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German Police Arrest an Alleged High-Ranking ISIS Member

German Police Arrest an Alleged High-Ranking ISIS Member

A tip from a prisoner led to the arrest

German authorities have detained an alleged high-ranking member of the Islamic State in Mutterstadt in Rhineland Palatinate state, located near the French border.

A prisoner in Gelsenkirchen, which is located just north of Mutterstadt, gave authorities a tip “about the suspect came in connection with alleged threats against the German Bundesliga soccer league.” Those cops worked with tho in Mutterstadt to arrest the man:

His identity was not revealed. DPA also reported that the suspect was connected to alleged threats tied to the restart of the German Bundesliga season this month. Many of Germany’s top clubs are based in the north and west of the country.

A spokesman from the Rhineland Palatinate interior ministry confirmed the arrest to several German outlets, although the state interior minister could not be reached for comment.

Germany has seen numerous terrorist attacks since they opened their doors to migrants. Politicians have now demanded the government deport 200,000 migrants and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s popularity has dropped significantly.

We will update this post when authorities release more information.


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Not a chance of deporting that many people back to where they came from. The horse has bolted.



Eliminate welfare state benefits and these evil Muslims will flee to France.

legacyrepublican | August 9, 2016 at 1:11 pm

Probably was headed to an international Clinton rally when caught.

In journalism, this is what’s referred to as a “standing head”, that is, a headline so common that int can be run almost anytime and still be true. Think, “This Year’s Voters Infuenced By Economy” or “Scientists Expect Uptick in Hurricanes This Fall”.

A guess is that this standing head will be true for at least another century.

I’ll bet he sings like a canary. Bravery is for other poor shnooks who get to blow themselves up in the name of Allah.