Kemberlee Kaye just described a deliciously alleged hoax involving a Social Justice Warrior, a cake, and now the legal department of the Whole Foods chain of stores.

However, this particular story leaves a bitter aftertaste. Because our “Schools of Journalism” no longer produce real reporters pursuing solid news leads and doing basic research, but propagate progressive activists dependent on iPhones and filled with a toxic blend of moral  superiority and outrage, the concoction was set to be spread courtesy of KVUE-TV in Austin.

This is how the initial report on the cake began:

Austin-based grocer Whole Foods Market is being sued after an openly gay pastor alleged a cake he ordered from the flagship store on North Lamar Boulevard contained a gay slur.

The three-letter word written on the cake has incited much emotion.

“For me, it was humiliating,” said Jordan Brown. “The feeling that I had just resurfaced a bunch of painful memories.”

A good reporter would have presented Whole Foods’ counter-claim in the lede, at least. An excellent one would have had a hearty laugh, then attempted to find a real story to cover.

And as if the original article weren’t bad enough, several national-level publications were angling to spread the news. Here are the tweets showing that staff at ABC in New York and USA Today were poised to promote the tale:

LI #16 Cake Tweets

Little wonder, then, that the American people have never held a lower opinion of the Fourth Estate:

Trust in the news media is being eroded by perceptions of inaccuracy and bias, fueled in part by Americans’ skepticism about what they read on social media.

Just 6 percent of people say they have a lot of confidence in the media, putting the news industry about equal to Congress and well below the public’s view of other institutions. In this presidential campaign year, Democrats were more likely to trust the news media than Republicans or independents.

Even Democrats are already less than impressed by how the press is handling the 2016 election news. Over 2000 Sanders supporters protested at the CNN building in Los Angeles, complaining about the network’s preferential treatment of Clinton.

But it is still better than what the Republican field faces. Who can forget the flaming hot dumpster fire that was the CNBC debate, which caused the Republicans to pull out of future NBC debates?

By the time the actual election rolls around, our mainstream media may be recalling this time of 6% approval as the “Golden Days” of its popularity.

A quick check of the Legal Insurrection Hoax Files reveals how often the press falls for something as true…because the reporters think it should be true.

The cake story can now be added to the ever expanding list of #FakeHateCrime stories.

If a free, fair and functioning press weren’t so vital to good governance, the new poll results would be much sweeter news.