I returned to Netroots Nation today.

At lunch, I went to listen to Elizabeth Warren’s speech and panel discussion. I wanted to ask her a few questions after her panel, which was entitled “2012 and the War on (and for) Women.”

Specifically, I wanted to ask Warren questions about being a Woman of Color. Since she put herself on lists of Minority Law Teachers and Woman of Color in Academia, and identified herself to two employers as Native American, I wanted to see if Warren stood by those designations in light of evidence they are false designations.

As I was waiting, a woman noticed me (perhaps based on the Daily Kos posts about me) and brought it to the attention of others. Shortly following this, two security guards were placed between myself and the off-stage area.

When Warren first left the dais, I asked her a question which she refused to answer as she rushed by.

After Warren had gone to an off-stage area, I shot the following video as I attempted to ask Warren the question a second time. As you can hear in the video, when the security guard singles me out from getting near Warren, I say “Why can’t I get through?”

The security guard says “that’s what I was told.”

The security guard physically barred me from moving forward.  I don’t blame him, it’s what the organizers wanted.  Here is the video:

As I was leaving the conference, I saw Warren once more as she entered a nearby hotel.  I asked her if she’s a “role model to women of color?” Her staffer obstructed my camera and Warren ignored my question once again.


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