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This NYU Prof is Melissa Click on Steroids

This NYU Prof is Melissa Click on Steroids

Screams at cops to “kick the ass” of speaker Gavin McInness.

I wrote the other day about how Bill Maher was complaining that liberals apologize too much, and I wrote that was not my “lived experience” as someone who lives among liberals, Do liberals really apologize too much?

My “lived experience” is more along the lines of Melissa Click.

You remember the Social Justice Warrior Mizzou Professor whose rant during a Black Lives Matter protest went viral, particularly when she called for “muscle” to help her remove a student journalist.

An NYU Professor has made Melissa’s rant seem downright quaint.

We covered the NYU attempt to prevent Gavin McInnes from speaking, Protesters at NYU Lose Their Minds over Gavin McInnes Speech.

I’d like to call your attention to one particular segment of the lengthy video we posted.


Heat Street reports:

One NYU professor outside the talk had a complete meltdown, asking why the cops did not kick McInnes’ ass as they escorted him out of the campus. She also questioned why the police where not protecting the students from the “Nazi.”

She proceeds to call the police “Proud Boys”, which is a name for his followers. “Even the black cop, you’re a Proud Boy too you motherfucker,” she cried. “You’re not protecting the NYU students and I’m disgusted.”

“These kids should not have to put fists up to Nazis but you’re putting them in that situation. Fuck you NYPD,” the triggered professor whined.

She then starts swearing at the cops calling them Proud Boys, McInnes’ name for his followers and movement which advocates living like a “real man” and not jerking off.

“Even the black cop, you’re a Proud Boy too you motherfucker,” she yelled. “You’re not protecting the NYU students and I’m disgusted.”

“Kick their ass,” she continued. “These kids should not have to put fists up to Nazis but you’re putting them in that situation. Fuck you NYPD.”

Welcome to my “lived experience.”


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And she will not lose her job, just because she plays for the liberal team.

How long before she’s named and instead of firing, made a SJW HERO™? She needs to be terminated from public employment, now

I am pretty sure she has been identified. She is no hero.

quiksilverz24 | February 3, 2017 at 9:50 pm

Sounds like she needs some cranberry juice.

I believe she’s been identified as Rebecca Goyette. She claims to be an adjunct professor at various colleges in New York. She did post a CV several years ago that claimed she was at Montclair State but she’s no longer listed on their website. Her current job is as a “Teaching artist” at MoMA. She takes school kids through various exhibits and talks about the art.

She’s a liar. Are we really surprised?

She’s obviously mentally ill and needs hospitalized. I’m shocked that she’s not been involuntary committed for evaluation and long term care.

Harvey Korman had the right idea with such as this: “Put him in a strait jacket and give him an enema. Wait. Give him an enema first. Then put him in a strait jacket.”

Borderline Personality Disorder

Stop giving her coverage, it feeds the beast

My “Wish they’d have a stroke and die” wishlist just grew by one.

Sick wicked witch.

Another left-winger that makes the case for retroactive abortion. What a fruitcake – all she needs is warm butter sauce!

Now there’s something to take home to mother.

This hate filled, racist, totalitarian leftist has convinced me to join the Democrat Party. Where do I pick up my brown shirt?

Liberal’s just don’t and can’t work and play well with others

If those on the Left view this individual as a normal person, is it any wonder why they are so set against gun ownership?

She wants to protect NYT students from ideas as well as from 20 oz. sodas.

Robert Reich says she is a Right Wing plant.

Bwahahahahaha . . . gasp . . . hahahaha

She’s a typical mediocrity acting out mediocre conceptions of hoary lefty tropes in order to support her delusions that she is special.

Is she not inciting violence? ISTR that being a crime, once long ago. (Sorta like whatzherfatface* advocating overthrow of the US Government; that used to be frowned upon, too.)

*Sarah Silverman, among many.

    Milhouse in reply to Bill S.. | February 4, 2017 at 11:51 pm

    No, she is not inciting violence. She is advocating violence, which, like advocating the government’s overthrow, is protected speech. Incitement means speech that is both intended and likely to whip its audience up into such a frenzy that they immediately commit a crime without stopping to think about it. That’s clearly not the case here.