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Russia Asked State Department, Three States to Monitor U.S. Election

Russia Asked State Department, Three States to Monitor U.S. Election


Russian officials asked three states if they could attend polling stations during the Nov. 8 election while Kremlin propaganda sites like Russia Today reported that Russia’s Central Elections Commission even asked the State Department for permission to watch the polls.

The State denied a request even came through:

“Any suggestion that we rejected Russia’s proposal to observe our elections is false,” Toner said, noting that allowing foreign observers is up to individual states. Russian officials could have participated in an observer delegation through the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Toner added, but declined to do so, making their new complaints “nothing more than a PR stunt.”

But Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas confirmed that Russian officials sent letters to the state government asking for permission:

The Oklahoma secretary of state’s office says it received a letter in August from Russia’s consulate general in Houston seeking to have one of its officers present at a voting precinct to study the “US experience in organization of voting process.”

But the office denied the request, noting Oklahoma law prohibits anyone except election officials and voters from being present while voting is taking place.

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler’s spokeswoman called the requests a “propaganda ploy:”

“We’ve allowed observers from overseas in the past from other countries, never from Russia,” Meg Casper said. She added that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security also “told us not to do this.”

In early October, President Barack Obama’s administration officially blamed Russia for recent hacks to influence the 2016 elections.

Fingers have longed pointed fingers at Russia whenever hackers posted emails from the Democratic National Committee and phone calls with Democrats, but now U.S. intelligence agencies have enough confidence to put the blame on Russia:

“We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities,” the statement said.

The agencies said some state election systems have been recently scanned and probed and that this action originated from servers operated by a Russian company. But the statement stopped short of definitively blaming the Russian government for that activity.

The U.S. also pressured Ecuador to cut off Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s internet access since the website has been publishing Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta’s emails. The government did this “after U.S. officials conveyed their conclusion that Assange is a willing participant in a Russian intelligence operation to undermine the U.S. presidential election.” From NBC:

U.S. intelligence officials believe Assange knows he is getting the information from Russian intelligence, though they do not believe he is involved in helping plan the hacking, officials told NBC.

“The general view is he is a willing participant in the Russian scheme but not an active plotter in it. They just realized they could use him,” said a senior intelligence official.


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Putin did it for the lulz.

    legacyrepublican in reply to Zachary. | October 21, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    Are you really saying that Frank Lutz is actually a Russian agent?!?!?!?

    That could explain so much. 🙄

OnTheLeftCoast | October 21, 2016 at 3:12 pm

They want to learn from experienced professionals how to conduct a clean election.

but now U.S. intelligence agencies have enough confidence to put the blame on Russia

Uh-huh. And you know this is “confidence”, and not instructions from the White House?

Straight from the Bureau of Candor, I’m sure. And if you like your Russian hackers, you can keep your Russian hackers.

Assange just released a video saying the leakers are Democratic Party whistleblowers.

He mentions Seth Rich as a whistleblower, without saying he provided anything to Wikileaks.

If anyone thinks Wikileaks just popped up out of nowhere to embarrass Democrats, take a look at what they’ve done in the past.

I read recently that Obama has invited UN “election observers” to monitor our polling places. Russia is a member of the UN, right?

This makes me think that this is Putin sending a message.

Since its pretty much guaranteed Russia (and China and probably a few others) have the entire contents of Clinton’s email server, my guess is that there is email traffic explicitly detailing the Democrats vote fraud operation.

This is Putin sending a not-so-subtle reminder to Clinton that he has the goods on her and she better play ball when elected – or else.

    tom swift in reply to Olinser. | October 21, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    What good would it do him? Once she’s elected, she’s safe. He could release video of her barbecuing a live baby and she’d still be safe, even if Obama doesn’t hand her a blanket pardon/indulgence his last day in office. Only impeachment could get her out of the office, and the Dems in Congress will never allow that no matter what her crimes seem to be.

I don’t see any harm in their observing.
I can’t imagine why they would want to.
Do they need some pointers on rigging an election???

I am quite certain the last thing they would want would be a Trump Presidency.

So far as the e-mail hacks go, it doesn’t matter who hacked them.
What matters is the content.
And in the case of Hillary, her blatant disregard for security has likely compromised our country, and may well have cost many lives. She should be imprisoned.

Yes ,we have gotten to the point where in the belief ,of interference and attempting to rig an election , on behalf one political party , are allowing the party in power to engage in censorship in an attempt to rig the election

Chelsea caught Justin Cooper ,Hillary henchman ,installing spy ware on Foundation computers.
Perhaps paranoid Cankles was spying on the Foundation , her aides and the DNC and someone hacked her hack.
It would be totally in character for her