Conservative author and pundit Mark Steyn was on the Judge Jeanine show this weekend where he discussed the silencing of certain speakers on college campuses.

Recent incidents at Middlebury College and Claremont McKenna College show that this problem not only exists but is getting worse.

Steyn correctly points out that this is a completely intentional strategy on the part of the left to end the debate, especially on subjects for which progressives believe there is only one correct position; Gay marriage, climate change, Islam, etc.

Steyn also notes that this same brand of leftism believes in every form of diversity except diversity of opinion.

Watch the segment below:

Steyn wrote about this media appearance on his website and used it as an opportunity to address the suspension of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s speaking tour in Australia.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Big Shut-Up

Over the weekend, I swung by Judge Jeanine’s show to talk about one of the most malign trends of our time: the ever more open refusal by one side to permit those on the other side to speak. As I always say, I don’t care what side you pick on the great questions of the age – climate change, gay marriage, Islam, transgendered bathrooms, whatever – but, if you’re on the side that says the other guy isn’t entitled to a side, you’re on the wrong side…

They don’t want to participate in the debate, and win it. It’s easier to shut it down and save themselves the trouble. Case in point:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Tour Cancelled

Citing security issues, the Somalian-born activist calls off her scheduled Australian tour…

Let’s just expand that “Somali-born activist” précis a little. She’s not a dead white male like me or Charles Murray. As someone once said, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is everything the identity-group fetishists profess to dig: female, atheist, black, immigrant. But, because she does not toe the party line on Islam, her blackness washes off her like a bad dye job on a telly anchorman – and so do her femaleness and godlessness and immigrant status. And in the end she is Charles Murray, or Geert Wilders – or even David Duke. A black Somali woman is, it turns out, a “white supremacist”.

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