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Palestinians celebrate murder of two Israelis in Jerusalem shooting attack

Palestinians celebrate murder of two Israelis in Jerusalem shooting attack

Killer hailed as “martyr,” celebrations outside his home, candy passed out.

An Arab terrorist who lived in the eastern portion of Jerusalem and who was scheduled to report to prison for other offenses went on a shooting spree on Sunday, October 9, 2016, in the “Ammunition Hill” section of Jerusalem.

The killer was shot dead by police, but not before he killed two Israelis, Levana Malichi (age 60) and Yosef Kirma (age 29, a policeman).

The Jerusalem Post reports:

Sunday’s shooting began at approximately 10:30 a.m., when the terrorist, who was driving a white vehicle, opened fire on a male and female civilian near the Ammunition Hill light rail stop, across the street from Police Headquarters.

“The terrorist opened fire on two people, and one woman in her 60s was wounded critically, and a man was moderately-to-seriously wounded,” said Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

The woman, later identified as Levana Malichi, 60, died of her wounds a short time later at Hadassah University Medical Center in Mount Scopus, Rosenfeld said. “After shooting the two civilians, the suspect continued driving his vehicle into the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood, where two officers on motorcycles from the Special Patrol Unit chased him. Shots were fired at our officers, who returned fire, and the terrorist was shot and killed at the scene.”

Rosenfeld said Advanced Staff Sgt. Major Yosef Kirma, 29, who was shot in the head at close range, died of his wounds at Hadassah University Medical Center’s Mount Scopus hospital, while the second officer was treated for a light gun wound to his leg.

Kirma was buried a few hours later at Mount Herzl Military Cemetery during a ceremony attended by his wife, parents, two brothers, extended family, and hundreds of officers and friends.

During the gun battle in Sheik Jarrah, Rosenfeld said an unidentified woman was also shot by the terrorist. She is in moderate-to-serious condition, he said.

The Times of Israel reports on the funeral:

Kirma’s father Uzi eulogized his son. “Yossi, you were my friend. Now you are no longer with us any more. How is it possible to continue? What will I do now?” he said. “How can I move on from here? I love you so much.”

Kirma married in April. His wife Noy lamented their short time together. “We had so many plans together, a home, children, and you always supported my career. You loved me always, unconditionally, even more than I loved myself,” she said. “My Yossi, look how many people came just for you. You are my light and my heart.”

No translation needed for this video of Kirma’s wife Noy:

The official Palestinian Authority news agency honored the killer, as Elder of Ziyon reports, Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah declares day of mourning – for the murderer

The Fatah movement, headed by that alleged moderate Mahmoud Abbas, has declared a strike and a day of mourning today for the terrorist who murdered two Jews, including a 60-year old grandmother.

The Palestinian Authority gave this day of mourning a stamp of approval by reporting it on theofficial Wafa website, saying that the terrorist was being mourned along with all of the other “martyrs of Jerusalem.”

The article in Wafa called the victims “soldiers.”

Hamas urged more attacks:

Arabs from the killer’s home district in the eastern portion of Jerusalem celebrated outside the killer’s home:

(Videos below via Israelly Cool)

And as in the past, candy was passed in celebration.

This video apparently shows the killer’s daughter reacting with happiness (via Israelly Cool):

As Arutz Sheva reports, the celebrations took place on Facebook as well, Arabs spread incitement on Facebook page of murdered cop:

Just hours after Sargeant Major Yosef Kirma was murdered by an Arab terrorist in Israel’s capital Sunday morning, supporters of the murderer flocked to Kirma’s personal Facebook page – now a memorial page – to smear him and spread anti-Semitic incitement and propaganda.

Facebook users from Israel’s Arab sector bombarded Kirma’s memorial page with abusive taunts, anti-Semitic smears, and explicit incitement to violence and even threats of murder.

Some of the offensive posts included images of anti-Semitic caricatures, pictures of bloody knifes drawn, and vulgar language.

One Arab user even threatened a Jewish user, saying “You’re going to die soon.”

The State Department condemned the attack, while maintaining bizarre linguistic neutrality as to who the perpetrator was.


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Yep, these are definitely “partners for peace”.
Don’t worry, the world is too worried about 90-odd housing units being built by Israel to pay any attention to this.

Rest in peace, and memory eternal.

One more victory for the Religion of Peace. It is so hard to avoid becoming an Anti-Muslin and condemning them all, especially given how many celebrate murders such as this, and how few Muslims condemn such acts. And yet my training forces me to resist characterizing all Muslims as foul terrorists.