James O’Keefe and Project Veritas dropped the latest video in the group’s project to expose bias in the mainstream media.

In this video, CNN supervising producer John Bonifield, who we met in the first video of this series, told an undercover PV journalist that at CNN there is “an automatic bias” against those who hold conservative views.


PV released this video the same day that President Donald Trump announced that after consulting with the military, the government “will not accept or allow” transgender people because it “cannot be burdened with tremendous medical costs and disruption.”

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter under President Barack Obama “issued a directive last year that permitted transgender troops to serve in the military, and to undergo reassignment surgery.”

Congress has started to look over a spending bill for the Pentagon worth almost $700 billion. The New York Times reported that Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) “has proposed an amendment that would bar the Pentagon from spending money on transition surgery or related hormone therapy.”

In the beginning of the video, PV included clips from CNN of journalists bashing Trump’s move. These guys said this ban would exclude volunteers, it’s full on discrimination, etc. These clips prove Bonifield’s next points:


Then Bonifield admitted something interesting about these people:


Just regular everyday people who just hold different views than those thrown at them from journalists who reside on the east coast in either D.C. or New York City.


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