Indiana votes today. The finally tallies could make or break Senator Cruz’s 2016 White House aspirations. Prior to Hoosiers heading to the ballot box, Trump was ahead in the polls.

The Republican delegate situation:

Immediately after winning the primary, Trump tweeted:

(WAJ adds) Bernie Sanders also pulled out a somewhat surprising victory:


Indiana is a winner-take-all state. Sort of. A total of 57 delegates are up for grabs.

In the Republican race, though, the winner-take-all rule will have a big impact. It’s not as simple as Delaware or other states with one congressional district. The 57 GOP delegates are split up by congressional district. That means Trump — or Cruz — will have to perform well across the state for a clean sweep. In total 27 delegates are split by congressional district — each gets three. Then there are 27 that go to the winner of the state-wide vote, with the remaining three counted as “RNC delegates.” Trump is currently ahead by about six points in the polls, but John Kasich supporters may end up voting for Cruz as a part of their alliance to thwart Trump.

On the Democratic side:

83 delegates to be won there:

The Democrats, like always, award their delegates proportionally. For that party, here are 83 pledged delegates up for grabs in Indiana. Like many states, they award some of their delegates by congressional district; 56 will be allocated this way. The remaining 27 are split based on the statewide vote. There’s a 15 percent threshold at both the district and statewide level — something that shouldn’t affect either Clinton or Sanders. They’re only four percentage points away from each other. Clinton is slightly ahead.

Live feed:

Political media reaction:

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