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Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancels her Australian tour over “security concerns”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancels her Australian tour over “security concerns”

“Hero of Heresy” tour already sold 2,000 tickets.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was slated to begin her tour of Australia on Monday with an ABC Australia’s “Q and A” issues discussion program.

The show’s tweet indicated that plans had changed abruptly, and it seems the reason is based on security concerns.

Hirsi Ali’s Hero of Heresy tour was due to begin in Brisbane on Thursday, before taking her to Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.

In a statement Think Inc, the event organiser, said that the cancellation was due to a “number of reasons including security concerns”.

“She wishes the event organizers, Think Inc., success in their future endeavors and hopes to be able to return to Australia in the not too distant future.”

Around 2000 people had already booked tickets for the talks, which had special security arrangements. One has to wonder about the magnitude of those threats, as there were plenty of precautions already in place for this tour.

…Last Wednesday it warned ticket holders they would be subjected to searches of their bags and persons.

In Melbourne, “Meet & Greet Ticket Holders” had also been requested to provide their full name, date of birth and residential address “because of the intimacy of this environment”.

Additionally, Hirsi Ali is accompanied by security personnel at all times.

Speaking to Fairfax Media last month, Hirsi Ali said she hadn’t felt safe since 2002.

“My biggest fear is coming from Islamic extremists who want to kill me,” she said. “I am surrounded at all times by men carrying guns.”

Last week, she called for the closure of Islamic schools in Australia arguing they were radicalizing students and creating ethnic enclaves.

‘It is child abuse pure and simple,’ she told The Daily Telegraph.

‘Muslim schools should not be allowed in liberal society.

‘These Muslim schools they take opportunity away from the children, they should be banned.’

Interestingly, despite all the protests against Hirsi Ali and her impending tour by a group of prominent Muslim women, an Australian imam says that Islam must reform itself.

Islam needs to reform itself of it won’t survive, according to Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi from the South Australia Islamic association.

Imam Tawhidi has condemned the comments secretly recorded at a Hizb ut-tahrir meeting in Sydney that supported the killing of apostates.

…’It has to reform otherwise it won’t survive, Muslims won’t survive and nobody will survive if it doesn’t reform itself,’ he said.

In the absence of reforms or adequate security, Australians will miss hearing from a remarkable woman.


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Leftists value a diversity of color (i.e. class), not character (i.e. individual). Principles don’t matter or they are selective.

I have huge admiration for this lady. She has more guts than a Jimmy Dean sausage plant.

“Interestingly, despite all the protests against Hirsi Ali and her impending tour by a group of prominent Muslim women, an Australian imam says that Islam must reform itself.”

Just so you know, this Imam is already getting death threats and is being a called a “fake Muslim” for his call to non-violence and to integrate into Australian society and obey Australian law in preference to Sharia.

I admire his courage, and I wish more Muslims were like him. But the death threats tell you all you need to know why there aren’t many “moderates” coming out and saying the same thing. And theologically this Imam hasn’t a leg to stand on. What he’s saying is demonstrably contrary to to the Quran, the Sunnah, and over a thousand years of Islamic jurisprudence. If he said this in a Muslim majority country he’d no doubt be executed as an apostate in a Shariah state, or imprisoned for a long time in one of the more “moderate” Muslim countries.

If a crowd didn’t lynch him first.