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UNESCO hardest hit: 2700 year old Hebrew papyrus mentions Jerusalem

UNESCO hardest hit: 2700 year old Hebrew papyrus mentions Jerusalem

Refuting the holy Islamic Jihad against the Jews and Jewish History.

UNESCO continues to implement the holy Islamic Jihad against the Jews and Jewish History demanded by the Palestinian by passing a second resolution earlier today expunging the Jewish and Christian connection to the Temple Mount. The Israeli ambassador threw it in the trash.

It’s fitting that contemporaneously Israeli Antiquities preservation authorities announced that a 2,700 year old Hebrew Papyrus mentions Jerusalem. That would be over a thousand years before there was an Islam.

The Times of Israel reports:

A rare, ancient papyrus dating to the First Temple Period — 2,700 years ago — has been found to bear the oldest known mention of Jerusalem in Hebrew.

The fragile text, believed plundered from a cave in the Judean Desert cave, was apparently acquired by the Israel Antiquities Authority during a sting in 2012 when thieves attempted to sell it to a dealer. Radiocarbon dating has determined it is from the 7th century BCE, making it one of just three extant Hebrew papyri from that period, and predating the Dead Sea Scrolls by centuries.

The IAA’s Eitan Klein said the dating of the papyrus had been confirmed by comparing the text’s orthography with other texts from the period.

The slip of papyrus, which was formally unveiled by the Israel Antiquities Authority on Wednesday, measures 11 centimeters by 2.5 centimeters (4.3 inches by 1 inch). Its two lines of jagged black paleo-Hebrew script appear to have been a dispatch note recording the delivery of two wineskins “to Jerusalem,” the Judean Kingdom’s capital city. The full text of the inscription reads: “From the female servant of the king, from Naharata (place near Jericho) two wineskins to Jerusalem.”


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Henry Hawkins | October 26, 2016 at 4:22 pm

UNESCO submits papyrus to its own experts who determine that it’s six years old and a forgery.


Plea from my past, US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. Let Trump develop Turtle Bay into a resort.

Dustbin. It’s a dustbin.

Muslims want to destroy the artifacts of non-Muslim civilizations because they believe doing so testifies to the truth of Islam, as the Qur’an suggests that ruins are a sign of Allah’s punishment of those who rejected him.

Ol' Jim hisself | October 27, 2016 at 12:12 pm

Can 12 billion muslims be wrong?


What should be used to counter this mess is to put the history of the Muslim conquest and OCCUPATION in the 7th Century CE/AD, well after the Roman occupation, up front and let’s see if UNESCO will now negate all history.

It always astounds me when every pottery shard or hieroglyphic or clay tablet fragment or papyrus shred from Egypt or the Middle East is treated as HISTORY, whereas the Tanakh is not, merely because the writings are still in use.