I always find it amusing when liberals accuse other liberals of being too soft, too apologetic, too willing to give in.

In contrast, liberals portray Republicans, and particularly the dreaded Tea Party, as tough as nails, unapologetic, and unyielding.

As they say in liberal land, that is not my “lived experience.”

And I should know.

I live among liberals.

I couldn’t shake a stick on campus without hitting a liberal.

Liberals would serve me coffee if I were willing to pay $4 for a soy mocha latte, which I’m not.

I am the world’s greatest expert on liberals.

Trust me on this one, liberals DON’T APOLOGIZE TOO MUCH.

My lived experience is more like this:

Language Warning

and this

So I laughed pretty hard at this Bill Maher video in which he tells liberals to stop apologizing too much.

I think it depends on what the meaning of apologize is.

Yes, liberals will apologize to other liberals, or to protected groups they might have offended. That’s not really an apology. It’s virtue signaling, a way to take a negative and turn it into a positive: I’m so woke I’m willing to publicly admit I offended those who are not allowed to be offended.

But when is the last time you heard liberals apologizing to political opponents?

There’s much truth in Maher’s mocking of liberals, but apologizing too much is not one of those truths.

(language warning)