The flag was flown as part of an activism program on Black Lives Matter at the school.

The Washington Times reported:

Northwestern University flies Black Lives Matter flag

Northwestern University students raised a Black Lives Matter flag above the student union Tuesday morning as many of them partake in a two-week program to focus on the activist movement.

The program, hosted by several different student groups, will include a series of evening panels and discussions, as well as a candlelight vigil for lost black lives. The Black Lives Matter flag will fly above Norris University Center for the duration of the two-week program, which ends Jan. 17, Campus Reform reported.

Danielle Harris, a student organizer of the programming, said she was inspired by the University of Vermont’s student government’s decision in September to fly a Black Lives Matter flag to protest police shootings of black men.

“After seeing that … the immediate question is, ‘If the University of Vermont can do that, then how come Northwestern can’t do that?’” Ms. Harris told The Daily Northwestern.

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