Palestinian incitement to hate and attack Jews has been a frequent topic here lately. It is not just a key cause of the current so-called “Knife Intifada” (which also involves shooting and other forms of attack), but also an impediment to any chance of peace.

It is a top-down (from the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, and Hamas) and bottom-up (social media) phenomenon that is particularly focused on young children and teens:

Here is another example, from PalMedia Watch:

In honor of Ramadan, Fatah TV broadcast a cartoon series for young children that presents Jews as the representatives of several satans, fighting battles for these satans, and doing their work on earth. The educational message to Palestinian children is that the satans are scheming to fight and destroy Muhammad, and in order to succeed in this, they use the Jews to fight Muhammad.

The series shows the satans (who oppose Muhammad) being upset that the Jewish tribes left Medina without fighting Muhammad, thus enabling Muhammad an unopposed victory. One of the satans then plants the idea in the minds of the Jews to organize all the tribes to fight against Muhammad so that the Jews can regain their prestige. This plan succeeds because the satan knows “the burning hate and loathing of Muhammad and his supporters, that fills the hearts of the Jews.”

Finally, viewers are taught that Muhammad was preparing for battle by digging trenches to protect himself from the Jews, even though he already had a treaty with them because, as one Muslim explains: “Since when do Jews keep their treaties?”

(text of video here)

That same PalMedia Watch post points out that this is not an aberration, but a pattern of portraying Jews as Satanic:

Don’t think “what happens on Palestinian TV stays on Palestinian TV.”

This demonization of Israel and Jews plays itself out not only in terror attacks in Israel, but also on the streets of Europe where signs are carried proclaiming “The Jews are Beasts” and the Star of David is The Star of the Devil.