On Sunday, October 9, 2016, we reported how Palestinians celebrate murder of two Israelis in Jerusalem shooting attack.

[Leana Melichi (69) and Yosser Kirme (29) killed in Palestinian terror attack in Jerusalem]

[Leana Melichi (69) and Yosef Kirme (29) killed in Palestinian terror attack in Jerusalem]

Video has been released of the “heroic” drive by shooting being celebrated:

Those celebrations included approval and encouragement of further attacks from both Fatah and Hamas news outlets, a phone call of congratulations from the political head of Hamas to the killer’s family, dancing outside the home of the killer, and the killer’s 14-year old daughter praising the attack.

“We deem my father as martyr,” she said in the video, according to Maan. “We hope he will plead for us before God on judgment day… I am proud of what my father did.”

“We’re very happy and proud of our father,” she also said. “My father is a great man. Our relationship, as father and daughter, was excellent.”


And of course, the obligatory handing out of candy, including by the killer’s family:

Israeli authorities say the shooting was followed by an outburst of celebration in East Jerusalem and calls for further terror attacks.

In several places in East Jerusalem, residents were seen handing out sweets to passersby in celebration of the attack, with Palestinian media reports claiming that members of the gunman’s family took part in the festivities.

Israeli police closed the candy store owned by the killer’s family, so I guess they’ll have to find another source of goodies to hand out.

And now this, a Palestinian soccer team holding a banner honoring the killer.

Oh, by the way, the Palestinians and anti-Israel activists want Israel kicked out of FIFA because security checks of Palestinian soccer teams disrupt their ability to play. Let’s see, soccer team honors terrorist killer who conducted shooting spree that killed two Israelis — certainly no security concerns with those fine young men.


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