You may remember my post from March 5, 2016, regarding the increasing mental health issues on the notoriously liberal Upper West Side of Manhattan caused by the rise of Donald Trump, MAKE PSYCHOTHERAPY GREAT AGAIN!:

As mentioned the other day with regard to a surge in “Move to Canada” Google Searches, there will be a collective freak out in certain places if Trump wins.

The freak out has already started. The Washington Post reports Psychologists and massage therapists are reporting ‘Trump anxiety’ among clients:

If there is an unofficial capital of psychotherapy, it’s New York’s Upper West Side, where it’s easier to find a therapist than a parking space.

Judith Schweiger Levy, a psychologist in the neighborhood, has noticed a recent uptick in Trump references among her patients, including a middle-aged businesswoman who blurted out this week that her sister is supporting the billionaire.

“She was so upset and worried that she could have a sister — someone so close to her — who would have zero problem with Trump,” Levy said. “Another patient — also a woman — all she could talk about was Trump and how he’s crazy and frightening.”

Ruminating on Trump’s effect, Levy said, “Part of the reason he makes people so anxious is that he has no anxiety himself. It’s frightening. I’m starting to feel anxious just talking about him.”

The NY Times has a new report on the anxiety building to a fevered pitch as Hillary’s campaign falters. The article reads like a parody, Hillary Clinton’s Backers Thought She Couldn’t Lose. Now, ‘I Can’t Go There.’:

Beside the olive display at Zabar’s, that iconic hub of lox and neurosis on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Linda Donohue was trying to talk herself down.

Surely the polls she tracked anxiously were not to be trusted, she said. Surely Donald J. Trump, the man with the garish golden tower across town, would not be allowed to reach the White House.

“We have to have more faith in the American public,” said Ms. Donohue, 61, a longtime New Yorker now living in Seattle.

A man behind her could not suppress a loud snort.

Then Cathi Anderson, who was shopping with Ms. Donahue, mentioned yet another distressing poll, this one from Ohio, which showed Mr. Trump ahead. Ms. Donohue nodded grimly.

Just in case her faith in the American electorate was misplaced, Ms. Donahue said, she had retained her Irish citizenship….

A cartoon in The New Yorker captured it best: A woman sits in her psychiatrist’s office, perspiring in distress. The doctor scribbles on a pad. “I’m giving you something for Hillary’s pneumonia,” the caption reads.

Clearly, shrinks on the Upper West Side will make out like bandits if Trump wins. Hourly rates will soar. No new patients will be accepted due to the increase from two to three visits a week from existing patients. SAD!

This is a very serious election, perhaps one of the most momentous in our lifetimes. Our civil and constitutional rights are at stake. The Second Amendment. Trade Deals. Illegal Immigration. Possible conflict with Iran, China and Russia. This election will help define who we are as Americans.

This is not a time to vote based upon a desire to see people on the Upper West Side suffer emotionally. That would be IMMATURE and CRUEL.

Wouldn’t it?

Hello, anybody out there?


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