Much in the same way President Obama’s campaigns featured a reimagined ‘O’, Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House includes a reconfigured letter ‘H’.

The internet though? Less than impressed with the embattled former Secretary’s branding effort. Interestingly, it’s not just the intrepid photo shoppers who are having a jolly good time at the awkward H’s expense.

Even The New Yorker was… confused:

Ironically, Wikileaks seemed to think Hillary ripped off their logo:

Could Hillvetica be the font that finally replaces Comic Sans as the worst font in all of fontdom?

Quilt anyone?

Hilarious and also the handy work of John Ekdahl of Ace of Spades fame:

hillary wheelchair

Maybe it was just a typo though:

Or maybe they forgot this important detail:

Professor Jacobson nailed it:

This was bound to happen eventually:

I kept wondering why Clinton’s H/arrow thing looked awfully familiar. And then it dawned on me that it’s because I own something remarkably similar…

Welcome to the collection, Goldwater #soexcited

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