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Media creating fake news about “fake news”

Media creating fake news about “fake news”

Brian Williams, NBC anchor nixed for false stories, decries “fake news”

Because I write so much about climate change, I am constantly barraged by fake news about the hoax-based science.

The good news: The mainstream media has finally noticed the fake news problem.

The bad news: The main stream media hasn’t recognized it’s a significant source of the problem.

The ugly news: There are policies proposals being bandied about that are suppose to prevent the spread of “fake news” (i.e. news found on conservative and other sites that the progressive left want silenced).

Hillary Clinton challenged Congress on Thursday to combat fake and misleading news on social media, using a post-election appearance to tackle an issue that gripped her presidential campaign and culminated with a shooting incident Sunday in Northwest Washington.

…Clinton voiced support for some federal legislation to address the “fake news” issue. She did not make clear what legislation could combat the problem, but a Pentagon policy bill that cleared the House and Senate this week included a bipartisan plank that would create a new office in the State Department that would work across multiple agencies to come up with a strategy to counter foreign propaganda efforts.

Clinton’s assertions are particularly disturbing because she has been the beneficiary of many fake news stories put out by the establishment media (e.g., Texas May be in Play for Clinton). She is also the source of quite a few of them (e.g., knowingly putting forth the demonstrably false story that a video was the cause of the Benghazi terror attack, and destroying the life of that video’s producer).

Catholic popes are often the victim of fake news. In fact, Pope Francis was just the target of a hoax story about his opinions on “fake news”:

Newsrooms were set abuzz Wednesday morning after a Belgian Catholic weekly published an interview in which Pope Francis supposedly condemned “fake news” as a sin. Ironically enough, the pope didn’t quite do this, meaning the press pushed a bogus story claiming Francis had condemned bogus stories.

Intriguingly, the pope did hit one critical point in his real statement:

A thing that can do great damage to the information media is disinformation: that is, faced with any situation, saying only a part of the truth, and not the rest. This is disinformation. Because you, to the listener or the observer, give only half the truth, and therefore it is not possible to make a serious judgement.

The elite media has a major problem in failing to promote or report key news items that will allow their readers to make fully informed choices or permit them to weigh other views.

While there are many examples of failure-to-report, those related to climate change include the lack of coverage of NASA temperature data fraud and the solar cycle that impacts global temperatures.

But perhaps the most perplexing developments in the fake news about “fake news” is that one of its key proponents is the King of Fake News.

Brian Williams — who was bounced from his NBC anchor job for fabricating stories — is furious about the spread of “fake news.”

The talking head, who was forced to take a six-month vacation last year before being permanently relieved of his “Nightly News” duties on NBC, railed about the ­epidemic of “fake news” in his late-night MSNBC cable show this week.

“Fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience,” he whined Tuesday night on “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams.”

Yes, there are a lot of bogus “news stories” floating around the Internet. However, a good number of them have their origins in the elite media…the fake news about the problems with “fake news” just being the latest example.


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You know how former smokers become so “advocate” oriented towards their smoking buddies?? Now they have “seen the light” and want to spread it to others. Annoying twits..and I don’t even smoke.

Well, this isn’t like that.

This is just another attempt to control the free flow of information.

‘Brian Williams decries fake news’ – is this an Onion article title?

    Old0311 in reply to rdm. | December 11, 2016 at 10:30 am

    Is this the real Brian Williams or a clever impostor who has taken the place of the heroic newsman who was last seen fighting the enemy in hand to hand combat during the battle of Iwo Jima.

Well, at least their fake news is real in their squishy little hearts.

“…Clinton voiced support for some federal legislation to address the “fake news” issue.”

Well, THAT’S the very LAST thing anyone should want!

For one thing, Hellary and her minions would lavishly break any new law…just like the existing laws.

The drive-by-media and the Dimocrats are just trying to divert blame, by appearing to be fighting the good fight against the ‘fake news’…that they themselves invented in the first place.

Kind of the Limbaugh theorem all over again.

Perhaps the new President will announce a plan to eliminate fake news. His definition of fake news, of course.

The game is to cause such an uproar to discredit and, ultimately legislate against, alternative sources of news. Because, after all, everyone knows that only the MSM is accurate and unbiased.

DouglasJBender | December 11, 2016 at 9:41 am

And who is more qualified to report on fake news than Brian Williams?

Brian Williams is not the king of fake news. That distinction falls onto the head and shoulders of none other than Dan Rathernot. The George W Bush TANG fake story is the masterstroke. Hell Rathernot even got a special awards dinner in his honor, because of this story. Williams got suspended for six months and no special award.

Here is the REAL reason for this obviously coordinated push to stifle free speech (reminds me a lot of what happened to Romney and the Repubs in 2012 with the “war on women” indeed….):

This whole “fake news” controversy is being done for two reasons. The first is to cover the MSM’s flagrant violation of the principles of modern journalism in the wake of their Pravda-like reporting during the last Presidential election cycle. The second is to eliminate other sources of information not controlled by the MSM to protect both the MSM and liberal politicians and other liberal agents.

Historically, the MSM has had no trouble printing unverified stories about conservative politicians and causes.

    Ragspierre in reply to Mac45. | December 11, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Of course #TheRealDonaldTrump has been a fake news MACHINE for years.

    If you don’t step up to that, you’re just a cultist doing a virtue-signalling display.

Forced integrity is the same as faked sincerity. Makes me wonder about Hollywood endorsements, people who dedicate lives to being something they’re not. Highly suspect.

Multiple, reliable sources are a good solution. Bypass dinosaur media and do it yourself.

Russia’s military invasion of China earlier today will probably push this ‘fake news’ story right off the screen.

Has anyone from the loony left heard of the 1st amendment?

Flaming idiots in total melt down mode because Crooked Hillary lost!

Buried deep in my memory is a slogan. “Loose lips sink ships”. It was on a poster, if memory serves me right, of a sailor and woman. This takes me back to those days the only difference being in those days it was very serious business and today it is high comedy.

The left is a fascist movement. They have, and will continue to do everything to censor opposition, and continue to brainwash their willing armies of corrupt, protractedly-adolescent useful idiots.

This is just another tactic to do so.

But, the jig is up with these people.

The Washington Post tried to spike all of the stories disadvantaging Hillary contained in the many court-ordered document releases, FBI postings, and Wikileaks. To their noisy dismay, they were scooped by Breitbart and Reddit. They are still trying to control the news with their disingenuous spin, and Reddit is still laughing.

Dear Russia: Thank you for hacking Hillary’s brain and making her call half the country deplorable. Thank you for hacking Hillary’s inner circle and making them avoid visiting Wisconsin. Thank you for hacking Hillary’s immune system and making her a phlegm-spewing, seizing, side of beef. We owe you!

What these people are complaining about is that the voters became aware of true information that they shouldn’t have had. And therefore the election result should be undone because Clinton was entitled to an ignorant electorate.

They also make a big deal about the alleged fact that the RNC’s emails were also cracked, and none of those were leaked. Did it not occur to them that perhaps there wasn’t anything interesting in them to leak?