratic Party really is that bad, but letting people know destroys them electorally.

Bradley Manning has only one identity– Traitor.

Every increasingly absurd and tortured extrapolation of political correctness serves only to further the liberal disconnect from American voters. We should encourage them.

    DaveGinOly in reply to Henry Hawkins. | September 3, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    “I look at my own party, and I see that we’ve taken this technocratic, academic, elitist liberal class philosophy as far as it can go, and we got our butts kicked — and I don’t know what else to do other than get involved myself.”

    And “her” response appears to be “double down.” We need more Dems like him. I mean her. Dammit – It! (A nod to the Stooges.)

Oh my goodness, the rare photo of Wu with her mouth closed. Just do a Google search, it’s disturbing how often it is not the case… Well, that and thinking you can simply ‘drop’ rocks from the moon to attach the earth.

If the Democrats keep rolling out characters with stories like this, they will put The Onion out of business.

Trans Game Developer Brianna Wu Is Running for Congress

Yup this will truly help the democrats next fall.

It appears to the Democratic Party, 2 + 2 = 5. (reference to 1984)

“That’s a man, baby”

Our Man Flynt?

Wu is me…

The legacy of Obama. Great, isn’t it?

Hey, this guy can run for president all by himself, on the Flynt-Wu ticket.

He may change his gender (i.e. masculine, feminine physical and mental characteristics), but “She” will always be a male sex, albeit with a progressive feminine gender.

F-Wu has the swing voters for sure.

This woman is a boilerplate Leftist. She and others like her are the primary reason the Democratic Party has lost so much support from the people of the country.