Last month, I wrote about Harry Reid’s statement that he is “fairly certain” the Democrats will retake the Senate this year, and as I noted, it is a very real possibility given a number of factors.  The Democrats need win only five seats to retake the Senate (four if Hillary wins the WH), the Republicans are defending 24 seats to the Democrats’ 10, and many of the states in play—Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, New Hampshire—went to Obama in both 2008 and 2012.

As we consider and discuss the importance of the Supreme Court and who will be nominating the next Justice who will replace Justice Scalia—and potentially two (or more) others—during his or her term, it may be a good idea to think about the Senate races across the country and to do what we can to ensure that the Senate is not lost to Democrats.

No matter who wins the general and nominates the next Justice/s, the Senate is still the body that confirms a presidential nomination to the Court.  A Democrat-controlled Senate, I think we can all agree, would be a disaster on many levels, but particularly so in light of the upcoming Supreme Court nominee/s.

With all of this in mind, I am interested in what is going on in the various Senate races around the country, and while I have been paying particular attention to what promises to be a bizarre and contentious Senate race in my home state of Florida (I’ll write about that in a later post, though), the Colorado Senate race appears to be heating up.

On Friday, Ted Cruz broke with Republican leadership and endorsed Darryl Glenn, a self-proclaimed “unapologetic Constitutional conservative,” who is not, as you can imagine from that self-description, a hit with the GOP establishment who favor Jon Keyser.

Cruz writes on his Facebook page:

Conservatives across the nation are united in our fight for liberty. As we look to the future together, it’s crucial we elect strong, unapologetic conservatives to the U.S. Senate.

Darryl demonstrated he has earned the support of the grassroots in Colorado by winning 70% of the votes cast by delegates at the Colorado GOP convention in April. That’s one of the many reasons why, today, I’m proud to endorse Darryl Glenn for the United States Senate.

Darryl is a father, small businessman, and a public servant. A retired Lt. Colonel in the US Air Force, Darryl knows the value of freedom, and will take the fight to Washington for policies that bring back economic growth and preserve our individual liberties.

Colorado is a critical battleground state in 2016, and you can be sure Democrats will pour in unlimited resources to defend the incumbent. That’s why I’m supporting a conservative fighter like Darryl Glenn to take them on.

I’m standing with Darryl Glenn, and plan to campaign alongside him in the Centennial State. I’m asking Coloradans to join me in supporting Darryl because when conservatives stand united, we win.

Glenn penned an article for the Denver Post in which he writes:

My name is Darryl Glenn and I am running to lead Colorado forward in the Senate. I have spent more than half of my life in public service. I served in the U.S. Air Force for 21 years and in my hometown of Colorado Springs for 13 years as city councilman and county commissioner.  I have been steadfast in my convictions as a Republican since before I began serving this country.

Just as I have done with my superiors, constituents, and my two teenage daughters, I will not ask you to trust me by big sweeping statements or campaign guarantees. Instead, I ask that you look at my character, who I am as a father and my record as a public servant to gauge my preparedness for this office.

I am an unapologetic constitutional conservative who is not afraid to make hard choices that are in the best interest of the people I serve. I’m not ashamed of my Christian faith, and willing to stand up against anyone in Washington, D.C., who prioritizes the “issue of the day” over our nation’s most sacred document.

Glenn then goes on to address various members of his audience:

Moms and dads: you can trust that I fight for families first on issues ranging from the economy to national defense, because I, too, am a father concerned for my children’s future.

Property owners, you can trust that I am bound to the communities that comprise our state, and will lead the fight to protect them from over-reaching federal regulation.

Business owners, you can look at my record as having a steadfast commitment to creating a business environment conducive to growth and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Veterans, you can rest assured that as one of you, I will always fight for you in order to honor the selfless service so many Coloradans have given to our nation.

He’s also a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, of identifying and calling by name Islamic terrorism and giving our military the tools and support needed to defeat it, of Israel, of securing our borders and enforcing immigration law—including defunding sanctuary cities, of balancing our national budget, of entitlement reform, of rolling back the “regulation nation,” and of requiring Congress to live under the laws it passes.

You can read Glenn on the issues here.

Watch Glenn’s speech at the Colorado GOP State Convention:

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