Because I write so much about climate change, I am constantly barraged by fake news about the hoax-based science.

The good news: The mainstream media has finally noticed the fake news problem.

The bad news: The main stream media hasn’t recognized it’s a significant source of the problem.

The ugly news: There are policies proposals being bandied about that are suppose to prevent the spread of “fake news” (i.e. news found on conservative and other sites that the progressive left want silenced).

Hillary Clinton challenged Congress on Thursday to combat fake and misleading news on social media, using a post-election appearance to tackle an issue that gripped her presidential campaign and culminated with a shooting incident Sunday in Northwest Washington.

…Clinton voiced support for some federal legislation to address the “fake news” issue. She did not make clear what legislation could combat the problem, but a Pentagon policy bill that cleared the House and Senate this week included a bipartisan plank that would create a new office in the State Department that would work across multiple agencies to come up with a strategy to counter foreign propaganda efforts.

Clinton’s assertions are particularly disturbing because she has been the beneficiary of many fake news stories put out by the establishment media (e.g., Texas May be in Play for Clinton). She is also the source of quite a few of them (e.g., knowingly putting forth the demonstrably false story that a video was the cause of the Benghazi terror attack, and destroying the life of that video’s producer).

Catholic popes are often the victim of fake news. In fact, Pope Francis was just the target of a hoax story about his opinions on “fake news”:

Newsrooms were set abuzz Wednesday morning after a Belgian Catholic weekly published an interview in which Pope Francis supposedly condemned “fake news” as a sin. Ironically enough, the pope didn’t quite do this, meaning the press pushed a bogus story claiming Francis had condemned bogus stories.

Intriguingly, the pope did hit one critical point in his real statement:

A thing that can do great damage to the information media is disinformation: that is, faced with any situation, saying only a part of the truth, and not the rest. This is disinformation. Because you, to the listener or the observer, give only half the truth, and therefore it is not possible to make a serious judgement.

The elite media has a major problem in failing to promote or report key news items that will allow their readers to make fully informed choices or permit them to weigh other views.

While there are many examples of failure-to-report, those related to climate change include the lack of coverage of NASA temperature data fraud and the solar cycle that impacts global temperatures.

But perhaps the most perplexing developments in the fake news about “fake news” is that one of its key proponents is the King of Fake News.

Brian Williams — who was bounced from his NBC anchor job for fabricating stories — is furious about the spread of “fake news.”

The talking head, who was forced to take a six-month vacation last year before being permanently relieved of his “Nightly News” duties on NBC, railed about the ­epidemic of “fake news” in his late-night MSNBC cable show this week.

“Fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience,” he whined Tuesday night on “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams.”

Yes, there are a lot of bogus “news stories” floating around the Internet. However, a good number of them have their origins in the elite media…the fake news about the problems with “fake news” just being the latest example.