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Trump Derangement Syndrome Week in Higher Ed

Trump Derangement Syndrome Week in Higher Ed

Your weekly report on campus news.

It’s been two months since the election but many liberals in higher education are still losing it.

All leftism, all the time.

Compare and contrast.

Banned words…

The liberal dream that won’t die.

What a reasonable position.

What could go wrong?



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Withdraw federal funding on January 20th.

The young snowflake has never known a President other than Obama, the ‘you bring a knife, I bring a gun’ leader, who readily and willingly listens to opposing points of view all day long. So it’s understandable he thinks he can just do whatever he wants with his pen all day long..

The young vomit-er, educated by far left progressives since age 3, has probably never had an actual debate, has never been to an event where only the winner gets the trophy, and still doesn’t understand that the President really does control the executive branch, and to change his mind you’d better be ready with masses of fact-based, rational and legitimate arguments.

Unfortunately this is way too big an order for today’s college students, so we’re going to see this for years. Unless we follow the above comment and just shut off the tap for schools like this.