The entire country needs a lesson in parliamentary procedure.

As I blogged yesterday, Senate Republicans, with the assist of Vice President Pence finally cobbled together enough votes to pass a motion to proceed (MTP), which simply allowed for debate on proposed Republican health care reform.

To watch Democrats, progressives, and everyone under the impression that health insurance saves lives, John McCain was single-handedly responsible for killing off some 22 million people. Never mind the other 50 votes or the that Sen. McCain already said he’d support a MTP. And let’s not even bother considering the CBO estimates of health insurance losses are due to an inordinate amount of people choosing to abstain from purchasing health insurance once the individual mandate ceases to be. In any case, in the minds of many, McCain became a veritable killing machine.

The politically illiterate, many of whom write the news, began criticizing Republicans for not knowing what legislation they were voting for:

And pretend news anchors proved why they have no business opining on legislative matters:

From Esquire:

“It is hard to describe what our elected leaders have been doing for the last 24 hours,” Stephen Colbert said last night.

(All he had to do was watch the floor action. This is why we have C-SPAN.)

I get that his schtick is over dramatizing news, but it might actually be funny if it were remotely accurate.

And of course, Republicans are heartless for choosing to debate a bill:

McCain became a target because he recently suffered the misfortune of a brain cancer diagnosis. Why would he want to debate legislation?! (Not like it’s his job or anything…) Shouldn’t he know the value of health insurance?! Sen. McCain might be a lot of things and he has a penchant for drawing fire from both sides of the aisle, but the ignorant backlash he received for a routine vote on a MTP is almost comical.

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