On CNN this morning, Chris Cuomo said to Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah, “Breitbart is using you as a poster boy. You know that is the president’s viewing of choice. He loves to see what they put out. They are using you as the poster boy that Susan Rice was politically motivated in unmasking.”

Cuomo told Lee, “it does seem as though you’re saying Rice has to prove it wasn’t politically motivated for me to believe that it wasn’t. And that’s not fair.”

Retorted Lee: “That is an absolutely absurd manipulation of what I said. That is not at all what I said. I did in fact say that something like this could have happened. I did in fact say it’s not absurd to suggest something like this could have happened. And every time I’ve said anything like that, it’s been accompanied by ‘I don’t know what Susan Rice did. I don’t know the facts of the case.”

The Breitbart article cited by Cuomo supports Lee’s version. He is quoted as saying “The senator said he was unfamiliar with the details of the Rice story or the evidence presented to link her with unmasking Americans in intelligence reports.”

Note: CNN’s bias is pervasive. Beyond Cuomo’s misrepresentation of Lee’s remarks, have a look at the screencap: a photo of President Trump looms behind with the legend “The Russia Connection.” Throughout the interview, the chyron contains Rice’s protestation of her innocence: “I leaked nothing to nobody.” But the question is not whether Susan Rice leaked, it is who was unmasked and why. The MSM has seized on the possible leaking as a straw man and a distraction.

Sidenote: throughout the hour, CNN almost constantly displayed the countdown clock for Van Jones’ show this evening. Because the world breathlessly needs to know, down to the second, how long we must wait before Jones imparts his wisdom.

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