Elizabeth Warren is going deeper and deeper off the deep end since Trump won.

Her already hyperbolic threats have done intergalactic, bringing even Mika Brezinski to say enough already, as Mark reported recently Mika Shockingly Scorches Elizabeth Warren: ‘Tired of this Act,’ ‘Shrill, Almost Unhinged’:

Anderson Cooper is getting in on the act, Cooper Corners Senator Warren: ‘Your Message Is Not Resonating’ (emphasis in original):

During an extended interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday night, things got a little heated between Cooper and Senator Elizabeth Warren. The almost 25-minute-long interview grew tense when Cooper grilled Warren on how out of touch the Democratic Party is with Middle America. “When you look at that electoral map, I mean, there is blue on both coasts basically, and there is a lot of red in the entire rest of the country,” he noted before asking, “Do you feel like you are out of touch?

Warren quickly went on the defensive and tried to hide behind the popular vote: “Out of touch when 2.3 million more people voted for the democratic candidate than the Republican candidate.” She went on to point to how the Democrats picked up seating in the House of Representatives and the Senate. But the facts is, that before the election every liberal commentator predicted that the Democrats would take back the Senate and possibly the House.

….But Cooper pressed on almost slighting her for the declaration, saying, “But it sounds like you are saying you won. But you didn’t. So what went wrong?” She again retreated to arguing about the popular vote margin growing for Clinton.

Cooper seemed to rub salt into the wound that was Hillary Clinton’s so-called Rust-Belt “firewall,” which was comprised of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin (all of which Donald Trump won):

But you are talking about an economic message that is not resonating with voters in rust belt states. Even the term rust belt is offensive, but I mean in those states where people are hurting your message is not resonating.

… The CNN host called out Warren for being condescending to those who voted for Trump:

Sounds like you are telling those workers who are out of jobs who voted for Donald Trump in Ohio and other spaces that they were just mistaken. That they were sold a bill of goods or they just don’t understand what’s in their best interest.


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