In the wake of the Kathy Griffin severed-head fiasco, and the Central Park play depicting the assassination of President Trump, you’d think that pundits might have the good sense to lay off metaphors invoking the violent death of the president.

But today comes law prof Jonathan Turley with yet another sanguinary simile. Appearing on Morning Joe to discuss President Trump’s executive order on travel, Turley suggested that President Trump’s tweets on the subject are undermining his case.

Then Turley went there: it’s like a presidential version of death by cop. Every time you seem to make advances, the president seems to stand up and say ‘shoot me, shoot me.'”

Note: the irony is that Turley has been generally fair to Trump. His position was that the tweets aside, the President has a strong case for the constitutionality of his order. And last month, we noted how Turley surprisingly rejected Joe Scarborough’s suggestion that there was a prosecutable case for obstruction against the President.

Bonus Coverage: CNN’s Cuomo Refers to Trump Confidante Chris Ruddy as an “Enema”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has provided another example of someone not learning from the mistakes of others. After CNN’s firings of Kathy Griffin, and of Reza Aslan [for calling the president a “piece of s—], you’d think Cuomo would know better than to indulge in crude and vulgar comments.

But no. On CNN this morning, referring to Trump confidante Chris Ruddy’s statement that the president was considering the firing of special prosecutor Mueller, Cuomo said of Ruddy “with friends like these, who needs enemas?” Nice.