As mentioned the other day with regard to a surge in “Move to Canada” Google Searches, there will be a collective freak out in certain places if Trump wins.

The freak out has already started. The Washington Post reports Psychologists and massage therapists are reporting ‘Trump anxiety’ among clients

If there is an unofficial capital of psychotherapy, it’s New York’s Upper West Side, where it’s easier to find a therapist than a parking space.

Judith Schweiger Levy, a psychologist in the neighborhood, has noticed a recent uptick in Trump references among her patients, including a middle-aged businesswoman who blurted out this week that her sister is supporting the billionaire.

“She was so upset and worried that she could have a sister — someone so close to her — who would have zero problem with Trump,” Levy said. “Another patient — also a woman — all she could talk about was Trump and how he’s crazy and frightening.”

Ruminating on Trump’s effect, Levy said, “Part of the reason he makes people so anxious is that he has no anxiety himself. It’s frightening. I’m starting to feel anxious just talking about him.”

They’re afraid of this?

Trump Instagram Megyn Kelly biased

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[Hillary Clinton speaks at La Raza Annual Conference, July 13, 2015 (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)]

[Featured Image: Paul Schwartzman, author of Washington Post article about Trump anxiety]


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