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Now YouTube Has Restricted Christina Hoff Sommers’ Videos

Now YouTube Has Restricted Christina Hoff Sommers’ Videos

Silencing the opposition.

First YouTube restricted Prager University videos, now the same thing has happened to Christina Hoff Sommers.


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That’s how Mintruth rolls!

The fig leaf of objectivity for the media has dropped. The old and new media has essentially “thrown in” for the Democrats. You can’t put this back into the bottle after the election. It raises some interesting questions: What will be the Republican response? A counter-media operation? Will this lead to increasing Balkanization of the media where self-selecting audiences trend toward their own media? Will there be a Fox News equivalent in social media? Are conservatives headed to the catacombs?

I fear for the Republic.


YouTube has 49 Factual Feminist videos up. Are there others? The 49 seem to be fine.

post hoc ergo propter hoc | October 17, 2016 at 12:07 pm

Interesting approach of the incident. It is worthy questioning whether this is “silencing the opposition”. From my experience of Youtube I have seen several videos that support the narrative of the Social Justice activists that have been restricted. The concept that this is only targeted to conservatives that tackle the status quo is misleading and, according to my interpretation, biased from your and even the content creator’s point of view. It just fits your narrative that the liberal status quo is silencing the conservatives that speak facts. It really reminds me of the Social Justice activist’s attitude that cry “patriarchy”, “racism”, “homophobia”, and all those buzz words all the time.
At least I think Christina Hoff Sommers and I, can agree that ideas should be discussed openly without using all those buzz words or concepts (eg. the liberal media is silencing the opposition); the SJWs wouldn’t agree with that.