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Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Introduce New ‘Free’ College Plan

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Introduce New ‘Free’ College Plan

Like a broken record…

This is going nowhere, it’s just Sanders and Warren trying to rally the base.

The Nation reports:

Bernie Sanders Just Introduced His Free College Tuition Plan

President Donald Trump doesn’t appear willing nor interested in addressing astronomical student debt levels, which long since crested above $1 trillion. In fact, his administration has made it easier for for-profit colleges to rip off students, and recently scrapped Obama-era regulations that limited rates loan guarantee agencies can charge people who defaulted on student loans. His budget also proposed cutting $5 billion in higher education funding for low-income Americans. Perhaps that’s not surprising from a president who just finalized a $25 million settlement stemming from his scam for-profit university.

That’s a financial tragedy for the millions who hold student loan debt and the students who will matriculate while Trump is president. But Trump’s unwillingness to even motion towards a student debt plan creates a massive political opening for Democrats.

Senator Bernie Sanders stepped into that breach Monday afternoon, introducing a bill with Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representatives Keith Ellison, and several other members of Congress. The ‘College For All’ Act which aims to eliminate college tuition and fees at public four-year colleges and universities for students from families that make up to $125,000 per year. The bill would make community college tuition-free for all income levels.


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The North Vietnamese had those camps too.

Is Mrs Bernie going to give us the inside dope on how to finance this?

I want to do the plan Trump mentioned during the primaries, where private lenders underwrite student loans. Then good students who are succeeding in employable majors would get the loans, the rest would not.

It would force a rationalization of university campuses that can be achieved no other way. “Studies” departments have no inherent right to exist, and this is the only way to get rid of them and the costs they put on us.

What about free Trade School? What about free Technical College? What about free (or reimbursed) apprenticeship programs? Have they no concern for the non-college-bound? Are they clueless, or just snobbishly elite?

When I was a little tyke playing with my friends, if I borrowed something I gave it back. If someone lent me something, they expected it back. How is it that this concept has escaped the college-bound; that they do not understand the word “loan”?

Perhaps part of the college entrance process should be a paper on how the student intends to manage any college debt that they might incur. The guidelines for the paper could include an outline of the aspects to be addressed. If an applicant can put together a coherent paper on this, then they would surely be more ready for the adult world of the university than would those who do not have a concept of the word “loan”.

The college professors can take a fifty percent pay cut. But I’m tired as a tax payer of paying everyone else’s way in life.

Add a line that says tenure will be declared null and void. It would sweep out a lot of liberal dead wood.

Free college is like free anything; people don’t respect what they don’t work for or have to pay for. Hey, it’s free! Naturally, standards will tank and colleges will become yet another mill for unqualified students (more so then now).