With less than 6 months to go until Germany’s parliamentary election, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s economic advisor has come out against her Refugee Policy. Merkel government should have shut the borders to migrants coming from safe countries, Merkel’s senior economic advisor Professor Hans-Werner Sinn told German language magazine The European.

According to Hans-Werner Sinn, Germany won’t be able to sustain another wave of migrants, given its heavy economic cost. The migrants let in by Merkel between 2015-16 alone, were going to cost $400 billion to the taxpayers, he told the German magazine — referring to an earlier study published by University of Freiburg Professor Bernd Raffelhüschen.

In September 2015, German Chancellor had forced other European countries to open their borders to millions of supposed ‘refugees’, most of them turned out to be economic migrants from Arab and Muslim countries, when she arbitrarily suspended Europe-wide border regulations, or Dublin II. The resulting migrant wave has led to mass sexual assaults in several German cities and a wave of deadly Jihad terrorist attacks.

Ignoring the catastrophic aftermath of her Refugee Policy, Merkel is urging European countries to follow Germany’s example. At this week’s Munich Security Conference, Merkel spoke of EU’s obligation to accept more refugees and insisted that Islam was not the source of terrorism.

British newspaper Daily Express writes:

Angela Merkel’s open door migrant policy has been slammed by one of her most senior economic advisors, saying those travelling from safe havens should have been rejected at the border.

Prof Hans-Werner Sinn, 68, is one of Germany’s leading economic experts and serves on the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Economics, cited research saying that the migrant crisis in Germany had cost the country in the region of £17billion (20bn euros) and would cost the country around £340bn (400bn euros) in the long-term.

Prof Sinn (…) said: “The Chancellor’s action can be justified for humanitarian reasons, but it was a flagrant violation of the right to asylum which prevents refugees from coming to Germany via safe third countries in order to apply for asylum there.

Raffelhüschen, the economist quoted by Merkel advisor Hans-Werner Sinn, had gone even further in his study on the economic cost of Merkel’s Refugee Policy, warning that if the second generation of these migrants also fails to integrate into German workforce and ends up on welfare like their parents, the cost to German taxpayer will go up by €1.5 trillion. [Legal Insurrection’s post on Raffelhüschen’s analysis]

In short, Germany will go bust before it gets Islamised.

While Marine Le Pen’s Front National and Geert Wilders’ Dutch Freedom Party are offering stiff challenge to established parties ahead of elections in France and the Netherlands respectively, Germany’s AfD party is trailing in all opinion polls as distant third with single-digit support. At this point, main challenge to Merkel’s re-election bid comes from the left-wing Social-Democrat rival Martin Schulz.

September’s general election in Germany will also be a referendum on country’s Refugee Policy. A victory for Merkel or Schulz will be an endorsement of mass-migration. German voters will soon have a historic choice to make.

Merkel: ‘EU needs to take in refugees’ [VIDEO, February 19, 2017]:

[Cover image courtesy Reuters, YouTube]


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