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YouTube Puts Prager University Videos in ‘Restricted Mode’

YouTube Puts Prager University Videos in ‘Restricted Mode’

“category meant for inappropriate and objectionable adult and sexual content”

Dennis Prager’s YouTube video series known as Prager University, has enjoyed wide success and for good reasons. In each video, a noted academic, media personality, or other well known person, addresses a particular issue in a practical and straightforward way, usually in five minutes or less.

There is nothing controversial about the videos, certainly nothing that requires an age rating for viewing so it’s very strange that YouTube would restrict them in any way.

The College Fix reports:

YouTube blacklists PragerU educational videos

YouTube has placed 21 PragerU videos on “restricted mode,” a category meant for inappropriate and objectionable adult and sexual content…

“We’ve worked quietly behind the scenes for months to resolve this, but YouTube’s censorship continues, leaving us with no option but to go public,” PragerU announced Tuesday on its Facebook page.

YouTube is owned by Google, and PragerU states on its website that “in response to an official complaint we filed, Google specialists defended their restriction of our videos, and said, ‘We don’t censor anyone,’ although they do ‘take into consideration what the intent of the video is’ and ‘what the focus of the video is.’”

“There is no excuse for Google and YouTube censoring and restricting any PragerU videos, which are produced with the sole intent of educating people of all ages about America’s founding values,” the conservative nonprofit states on its website.

This video will give you a sense of Prager University’s reach:

In response to the restriction, Prager University has launched a petition:

Stop YouTube From Blocking PragerU Videos!

YouTube currently lists 21 PragerU videos–over 10% of our entire collection–under “restricted mode.”
Many families enable restricted mode in order to keep inappropriate and objectionable adult and sexual content away from their children–not to prevent them from watching animated, age-appropriate, educational videos.

Consider signing the petition, these videos don’t deserve to be restricted in any way.


Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.


They don’t need an excuse. If it goes against leftist ideology then it will be censored!

Only “deplorables” would watch something so radical to the left.

This is just the start of what they will do if Crooked Hillary is elected!

Flick YouTube!

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. They make themselves a ubiquitous part of everyday life, then they begin to censor non-leftist (and only non-leftist) viewpoints.

Once is an incident.
Twice is co-incidence.
Three times is enemy action.

Prager produces some of the best stuff you’ll find anywhere, and everybody should support them.

Is there a way to know which are the videos marked restricted?

Can you imagine someone of the calibre of Milton Friedman ever being able to work in Universities today??? NOT A CHANCE!

This is another really disturbing development. Twitter did something similar to a National Review article by Andrew C. McCarthy a few months ago which was about black lives matter and terrorism. If content is censored, it will reduce the audience and so disincentivize production of new content. In this way, we get a little bit farther from the truth every day. Thanks, left!

Kill the messenger.

Thoughtcrime, repent. Twice and more, legal, financial, and social crucification, and perhaps sodomy, too.

That said, Pro-Choice forever!

Good heavens! Don’t you know what is in those videos? If people watched them, they could *learn* things! How dare you try to get an education! This is a University!

Those videos commit the big sin of making people think.

Watch this video of Jim Caviezel’s testimony. He is very clear that we will be called to take up our crosses. Prager is just the latest example of the left-wing regressive hate machine in action against those who speak for that which is right.

Since he’s all in for tRump and making excuses for inexcusable behavior it’s just fitting.

    scaulen in reply to Lee Jan. | October 12, 2016 at 11:59 am

    So if someone doesn’t agree with your views they should be censored? That’s very progressive of you. I was looking for a ignore button for you but I’d rather watch what you write to see how you think.

    Darrel Harb in reply to Lee Jan. | October 12, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    “All in” for Trump? Prager has criticized and condemned everything about Trump you could reasonably ask for. But he says he will vote Trump in order to stop Hillary and a 30-year leftist court. If that’s “all in” can you please explain what medium or marginal support would look like?

    Not to mention scaulen’s fine point that Prager’s views (which are not the views of every Prager U video) shouldn’t have anything to do with your reaction to censorship.

Freedom of speech is being extinguished by those who claim to be media outlets. How sad…

“There is nothing controversial about the videos, certainly nothing that requires an age rating for viewing so it’s very strange that YouTube would restrict them in any way.”

I kind of have to disagree with this. From the list of videos that Prager says have been put into restricted mode, a good number of them deal with rape, abortion, and terrorism, which aren’t subjects I would want to subject my small children to at all right now, much less without supervision.

Don’t get me wrong — the videos are indispensable, and the one debunking the “1-in-5” statistic about college rape is especially so, and will be required viewing for my children when they’re old enough. But it’s not something that’s appropriate for all ages.

I love Prager U, and the restriction may well be overboard for some of the videos listed… but not all of them.

    katiejane in reply to Caiwyn. | October 12, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    Do you not monitor the You-Tune videos your young children watch? Why do you need ones you deem questionable cloaked for everyone?

Burn_the_Witch | October 12, 2016 at 7:14 pm

Youtube (Google) also ‘phantom bans’ users as well, where any comments you post are visible to you, but only you. I’ve had it happen to me, despite not posting any traditionally unacceptable comments (racist, sexist, personal attacks, etc), but definitely for posting anti-leftwing arguments.

Heil Hillary.

The cork will soon pop on all this.

Meanwhile at the FCC, the democratic chairwoman wants to censor internet political content.

Don’t worry. Four years of Hillary and such public professions of belief will be illegal and YouTube won’t have to restrict them, they will just report you to the FBI and you will have a bag put over your head an you will disappear.