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Will Merkel’s ‘Refugee’ Policy Bankrupt Germany?

Will Merkel’s ‘Refugee’ Policy Bankrupt Germany?

Taxpayer cost of up to €1.5 trillion for 2015 migrant intake alone, German think-tank report

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to offer asylum to 1.1 million migrants will cost German taxpayers up to €1.5 trillion [$1.6 trillion], German newspaper Die Welt reports. The projection — based on the research by Berlin-based think-tank Stiftung Marktwirtschaft — only take into account the refugee intake of 2015.

This moderate figure does not factor in the additional burden to the exchequer due to family reunions, as many of these young migrant men will also bring in large families from their native countries.

Merkel’s ‘Refugee Welcome’ policy will be leaving a huge burden on Germany’s aging and shirking working population. If the trend persists; Germany will apparently go broke before it gets islamised.

German newspaper Die Welt reports:

The positive trend [of economic growth] gets reversed if one takes into account the long-term costs of refugee influx of 2015. According to [economist] Bernd Raffelhüschen, it would cost around €878 billion.

“The policy makers must ensure the best possible integration [of refugees in the society], in order to lower the cost to some degree,” the economist warned. If the second generation [of these refugees] cannot be integrated into the workforce at par with the native population, this costs will rise up to €1.5 trillion. [Author’s translation]

Meanwhile a brutal unprovoked attack in Berlin subway has again highlighted the social cost of Merkel’s ‘Refugee’ Policy. Police arrested six ‘refugees’ — based on CCTV footage — for allegedly setting a homeless man on fire on Christmas Eve. Five of the suspects are Syrian refugees between 15-21.

Ahead of the New Year’s Eve celebrations, city of Cologne has been turned into police fortress with mounted units and armoured vehicles on patrol. With upcoming parliamentary elections in mind, Merkel government wants to avoid the repeat on last year’s mass sexual assaults. After an exhausting year-long investigation into the Cologne attack, where an estimated 2,000 migrant men raped, robbed and molested at least 1200 women, almost all the perpetrators have managed to walk free.

Last week a truck ploughed through a Christmas market in Berlin, killing at least twelve people and injuring 48 others. Islamic State claimed the responsibility for the terror attack. The terrorist turned out to be an Arab-Tunisian ‘refugee’. He was killed by Italian police in a shootout on Friday.

Since Merkel opened Germany’s bonders to mass migration in September 2015, country has been hit by a series of Islamist terror attacks. Most of the perpetrator have been Syrian or Afghan ‘refugees’. Mainstream media may keep on putting a positive spin on Merkel’s ‘Refugee Welcome’ stance, but her policy will have severe economic and social costs, not just for Germany, but for the European civilisation as a whole.

VIDEO: Berlin Christmas Market Attack fuels opposition to Merkel

[Cover image courtesy Reuters, Youtube] [Author is analyst based near Cologne, Germany]


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Germany is approaching a period where her most productive citizens go from high saving, high tax paying 55’s to tax consuming 65’s. That demographic change is what will mean that Germany will no longer have money to bail out the EU.

Very few of the “Syrian” “Refugees” have so far got a job, partly because they are unskilled, partly because they don’t read and speak German, partly because some of them can’t even read and write in their own language and partly because of the risk of hiring a terrorist that will blow up his workplace. On top of that: within the next 5-10 years, robots will be doing the kind of jobs the migrants can do. What will Germany then do with them? Will they just shrug and go home peacefully? No, they are not going to be pleased, even if Germany would and could pay them all.

Merkel’s slogan for next election cycle: “Proudly turning Germany into a Third World country”.

This figure didn’t even address the security requirements that will be needed to control these monsters. They will be unemployed and multiplying like rabbits. In ten years Germany will be a muslim nation.

If the trend persists; Germany will apparently go broke before it gets islamised.

Not a big deal for the islamists. It’ll just make it easier for’em to complete the make over. And they’re used to living in third world countries anyway.

Aging and shirking?