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Breaking: Terror Attack in Berlin

Breaking: Terror Attack in Berlin

Truck ploughs through Berlin Christmas market, killing at least 12 and injuring 48

A truck ploughed through a Christmas market in Berlin today evening, killing at least twelve people and injuring 50 others. The attack took place on the Breitscheidplatz square, near Berlin’s iconic Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church along the Kurfürstendamm shopping area.

According to Associated Press, Berlin police have arrested the suspected driver, another accomplice reported died during the ramming attack. Authorities are treating the incident as a terror attack.

German state-run DW News reports:

Nine people are reported to have died as a result of the incident; however, unconfirmed reports state that there may be more fatalities to come. Up tp 50 people have been reported as injured, according to the daily newspaper “Berliner Morgenpost.”

The police are treating the event as an apparent terror attack. The driver of the truck is believed to have fled the scene; however, no arrests have been made so far.

Several stands at the Christmas market were also destroyed when the truck ploughed into the crowd. The police have cordoned off the area and launched a major investigation.

Berlin Police reported the incident on Twitter


12 have passed away from this attack. From CNN:

The truck had Polish license plates, police spokeswoman Kerstin Ziesmer said.

Ariel Zurawski, owner of the truck company, told TVN 24, a private Polish television news network and CNN affiliate, the truck, carrying a steel shipment, may have been hijacked.

Zurawski said his cousin — the truck’s regular driver — couldn’t have been behind the wheel and wasn’t the man who ran from the scene.
“My scenario is that they did something to him and hijacked this truck,” he said.

Witness Emma Rushton told CNN that the truck didn’t slow down. She said the truck was traveling about 40 mph through the crowded pedestrian area.

“There’s no way it was an accident,” Rushton said. “We saw at least 10 people” injured and lying on the ground.

In July, Germany was hit by a series of deadly terror attacks carried out by Islamic State. Most of the perpetrator were recent Syrian or Afghan migrants.

Germany Chancellor Merkel has repeatedly defended her open borders policy despite Islamic State using the migrant influx to carry out attacks in Europe. In September 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel suspended Europe-wide border controls — or the Dublin Protocol — thereby opening the floodgates for Arab and Muslim mass-migration into Europe. An estimated million migrants entered Germany last year alone.

[Cover image courtesy DW News, YouTube]


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Those damn radical mormons!!

casualobserver | December 19, 2016 at 4:26 pm

Expect a portion (most?) of the media to float pieces about how this is partially or significantly Trumps fault. His rhetoric or something like that will be pulled into this, somehow.

Just today the WaPo floated an opinion piece about how the Electoral College will be to blame for climate change since it allows Trump to take office. So there is not limit to what the MSM will publish.

Merkel is reportedly annoyed the truck can no longer be used to bring in more refugees.

No Islam to see here folks. Move along.

And by the way aren’t those fundamentalist Christians awfully strident about school prayer? Damned extremists everywhere you look!

I wonder if Germany knows the phone number for the suicide hotline? If there was ever a group that needs that number it is Germany. Never have so few invited in so many who are trying to kill/rape so many of them.

Breaking news!

Muslims planning suicide bombing at Cairo’s largest Coptic Christian Cathedral during Christmas Eve Mass express worries, concern, over anti-Muslim backlash.

Imams Barack Obama, Theresa May, Angela Merkel provide words of support, comfort, and encouragement.

Breaking News!

Islamic State “fighters” win landmark privacy rights violation judgement against Facebook over “confusing instructions” when their videos of gang rapes of Yazidi girls became public and went viral instead of only being able to be viewed by family and friends as they originally intended.

As part of the judgement, Facebook has apologized for the error and has agreed to provide clearer instructions in English, Arabic, Urdu, and Pashtun so that Islamic rapists can upload rape videos with greater assurance they will be password protected.

DieJustAsHappy | December 19, 2016 at 4:55 pm

Given what Merkel has brought about upon Germany, if she had any honor she would step aside.

Breaking News!

DoD agrees to shop showing videos captured on infrared aircraft cameras of Muslim “fighters” screwing sheep, camels, goats, donkeys, etc.

“US ARMY Camera Catches Afghans gangbanging a goat

Supreme Court rules that making such videos public could have the “muzzle” the free exercise of religion, unlike suing Christian bakers into bankruptcy over gay wedding cakes, the justices unanimously agreeing is all in good fun.

Breaking News!

Malmo, Sweden. Swedish court fines waitress 1500 Euros for rudely resisting gang rape by 5 Somali men, inconsiderately failing to recognize that gang rape was intended as a “tip” in appreciation for services rendered.

The 22 year old single mother was also sentenced to cultural sensitivity training.

I see some Somali gang rapist is giving me thumbs down.

    casualobserver in reply to Arminius. | December 19, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    Get over yourself. Do up and down votes really mean that much to you? Wow.

      I am severely over myself and up or down votes mean nothing to me. Other than as a source of amusement.

      Breaking News!

      German court rules that couple who tried to prevent next-door mosque from installing a loudspeaker for muezzin’s adhan three centimeters from their bedroom window was unlawfully promoting “religious hatred and bigotry.”

      The couple had filed over one hundred noise complaints with the Lower Saxony state police over the mosques 137 decibel pre-dawn calls to prayer from the minaret just feet from their apartment even prior to the installation of the new loudspeaker. Consequently the the court further ruled that if the couple complained one more time about the noise of the pre-dawn call to prayer they would be imprisoned.

      In the mosque.

Maybe it’s some confused individual who mistakes my wisecracks for me not taking the problem seriously.

I guarantee you I take the problem thousands of times more seriously than Obama or Merkel, who created it and insist on aggravating it.

Definitely a Muslim gang rapist.

Will the Russians be blamed for this also?

You know just today we’ve seen an ambassador killed, a truck used to kill multiple people and in both cases there is a coorelation between the perpetrators. Imagine if we saw an increase of vandalism in our own little hamlets and every time we found this new graffiti we noticed a five point star with the word “Blood” written by it. After a couple of instances wouldn’t we all, logically, say “hey, we’ve got a growing street gang problem”! Yet somehow the world is visited with incident after incident of someone yelling, screaming, hollering “Allahu Akbar” and yet our leaders and media continue to act as if there isn’t done underlying “gang” lead by an ideology. Sad.

Frau Bleucker ,I mean Fraulein Merkel has a military at her disposal. No concern of mine.

Guys, there seems to be an awful lot of comments here that seem to comply with Poe’s Law. Please identify your sarcastic comments with a ‘/sarc’ tag at the end of your comment so we might have a chance to be outraged at the true reports and laugh at the sarcastic ones.

Thanks in advance.