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GA-6 in Dead Heat Heading into Debates

GA-6 in Dead Heat Heading into Debates

New polling shows younger voters leaning toward Ossoff, while the older crowd prefers Handel

Early voting began Tuesday in one of the country’s hottest races — the race to replace former Rep. Tom Price (who left to head HHS) in Georgia’s sixth Congressional district.

The young and inexperienced Democrat Jon Ossoff faces a tough challenger in Republican Karen Handel. Democrats and political media alike have pitched the race as a referendum on President Trump and his agenda.

Because the race has garnered so much national attention, super PACs from both sides of the aisle are dropping bank on ads, hoping to sway voters to their cause. The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican PAC, created an ad, linking Kathy Griffin to Ossoff.

Griffin is now famous for her decision to pose in an ISIS-like image with a bloody, severed Trump head.

The ad connects Griffin and Ossoff as part of a “liberal extremist” wing of politics. Included beneath, the ad has not yet run on TV.

Without spending a dime to air the Griffin ad, it’s drummed up a fair amount of media.

A few weeks ago, a SurveyUSA poll had Ossoff up seven points. No one bought it. All signs pointed to a closer race.

A poll released this week shows just that. Ossoff still has a small lead, but one within the poll’s margin of error. Neither is Ossoff’s lead universal. He’s polling well among younger voters, but Handel has the edge on older voters.

From WSB Radio:

Ossoff leads with younger voters, age 18-39, while Handel has the edge with voters older than 65.

Male voters tend to go more for Handel, and female voters tend to support Ossoff.

Experts say the race that’s getting national attention is going to come down to who can actually get their supporters to the polls.

Channel 2 Political Analyst Bill Crane believes the race has become a kind of referendum on the Trump presidency.

“Probably there’s been some additional dissatisfaction from people who did vote for the president in November who may have seen enough,” Crane said.

The Ossoff campaign sent the following statement about the poll: “This race is neck and neck and our campaign is going to continue to work as hard as we ever have to ensure we don’t send another career politician to Washington.”

The Handel campaign sent the follow statement about the poll: “With the race tied, it’s important that every Republican take their duty to get out and vote seriously. Otherwise, California money could end up buying another Georgia Congressional seat for the Democrats.”

Ossoff and Handel will square off in their first debate Tuesday, followed by a second debate Thursday. Early voting runs through June 16 and the election will be held June 20.

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Landmark is a political campaign group for hire – take there polls with salt.

On Nov 7 they underpolled Trump by 2-3 points.

    Freddie Sykes in reply to Barry. | June 3, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    The Landmark Poll of 500 likely voters had Trump over Clinton by a mere 1.2 %. The actual vote count was Trump 51.3% and Clinton 45.6%.

George Takei is a supporter. Surely with that endorsement he is a shoe in. Then again, any clear lead in the polls is a harbinger of doom. Basically we all know that this race has little to do with him, it will be intersting.

Pajama boys voting for a pajama boy.

We’ve got to take back the education of our children from the left.

What does it matter? Trump pulled out of the Paris Treaty/Agreement. The world is ending.

With the mfm calling this as a close rub thing I think we can all take that as a landslide for Trump…ahhh…i mean for the right wing race hating Russia loving extremist!!

I hope I’m not violating comment “policy” here, but I encourage you all—if you have a mind to—to send some $$ to Handel. The amount of money coming into GA-06 for Ossoff from outside is STAGGERING. The DEMs really want this one, more than MT-01.

Like Handel or not, a few $$ will help her, and if she can retain the seat, it will send a strong signal.

Just sayin’

If a polling firm is reporting a “dead heat”, I project a landslide win for Handel! In fact the win may be so massive….the GOP will appoint her the next Speaker of the House.

ugottabekiddinme | June 3, 2017 at 6:26 pm

Looks as if the young and inexperienced are leaning towards the candidate who is young and inexperienced. Do they share common interests? Student loan debt? No decent job prospects?

Meanwhile, back on the identity politics front, isn’t voting for Ossoff a vote for a guy and thereby anti-feminist? After all, as far as we know, he’s male, has a girlfriend and gives indications he identifies as hetero. Because patriarchy?

Seriously, in the poll data by age, it looks as he enjoys a majority of the middle aged 40-64, the largest cohort sampled. Seems to me that’d be where Handel ought to focus the most compelling issues for them in their debate.

Handel is a two-time loser. If she doesn’t win this one she needs to get a job but I think demographics in the district are not in her favor. If nothing else, it’s full of corporate immigrants from Democrat states.

inspectorudy | June 4, 2017 at 9:51 pm

Unfortunately, this race isn’t about the issues or the people in the race. This is pure party politics. Ossoff is nothing but an opportunist that happened to be running in a barely won district by Trump. This is a pure team sport. The team that turns out the most will win it. It has nothing to do with Trump but the Dems will claim it does if they win. If Handel wins you will hear nothing about Trump from anyone down here or the msm.