OJ Simpson has received parole for his 2008 conviction of an armed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers. From Fox News:

Commissioner Tony Corda begins. He says Simpson committed a crime and was sent to prison. He says Simpson has no prior convictions and is low risk. He has community support and has heard from Simpson and his victim.

“The question is if you have served enough time in this case.”

Corda votes to grant parole.

Commissioners Susan Jackson, Adam Engel, and Connie Bisbee also voted to grant Simpson parole. He can be released as soon as October 1, 2017.

These commissioners granted him parole “in 2013 on some of his 12 charges, leaving him with four years to serve.”

ESPN continued:

“I’m no danger to pull a gun on anybody,” Simpson told the board. “I’ve never been accused of it in my life. I’ve never done it in my life.”

He later told the board that he completed an “Alternative to Violence” course while incarcerated and believes it should be mandatory for all inmates.

“I’m pretty much a guy who’s always gotten along with everybody,” he said. “… I’ve basically spent a conflict-free life.”

Simpson has earned sentencing credits and time off for good behavior, cutting his 33-year maximum sentence by more than half. He has requested to live in Florida if he were to be released.

“I could easily stay in Nevada, but I don’t think you guys want me here,” Simpson joked.

Answered Bisbee with a smile: “No comment, sir.”

But as CNN points out, he spent 75 minutes making excuses and not apologizing for his actions, just that the situation happened:

O.J. Simpson gave a lengthy explanation of his 2007 armed robbery and kidnapping, deflecting blame and saying that his associates should have served time in prison for bringing a weapon.

“Unfortunately, they got a get-out-of-jail-free card when they said ‘O.J. told me (to do it),'” Simpson said. “Nothing I can do about that.”

Simpson also said he has taken two “Alternative to Violence” classes, which he said was “the most important course any person in this prison can take.”

Simpson told the parole board “that he is now ‘much better prepared’ to deal with conflict” and wants to spend the rest of his time with his children.

His oldest Arnelle pleaded with the parole board for her father:

A victim of the crime, Bruce Fromong, defended Simpson: