Music star Moby has decided to showcase his hatred of President Donald Trump, becoming the latest celebrity to jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon.

Moby chose to depict Trump as a Nazi leader in the video for “In This Cold Place,” who eventually meets his death as a Swastika/dollar sign in an explosion.

Moby spoke to The Huffington Post about the video, which he claimed the world will end at an any second:

That fearful idea may already be seared into his own mind, but the artist wants to make sure that you too are considering the possibility of existential demise. “We’re slowly building awareness and you just hope that the awareness comes before we end up on a planet that’s uninhabitable,” said Moby in a recent phone conversation about his new album, “More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse.”

But Moby understands that shouting “dire!” is not as newsworthy as “fire!” He expressed frustration that in the “bleeds it leads approach” to media, topical “dramatic” stories win attention over the slow killers, such as antibiotic resistance and climate change. He’s afraid the world is ending and that nobody cares to notice.

The world is going to end so why not make a video depicting the death of our president? Not like it’s a cliche or anything. (See Snoop Dogg and Kathy Griffin)

The video shows Americans as Care Bears that hate each other so they build a wall.

Trump is a robot that turns into a Swastika/dollar sign and destroys a city.

He throws in images of doom and gloom and greed as well before the Care Bears fight back and tear down the wall. Then He-Man and She-Ra destroy Trump’s friends Rupert Murdoch, Prime Minister Theresa May, Steve Bannon, and Kim Jong-un.

But when Trump consumes “truth” (whatever that is) he explodes and dies in a fire.

Why this he approach? He told HuffPo:

“When it comes to issues, like being a good vegan or animal rights activist, I can’t just scream,” said Moby. “You have to strategically present the information in a way that people might be receptive [and] might respond to it. That’s why I felt like doing it in a cartoonish way in the video would both sort of draw people in and repel them at the same time in equal measure.”

This is an artist who knows what he’s doing.

Or maybe it’s just another example of a tone deaf celebrity!