This is going nowhere, it’s just Sanders and Warren trying to rally the base.

The Nation reports:

Bernie Sanders Just Introduced His Free College Tuition Plan

President Donald Trump doesn’t appear willing nor interested in addressing astronomical student debt levels, which long since crested above $1 trillion. In fact, his administration has made it easier for for-profit colleges to rip off students, and recently scrapped Obama-era regulations that limited rates loan guarantee agencies can charge people who defaulted on student loans. His budget also proposed cutting $5 billion in higher education funding for low-income Americans. Perhaps that’s not surprising from a president who just finalized a $25 million settlement stemming from his scam for-profit university.

That’s a financial tragedy for the millions who hold student loan debt and the students who will matriculate while Trump is president. But Trump’s unwillingness to even motion towards a student debt plan creates a massive political opening for Democrats.

Senator Bernie Sanders stepped into that breach Monday afternoon, introducing a bill with Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representatives Keith Ellison, and several other members of Congress. The ‘College For All’ Act which aims to eliminate college tuition and fees at public four-year colleges and universities for students from families that make up to $125,000 per year. The bill would make community college tuition-free for all income levels.