This is a follow up to our prior post, UNESCO hardest hit: 2700 year old Hebrew papyrus mentions Jerusalem.

JNS reports, Pope Francis says God promised the Holy Land to Jews:

Pope Francis declared that God promised the Holy Land to the people of Israel in a speech at the Vatican in Rome Wednesday.

“The people of Israel, who from Egypt, where they were enslaved, walked through the desert for 40 years until they reached the land promised by God,” Pope Francis said, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Francis made the statement shortly before meeting with Israeli Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation Ayoub Kara, where he thanked him for his work on behalf of Christians in Israel.

The statement by the pontiff came just hours after UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee passed a resolution ignoring Jewish and Christian ties to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. The resolution, which was similar to a previous resolution passed Oct. 13 by the body’s Executive Committee, exclusively referred to the Temple Mount by its Muslim names.

Lets go to the video tape, “Hello from the Other Side … Free at Last in the Sinai”:

Featured Image: Pope Francis at Church of Holy Sepulcre, May 2014))


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