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Only One Benghazi Email in Latest Hillary Email Dump

Only One Benghazi Email in Latest Hillary Email Dump

State Dept. originally said 30 and now it’s only one.

Everyone perked up when the State Department said it found 30 Benghazi emails in the 15,000 Hillary Clintons they discovered on a disc. Well, the officials only found ONE Benghazi email.

That’s right. Only ONE. It’s from then- U.S. Ambassador to Brazil to Hillary after she testified in front of Congress in 2013, fawning over her performance.

CBS News reported:

“I watched with great admiration as she dealt with a tough and personally painful issue in a fair, candid and determined manner,” Shannon wrote of Clinton in an email to Cheryl Mills’ official State department account. “I was especially impressed by her ability to turn aside the obvious efforts to politicize the events in Benghazi, reminding Americans of the tremendous sacrifice made by Chris Stevens and his colleagues but also insisting that our ability to play a positive role in the world and protect U.S. interests requires a willingness to take risks.”

Question is, why wasn’t this email deemed work related? Oh, that’s right. Hillary, not her aides, determined which emails were worked related and those they chose didn’t apply, they shredded and deleted.

Yup. That’s it. Judicial Watch, which continues to investigate Hillary’s private email server, said the revelation proves Hillary and her team deleted material:

“These new Benghazi-Clinton emails prove that Hillary or her lawyers deleted material which proved to be responsive to federal court orders and congressional subpoenas,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said in a statement.

“Clinton’s email cover-up scheme is as plain as day.”

The State Department also asked judges to delay deadlines they issued for release of documents to Judicial Watch “because the agency may have overlooked some files that could shed light on how State wrestled with the complexities created by Clinton’s use of an email account not hosted on State’s official systems.”

Well, about that system. House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz has asked the U.S. District Attorney in DC to investigate possible destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice by Hillary and her crew.

Chaffetz told radio host Hugh Hewitt the committee may subpoena Sid Blumenthal, a longtime friend to the Clintons, since he sent many memos to Hillary with classified information:

“I mean, we still have a lot of moving parts here, and we’re trying to recover this. This, Hugh, this is potentially one of the largest breaches of security in the history of the State Department. So we’re not letting go on this. We’re going to get to the truth. We’ve got to make sure that this classified information isn’t able to walk out the door,” Chaffetz added. “Remember, there are two email systems at the State Department. You don’t just simply get a classified email and then whoops, I forwarded to the wrong person. You have to go to great lengths to take it off that system, or summarize what you saw, and put it on the non-classified system. So how Sidney Blumenthal and others are integrated into this really still, we need to get to the truth.

Pressed on whether he would use his subpoena power to gather people like Blumenthal to testify before the committee, Chaffetz responded, “I am not going to be bashful in using it.”

“I’ve tried to bend over backwards to give people a fair, honest chance. But if not, we’re going to start issuing subpoenas, absolutely,” the Utah Republican said.


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1996 we already knew the truth.

Essay;Blizzard of Lies
Published: January 8, 1996

Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar.

Congenital liar? She lies about her genitals? Wow!

Make her cough up the other 29. We know the State Dep’t will lie about the time of day.