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Trouble Brewing Within Democrat Party in Congress

Trouble Brewing Within Democrat Party in Congress

Double, double toil and trouble…..

Defeat after defeat on Tuesday has left the Democrat Party in shambles. So much so they cannot decide on a leader. Rep. Nancy Pelosi has led the House Democrats since 2002 while Sen. Chuck Schumer will replace Harry Reid as Senate Minority Leader.

But now the Democrats have delayed a vote on leadership in the House, possibly a sign that Pelosi’s time has ended. In the Senate, anti-Trump protesters in DC have begun protesting Senator Shumer’s new role.

The New York Post reported:

The disgruntled are not limited to the grass roots — a group of nearly 30 Democratic members of Congress wrote a letter to the top Democrat in the House, Nancy Pelosi, asking for a delay in congressional leadership elections for the next Congress.

“It is vital that our Caucus take the time to listen to the American people and learn the lessons of this difficult election in order to put our Caucus in the best position to fight the potentially dangerous agenda of President-elect Donald Trump and to have a realistic chance of taking back the House in 2018,” the members wrote.

Early Tuesday morning the House Democrats decided to officially delay the vote until Nov. 30 after Pelosi “expressed a willingness to do so.” This would allow a challenger to build a case against Pelosi.

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan is one who has thought about challenging Pelosi for the job:

“I got a few calls saying, ‘We need someone from the Midwest who is a good communicator who can help us win seats in tough areas around the country,’” Ryan said of possibly taking on Pelosi, adding he hasn’t heard from her office yet.

But like I said, the discontent spread to the Senate as well. Young liberals have invaded Schumer’s office because they do not want him as minority leader.

They claim that Schumer has too many close ties to evil Wall Street and big banks; he’s too establishment.

Yes, you guessed it. They are Bernie Sanders supporters. Sanders remains popular, especially after leaked emails and phone calls over the summer showed the DNC actively working against him to prop Hillary Clinton as its nominee.

Allies of Sanders have started to pressure Schumer to make him “chairman of the Democratic Policy and Communications Center, a powerful position with influence over the party’s messaging and floor strategy.” The Hill reports:

Sanders’s allies say he would be a good choice for the third-ranking position because he had phenomenal success mobilizing voters during the Democratic presidential primaries. That showed he knows how to put together a message that resonates, they argue.

The Senate Democratic leadership’s focus on the Supreme Court and Republican obstruction of Merrick Garland, President Obama’s middle-of-the-road nominee to the court, fell flat with voters this year, they note.

Liberals want Sanders or Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), both high-profile critics of Wall Street, to play bigger roles in the Senate’s leadership.

Protesters will not receive their wish since Sanders has backed Schumer for minority leader.


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UnCivilServant | November 15, 2016 at 2:37 pm

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan is one who has thought about challenging Pelosi

Only if Paul Ryan loses the speakership. Having Speaker and House Minotiry leader Ryan would be a bit confusing…

I expect pelosi to remain the leader because if you analyse the last election you can see how out of touch the rank and file Demorat is. The whole party is ideologically driven and common sense and pragmatism are nowhere to be found. The whole Demorat mantra is division and assault. They are only good at running AGAINST something rather than being for something. obama ran on “Hope and
Change” and they saw how that worked out for them. They now have the smallest number of state governors/legislatures and have lost both houses of Congress. How much more can obama/pelosi do for them?

    MattMusson in reply to inspectorudy. | November 15, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    The people who were sitting in at Schumer’s office are beginning to realize they are too liberal for the democrat party. They want to pull the entire party over to their position. (which is not going to happen) So their only option is to leave the democrats for some other left wing group.

    antonionio in reply to inspectorudy. | November 16, 2016 at 11:02 pm

    I expect Pelosi to remain, since the problem was the Democrat candidate, Hilary. Not that I think she was/is especially corrupt or crooked compared to anyone else in the swamp. She was tainted and, for me, seemed self-entitled to the position, which turned me off as a Democrat. She acted like it was her turn!
    I love the job Pelosi has done, with minor exceptions, and will encourage my party leaders not to overreact. We need her experience to deal with all the Bozo’s swarming around the Rump.
    Don’t get me wrong;
    if Rump manages to implement reforms which stop the revolving door of lobbyists, of both parties, I will be ecstatic!
    If Rump gets a handle on border control, I will be ecstatic!
    If Rump keeps us out of offensive “Defense” programs and expenditures, along with military adventurism, I’ll be ecstatic!
    If Rump can keep the Congressional Rethugs from avoiding reforms effecting them too, I’ll be surprised, and ecstatic!
    If Rump can enact sound term-limits, I’ll be pleased!
    If Rump can cleanse the toxic patterns of Gerrymandering, I’ll be ecstatic!
    How well will Rump be able to wrangle the jackals in his own party?

Isn’t Sanders technically an Independent? Is there something other than tradition and common sense that says that the head of a party’s committee actually be a member of that party?

    paracelsus in reply to Semper Why. | November 15, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    Bernie Sanders espouses philosophies promulgated by the USSR in the ’50s. How does being a member of the DSA make him an Independent?

American Human | November 15, 2016 at 2:53 pm

So their ultimate solution to all of the losses in the past number of years is to move further and further to the left?

What about Paul Ryan and the speakership?

Senator Warren’s name keeps coming up as an appointee, and for her call to make college free.

Has ANYONE on the right ever asked her why she did not push for free college when she worked at a higher ed institution with a $35B endowment?? How can you only be for free college after you leave one that could have easily afforded to do so?

This is just like her legal career history that readers of LI know so well.

“Trouble Brewing Within Democrat Party in Congress”

Thanks, Mary, for using the proper nomenclature; Democrat.

Keep the old leadership. They’re doing a terrific job.

buckeyeminuteman | November 15, 2016 at 4:22 pm

As a Youngstowner who grew up with Tim Ryan as my Congresscritter and before him the late, great Jim Traficant, I can say with certainty that Tim Ryan is a Democratic hack. He doesn’t have an original thought or bone in his body. If the Democrats like it, so does he. If they don’t like it, neither does he. Then again, isn’t that want people want in a Minority Leader?

JackRussellTerrierist | November 15, 2016 at 4:52 pm

These are all the same people, especially Bernie, who want the face of the DNC to be black and musloid – Keith Ellison for DNC chair.

Yep. That’ll win over the heartland of America.


    Keith Ellison is panderiffic! He’s already talking about “reparations.”

    I hope the Dim lunatic fringe keeps pulling them further and further to the left… eventually they’ll go off the cliff.

Double, double toil and trouble… just above a picture of Nancy Pelosi.

How appropriate.


Shhhhhhhhhhhh… the enemy continues to fire rounds into its own feet, so hush, don’t interrupt them.

This is me, doing my happy dance.

The Democrats ran an over-the-top campaign, one that was so nasty that I think their own staff ratted them out. Of course, the Clinton Campaign blamed the Russians, while quietly reassuring the Russians they knew better.

Putin criticises Hillary Clinton for anti-Russian rhetoric in the US election campaign

The campaign was so rotten, people at this site predicted a last-minute explosion of women bringing sex charges against The Donald (they did), which would be flimsy (they were).

And. They. Got. Caught.

I sincerely hope that the Democrats who still want to bother with the party will do some hard thinking about this campaign, get rid of the dirty tricks brigade, and come back with some viable policies and fresh faces.

Keith Ellison for leader!!!

“…to put our Caucus in the best position to fight the potentially dangerous agenda of President-elect Donald Trump…”

Apparently the Democrats don’t have any problem “fight(ing) the…agenda of” a Republican president, yet they howled mightily at Republican “obstruction” of their guy. Somehow, this time around, a government shutdown, should one occur, will be the president’s fault, and not that of the opposition in Congress.

Maybe the Senate LibDems will elect fauxcahontos as their leader?

The peaceful transfer of power is relegated to the presidency. Congress? Not so much, lol.