Elizabeth Warren has claimed at various points in her life to be Native American, most notably when she was climbing the law professor ladder. When she got tenure at Harvard Law School, she dropped the self-identification.

By all available evidence, Warren’s claims are false.

Warren never has come forward with any credible evidence, and Cherokee genealogists who have followed her family lines have proven there is no Indian ancestry (neither Cherokee nor Delaware).

Even if Warren had Native American ancestry, Warren would not meet the definition of Native American used by the EEOC and employers such as Harvard, because she has no ancestry and never had any “cultural identification” such as membership in a Native American tribe (both ancestry and cultural identification are needed).

Had Warren, when her Native American problem was discovered in 2012, simply fessed up to what she did, this probably wouldn’t be an issue anymore. Instead, Warren stood by her story, relying on convoluted (and mostly disprovable) “family lore” as a defense.

Being the “fake” Indian now is Elizabeth Warren’s brand, and nobody is branding her that way more aggressively than Donald Trump, as I wrote in late April 2017, Trump branding of Elizabeth Warren as Fake Indian continues, expecting her to run in 2020:

Trump doesn’t attack his political opponents, he brands them. The brand for Jeb was “low energy.” For Rubio, it was “little Marco.” For Cruz, it was “lyin’ Ted.” Once branded, they could not shake the image.

Just ask “Crooked Hillary.”

Which brings up Elizabeth Warren. As we posted earlier, while Warren is denying that she “is” running for president in 2020, she’s making all the normal pre-presidential run moves.

She’s raised her profile as the face of “the resistance,” a face Republicans also are jockeying to put out front.

Speaking at the NRA today, Trump warned that members should expect “Pocahontas” to run

Trump is branding her. And being someone who was a fake Indian is her brand. She’ll never shake it.

The effectiveness of that branding was evident in a CNN interview with New Hampshire Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who claims to be a direct descendant of Pocahontas and to have the family ancestry documented. Pocahontas allegedly was Shaheen’s 11th Great Grandmother.

CNN raise the Pocahontas ancestry with Shaheen, and then dropped the bomb, whether Shaheen had mentioned it to Elizabeth Warren:

Q. Have you told Elizabeth Warren?

A. Kind of a sensitive topic, so probably not.

It’s probably too late for Warren to put her Native American problem back in the bottle. But a complete and unreserved apology would be a good start.


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