President Trump’s “America First” Inauguration speech has been parodied in a comedy video from the Netherlands.

A news satire show, Zondag Met Lubach, released a fake tourism advertisement aimed at Trump. It’s worth watching past the trite, Trump-bashing introduction in Dutch for the hilarity that then ensures in English (the very best language).

A sample of the script:

“We speak Dutch,” the voiceover explains. “It’s the best language in Europe. We’ve got the best words. All the other languages failed. Danish … total disaster. German is not even a real language.”

I voted for Trump. However, unlike sour progressives, I can still laugh at the foibles and quirks of the man. Many other Trump-supporters agree. I suspect that the Euro-elites who produced this video will be shocked to discover that their send-up merely confirms our choice.

Yes, there is the trite snark. But at this point, most Trump supporters simply roll their eyes and don’t get hysterical.

This, again, differentiates us from humorless progressives.

In many ways, this video humanizes Trump, which makes him easier to genuinely like. If his speech inspired the Dutch to take a look at what makes their country great, then that is an added bonus.

I would like to remind the video producers that the regular Dutch people would relish a little “Netherlands First” attitude from their own representatives. In June, my colleague Vijita Uniyal reported that there was a call for #NExit, a Dutch referendum on EU membership following the British vote.

Furthermore, the Netherlands have had to address the threat of Islamic extremist terrorism (like much of the rest of Europe). In fact, Anis Amri, ISIS terrorist responsible for the Berlin Christmas market attack crisscrossed the Netherlands on his way across the continent before he was shot dead in Italy.

U.S. and coalition forces bombed the Islamic State 31 times on the first day that Secretary of Defense Mattis was in office. Trump is now reaching out to regional allies, and ensuring they have the resources necessary to identify and destroy terror cells, weapons, and equipment.

Dutch entertainers many never fully appreciate Trump’s “America First” approach. However, if it makes the Netherlands safer and more prosperous, then their audience may soon be donning red, “Maak Amerika Weer Groots” hats.


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