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LIVE RESULTS: East Coast Primaries

LIVE RESULTS: East Coast Primaries

Updates: Will Trump exceed delegate expectations?

Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvanie, Rhode Island, and Maryland vote today. All polls close at 8:00 PM EST.


Issue is not whether Trump wins the 5 states, issue is whether he picks up more delegates than expected, which he will have to do to get on trajectory for first ballot win.

Big delegate nights for both Trump and Hillary. Trump exceeded expectations.


On the Republican ticket:

Delegate breakdown is as follows (we’re tracking bound delegates only, since unbound delegates will vote for whomever at the convention):

Connecticut: 28
Delaware: 16
Maryland: 38
Pennsylvania: 17
Rhode Island: 19

For a total of 172 delegates up for grabs tonight.

Current delegate totals are as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 5.41.26 PM

Guy Benson from Townhall has a concise breakdown of what to expect tonight, and predicts a Trump sweep:

On the Democratic ticket:

Delegate breakdown is as follows (we’re tracking bound delegates only, since unbound delegates will vote for whomever at the convention):

Connecticut: 55
Delaware: 21
Maryland: 95
Pennsylvania: 189
Rhode Island: 24

384 delegates for the taking.

Current delegate totals are as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 6.02.36 PM

Hillary is expected to do quite well tonight.

Live stream:

Political media reaction:

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Trump wins all 5 states in landslide. Cruz hovering in Jeb Bush territory at 10% to 12%.

Now ALL MEDIA says Cruz mathematically eliminated.

Its time for Cruz and Kasich to drop out, endorse Trump and unify the party.

That would be the principled thing to do but do Cruz and Kasich have any principles other than the blind political ambition criticized by Dr. Carson.

Trump outperformingvall polls.

And these states, in a general election, will go to whom? Hillary, Bernie, a stuffed animal with a (D) emblazoned on its chest?

Answer: any of the above, and certainly not Trump.

    In other Fuzzy words, those states shouldn’t count, because they didn’t vote for “True Blue” Cruz.

    It is the republican primary. They have one, or something, in every state, regardless of the state’s preference in the general election.

    Maybe you would like to confine the republican nomination process to a few select cruz states?

    Cruz did not just lose in the northeast, he lost in the South, and more than half his fellow Texans refused to vote for him.

      No, that’s not what I said. I said that they will vote (D) as they always do. Trump winning them in the primary doesn’t make them red, nor does it indicate his (or anyone’s) chances of winning them in the general.

      What I said was very uncomplicated; I’m surprised you had trouble understanding it, Barry.

        You’re right, it was not complicated and I understood what you meant.

        Your fav didn’t win, so they are not really important.

        TDS is an absolute destroyer of common sense and logic. I get you don’t like trump. I don’t really care. He has plenty of negatives. So does cruz, lot’s of them. But you are so wrapped up in ‘true blue’ you cannot acknowledge he lost, big. It’s over, it has been for a long time. Get used to it. All the votes count, even the ones in those NE liberal states.

          Barry, you are getting your notes from the Gary lunatic squad apparently. I said once, in a comment to a post, weeks–maybe months?–ago that Cruz was “true blue,” and sure, I believe that, but you and Gary and the other Trump fans are the ones who are hanging on to that phrase and regurgitating it at every turn. You’re the ones hung up on that phrase, not me. I used it once. And it was in passing. That you people latch on to it as some sort of holy edict is terrifying.

          Oddly, you accuse me of TDS, but I find it curious that you do so. In recent weeks, your posts to this site are becoming more . . questionable (not deranged just yet). Is this some sort of progression we can expect from Trump fans? We saw it degenerate into paranoia and ravings in Voting Female. Gary continues, for now, to walk the line, but are you the next to rush, pell mell off the cliff of sanity for your candidate? I’m watching with some interest because your comments are becoming increasingly bizarre with each passing day.

          People who are so blind that they cannot and will not see and will latch on to some passing comment as the Word that needs to be denied and disproved are . . . scary. That, sadly, now includes you, Barry. /smh

          tom swift in reply to Barry. | April 27, 2016 at 12:17 am

          TDS is an absolute destroyer of common sense and logic.

          Truest words on this page so far.

          Of course, it doesn’t help that it’s been a wretched night for Cruzers; even the non-TDS-afflicted would be getting desperate. The man was not only crushed by that goofy clown who—as we’ve been constantly told—can’t ever get a majority of votes, but he was even whipped in four out of five by the ridiculous Kasich.

          Cruz’s virtues, real or imaginary, simply don’t matter if he just can’t get the votes.

          Barry in reply to Barry. | April 27, 2016 at 12:53 am

          Just for the record – your “true Blue” statement was in response to a comment I made, so yes, I remember it well. I have a good memory.

          Those kind of words, when applied to any politician are somewhat telling. I’m sorry, but those words register you as a sycophant. I always have reservations about any politician. It’s less painful when you discover the truth. I have considerable reservations about Mr Trump as well.

          Now, I’m nobody, so you will not know what I consistently have said and continue to say, as you certainly have not wasted your time reading comments of mine. To enlighten you, months ago, Sept. , Oct, or earlier I made a simple point: The GOPe is the enemy and trump is my murder weapon. The left cannot be defeated until the R party is either reformed, or eliminated with a replacement. The R party are the handmaidens of the left. Thus trump. Still true. I left Cruz along time ago, recognizing he is not what he appears to be. That is my opinion. And I think you are being fooled as much as you believe I am.

          I’m going out on the deck and watch the moon continue it’s rise over the ocean. It’s a glorious night.

        Don’t be so sure of yourself. Just because Cruz could never compete in these states does not mean Trump can’t.

        No one knows what events will be and the dynamics that will ensue.

        Many people agree with Trump but don’t want to be stigmatized by the “high info” crowd.

Trump currently at 72% in PA.

Trump left New York with BIG MO and now after super Tuesday 3.0 he goes to Indiana with SUPER MO.

After New York Trump’s poll numbers jumped 6 points nationally while Cruz and Kasich each dropped 2%. After tonight and Trump’s foreign policy speech tomorrow Trump’s polls will jump another 5% to 8%.

President Trump he has those New York values alright.

Trump may be close to 1000 delegates after tonight.

    Hee! I’m eagerly awaiting the Manafort team’s foreign policy speech tomorrow. Trump will be reading someone else’s words and ideas off of a teleprompter. What can go wrong?

      Reagan had speech writers too.

        President Reagan was an articulate and thoughtful man whose vocabulary extended beyond two-syllable words common on an elementary school playground.

          good enough morgan in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | April 26, 2016 at 10:05 pm

          Who edited what his speechwriters gave him (and his speechwriters already knew what to say) for substance as well as style.

          Oh, believe me, I hope Trump edits the speech he’s given. It’ll be a laugh riot.

          You are what is known as a “sore loser”.

          Sure, okay, Barry. I’m not really sure what your problem is, but I am now completely convinced that you are just another Trump fan, spouting nastiness at every turn and belittling people for no reason other than their lack of support for your false prophet. It’s a shame; you had seemed like a normal person who was open to ideas that challenged your viewpoint. Clearly, I was dead wrong about you.

          Keep it up, and you’ll soon sound as unhinged as Gary and his last acolyte Voting Female. That’s something to aspire to, I guess.

          LukeHandCool in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | April 26, 2016 at 11:32 pm

          In all fairness, Fuzzy,

          Trump uses the three syllable “a-ma-zing” quite a bit.

          It might be the only three-syllable word he has a grasp on, but give credit where credit is a-ma-zing-ly due.

          Good point, LHC. He also uses “horrible” as in the “horrible” journalists who should be more readily sued for saying “horrible” things about him (even if they’re true).

          LukeHandCool in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | April 26, 2016 at 11:46 pm


          Can’t you unify and try to be a bit more positive about how we get slaughtered by Hillary in a landslide>

          Erm, I can try. So “go, Trump, go!” oh, and everyone, just ignore the 24/7 ads of Trump endorsing Hillary for president, burbling on about how little he knows about anything, and singing the praises of Harry Reid, et al. Just ignore Hillary shooting a thousand holes in everything Trump spouts and hammering him on everything he’s said in the primary while he sits in a corner, sucking his thumb, and trying to cry about how unfair it all is. Stompy foot. Oh, and let’s not forget the fun parts when Trump starts admitting that his GOP primary schtick was a load of horse manure and that he’s really truly for the gays and the illegals and how he’s just like the working man. Heck! He’d love to buy a condo or a mountain or farm where the working man lives so he can get reports from his illegal staff once or twice a decade.

          Rah! Rah! Rah!

          “but I am now completely convinced that you are just another Trump fan, spouting nastiness at every turn and belittling people for no reason other than their lack of support for your false prophet.”

          I’m just stunned that you should think something bad about me. Look at the words you use in this comment, and many comments with respect to anyone that does not support Cruz or supports Trump.

          “your false prophet” in this particular comment. “another Trump fan”. LOL, I do hope trump wins, but I know precisely what he is. A prophet he is not, a conservative, by your definition, he is not. I do not wear rose colored glasses.

          You have on occasion called trump supporters rather unflattering names such as LIV’s. You lump all trump supporters into one big group, people you do not like.

          Cruz lost tonight , Trump won. And you’re out here trying to belittle the results and the people that voted for the man.

          I called you a sore loser, because that is what it looks like. You might want to examine your comments and thoughts to see why I think that.

          Other than Cruz Vs Trump, I imagine we agree on a variety of issues. I’ve been on the loosing side of political elections on many occasions. I did not complain that those that disagree were following “false prophets”.

          I’ve been saying all along that the people who are following Trump are following a false prophet. His fans act like Obama’s back in ’08, and we all referred to them as Obots or worse. I see the same thing happening in this cycle around Trump. Even Trump supporters admit he’s not a conservative or even a Republican, and they seem to think this is a plus. I disagree and have done so since Trump said he was running for president back in 2011-12. Nothing, in other words, that I am saying now is new or due to Cruz’s losses tonight. That you would think so says more, frankly, about your narrow focus on Trump than it does about me and my well-known statements about him and his fans.

          I happen to be hanging out at the computer tonight; that’s it. Usually, I am not (I’ve missed plenty of nights commenting at LI when Cruz has either won significantly or lost, as he has tonight.). One thing you will not find anywhere in these comments is my gloating over the many Cruz wins or rubbing Trump fans’ faces in it. But hey, each candidate attracts people who share their values. Cruz doesn’t gloat, Trump does.

          “But hey, each candidate attracts people who share their values.”

          That’s just one of your incorrect thoughts. Sometimes candidates are supported even when you don’t personally like them or share their values. Sometimes, they are simply the best person for the current situation, or at least they are in our opinion.

          I’m quite sure I have little in common with Mr Trump or Mr Cruz, and I don’t think their values are truly known. Every politician has been a disappointment, including the only real conservative president since the 50’s, Reagan.

        Milhouse in reply to Gary Britt. | April 27, 2016 at 1:46 am

        Reagan had speech writers to turn out a first draft, but he edited every speech himself. Every speech he gave reflected what he believed, not what the speech writers wanted him to say. Trump, on the other hand, has no idea what to say, and he’s unlikely to even read the speech, let alone edit it, before delivering it. And after delivering it he’ll have no idea what it meant, and won’t be able to answer questions about it.

          Complete bullcrap and lies. You lying SOS who lies to quote Fuzzy’s favorite poster. Somebody who never ran any kind of political campaign before has come in and singlehandedly beaten everyone despite being outspent by 300 million dollars and having to face down the GOP, all their consultants, foreign policy experts etc etc.

          And you and those like you, Fuzzy, acting like the pretentious elite establishment types you are pretend to yourselves the bullcrap that he isn’t smart. People just like you and Fuzzy said the same thing about Reagan in 1980.

          Trump is killing the smartest man in the world “me too Teddy Cruz”. He has handed Cruz arse and destroyed Cruz’s entire election plan by taking the south away from him and holding Cruz below 50% in Texas. Cruz has been walking dead without a plan ever since.

    malclave in reply to Gary Britt. | April 26, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    You’re being inconsistent.

    Since when is Trump having close to 1000 delegates (a plurality but not a majority) equal Cruz being mathematically eliminated?

    I guess the numbers that Trump supporters use are complex… in that they have an imaginary component.

      You are confused. Not what I said.

        malclave in reply to Gary Britt. | April 26, 2016 at 9:49 pm

        You’re a liar.

        You just said Trump “may be close to 1000 delegates”.

        You’ve been saying that Cruz is mathematically eliminated.

        If nobody has a majority, nobody else is mathematically eliminated.

          Go back and read all my posts above, this time slowly and for comprehension. You are confused. Then read Cruz’s definition of mathematically eliminated which Cruz gave on March 23, 2016.

          Under your definition of mathematically eliminated Kasich, Bush, Romney, Ryan, Graham and the rest of the entire population of the world have not been eliminated. Then go back to Cruz on March 23 video and watch him say Kasich is mathematically eliminated.

          malclave in reply to malclave. | April 26, 2016 at 10:35 pm

          If Cruz comes here and repeatedly makes false statements, I’ll call him out on it too.

          Cruz is not responsible for your lies.

          Olinser in reply to malclave. | April 27, 2016 at 12:25 am

          You really have trouble comprehending how this works.

          It is NOT POSSIBLE for Cruz to get to the 1237 delegates needed.

          Even before Trump swept all 5 states today, if Cruz had won 100% of the remaining delegates he would NOT have 1237.

          So Cruz telling anybody else to drop out because they have been ‘mathematically eliminated’ is quite hypocritical, since it is also NOT POSSIBLE for him to get 1237 before the convention. So Kasich and Cruz are trying to do the same thing – win on a later ballot by gathering delegates at the convention.

          It’s an absolutely idiotic strategy by Kasich because he has no support and no popularity, but it’s exactly what Cruz is trying to do.

    RodFC in reply to Gary Britt. | April 26, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    Gary hold your horses. You mean soon to be President-elect Trump.

A true national candidate in a republican primary is strong in all regions of the nation among republican voters. On the other hand a regional niche candidate with no true national appeal can’t win even a republican primary outside of their limited regional base.

Outside of his underperformance in his home state of Texas Cruz can’t win except in small rural caucus states, voterless states handed to him by GOPe or mormon states handed to him by Romney. With wisconsin handed to him by Walker.

Cruz can’t win Florida and Ohio which means he can never win against Hillary. Trump is only candidate who can win general.

    malclave in reply to Gary Britt. | April 26, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    A true national candidate in a republican primary is a Republican.

    This is an absurd argument on its face. Cruz won his home state, Kasich won his, and Trump won his. Rubio, upon losing his home state, withdrew from the race. Had Trump won either Texas or Ohio, you may have a leg to stand on, but he didn’t. He also didn’t win Iowa, Alaska, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Kansas, Maine, Puerto Rico, Idaho, DC, Utah, or Wyoming.

    Trump is not strong among Republican voters (in a recent poll, 20% of Republicans said they’d vote for Hillary over Trump, that’s nuts! He has about 30 or 35% of GOP voters; all other Republicans would rather see Jeb or Cruz as president.); Trump is underwater with both Republican and all other voters, intensely unpopular and very well-known. Because he’s so well-know, those unfavorables aren’t going anywhere.

    Cruz, however, can win over voters on both sides of the aisle as they come to know him as he is and not through the Trump or LSM propagandist lenses. He appeals to staunch Constitutional conservatives and to Reagan democrats, and as America hears his message and realizes he’s a personable, likable man who not only loves America but has actual plans for improving our economy, foreign relations, and jobs situation, they will flock to him in droves. The people who support Trump are . . . it. He’s peaked. Everyone has an opinion on him, and Dems will vote for an actual Democrat over him, while the 30% or so of Republicans who support him now will continue to do so. He can’t win more votes because he’s already known to everyone in the country.

    With Cruz, Americans will like, among other more important things, that they don’t have to send their children to another room when he speaks. He doesn’t rave about his penis or curse or bully or demonstrate mean-spirited nastiness as does Trump; Cruz doesn’t mock people who are disabled, nor does he call his opponents names like a 10-year-old bully. My sister is still upset that she had to remove her children from the room during a GOP presidential debate because Trump was talking about his fabulous penis. No one wants a president that they can’t let their children watch on tv.

    Trump is not fit to lead the local chapter of the Chamber of Commerce, let alone represent the United States on the world stage.

      So much stupidity in your post and so little time.

      Trump won his home state with 60% of the vote. Cruz was distant third and got ZERO delegates. Cruz underperformed in his win in Texas gaining just 43% of the vote, and Trump was strong second winning 33% of delegates. Cruz in texas was 10 to 20 percentage points below what Romney and McCain did in Texas. Trump won Florida huge and Cryz again distant third. In Ohio Kasich beat Trump by 3.5% again Cruz distant third.

      Cruz has “won” 11 states and Trump has won 27. Of the states Cruz has won 3 were handed to him by mormons. 2 at least handed to him by GOPe. 1 handed to him by Walker.

      Exit polls tonight show 25% wouldn’t vote for Trump in November and 40% wouldn’t vote for Cruz.

      Cruz can’t win general election. Cruz won’t even win as many states as Romney won.

      Trump is only candidate that will beat Hillary. Trump will put PA in play along with Wisconsin and force Hillary to spend time and money to defend New York.

        Trump cannot and will not beat Hillary. She would beat him from prison.

        As for your disparaging remarks about Mormons, you, like your leader, are reprehensible. “Mormons” didn’t vote for Cruz, American conservatives did. A lot of Trump’s states are open primary states in which Democrats can cross over and vote for a Republican. That is a problem because, as Romney found out, the electorate who favors progressive policies will vote for the actual Democrat, not the nominal one. Trump is a nominal democrat; everyone knows this. That is why he is so unpopular in his own party and can never ever win a general. Dems will vote (D) when faced with a Democrat and “GOP” Democrat. Always.

        Cruz, not Trump, can beat Hillary in a general, and that is now, before he’s even had a chance to make himself known. Everyone already knows Trump, so his support is static.

          Besides being a stupid biatch you can’t read. I did not say a single disparaging thing about mormons you blowhard.

          Sigh. Calling me a stupid “biatch” doesn’t change a thing, you silly silly person. You did disparage Mormons by saying that the states that voted for Cruz were Mormon states, or some such lunacy. Your implication is clear to everyone here, even your fellow Trump fans.

          You wrote: “Of the states Cruz has won 3 were handed to him by mormons.”

          So what did you mean? Those glorious, wonderful Mormons voted for Cruz? Do you seriously think anyone (with a brain) will see this as other than disparaging?

          Don’t even try to play word games with me, Gary. You will lose. Every time.

          No you moron I’m saying there aren’t enough mormons in the rest of the USA to turn Cruz the regional candidate into a national candidate with appeal all over the country.


          Your wrote: “Of the states Cruz has won 3 were handed to him by mormons.”

          And now you are saying this means:

          “No you moron I’m saying there aren’t enough mormons in the rest of the USA to turn Cruz the regional candidate into a national candidate with appeal all over the country.


          Uh huh. Sure, we all know that you really mean to praise the people who didn’t vote for your emotionally-stunted, psychologically-challenged narcissistic candidate. Of course, you pack so much meaning into a few words:

          “Of the states Cruz has won 3 were handed to him by mormons.”

          Uh huh.

        spartan in reply to Gary Britt. | April 27, 2016 at 8:47 am

        How can someone who allegedly has learned the Socratic Method be so utterly clueless?

        More and more folks here are catching onto the fact you are Phony Gary. For someone so keen on polls, you probably should look at the latest Wisconsin polls. Hillary is beating Trump by double digits. Cruz is within the proverbial MOE. The facts keep kicking your butt.

        I posit that Trump supporters come in 3 distinctive flavors: the corrupt, the naive, and the lazy.

        I think it is more than safe to say you are Neapolitan.

          At this point in time in 1980 Reagan had high negatives and was up to 30 points behind Carter in the polls. The name calling morons of the GOP like you said Reagan couldn’t win and would destroy the party. But once Reagan was the nominee and the campaign against Carter started in earnest everything changed. Same will be true with Trump. Trump has destroyed every opponent in turn. 16 of them while being outspent by 300 million dollars. He will do exactly the same to Hillary. Cruz on the other hand has built a track record of losing. A track record of being second and third and having to cheat to try and win. He is a loser and if anyone ever watches him speak he tells more lies in his campaign stops than the worst of the democrats.

      inspectorudy in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | April 27, 2016 at 2:48 am

      Good words FS! I too am perplexed by the mania for Trump. Have we all not been trained since childhood to be gracious in victory as well as defeat? Did any of you listen to Trump’s speech tonight? It was the meanest most unAmerican thing I have ever heard from an American. All about how he is the presumptive nominee. How the others should drop out. Not one word of sympathy or acknowledgement for the other two men in the race. He is a mean, self-centered small minded man! Have any of you ever known such a person in your ordinary lives? Why the adulation for such a monumental loser? The face of hillary is the like a red flag to a bull to me. But that smirking pouty mouthed face of Trump takes the prize!

“Strong conservatives have been another typically strong Cruz group, but tonight Trump beat him by more than 10 points among very conservative voters in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut, again among Trump’s best in this group to date.”

Would somebody just shoot Charlie Gasparino on Fox Business. Sheesh.

Every general election I have voted for the Republican on the ticket. I held my nose and voted for Dole, McCain and Romney. I anticipated I would do the same this coming November.

But I recently attended a meeting giving state delegates information on the state convention (hotel space, SD and CD caucuses, registration, etc.). We were also warned that Trump Team is now calling state delegates and warning them that if they are elected as national delegates the Trumpeteers are going to know where they are staying and are going to harass, intimidate and badger them if they don’t commit for Trump.

So……………after all these years of holding my nose and voting for the Republican I knew would not win, I am officially #NeverTrump. I will not vote for that charlatan and I want to personally thank you, Gary Britt, for helping me come to that decision.

If you want to burn this nation, and its Constitution down, let it be done by Hillary because after 35 years of being involved in the Republican Party and working my tail off to turn my state red, I see absolutely no difference in Hillary and Trump and at least I can tell my children the country was destroy by a Democrat, not a Democrat pretending to be a Republican.

    Trump’s thuggery, threats (of lawsuits, etc.), bullying, and intimidation are deal breakers for me, too. He is a student of Alinsky and the progressive left. and his tactics are the same as theirs.

    DaMav in reply to retire05. | April 26, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    Another Hillary supporter seeking to turn the SCOTUS over to the liberals and effectively end the Second Amendment.

      retire05 in reply to DaMav. | April 26, 2016 at 9:59 pm

      You’re a moron. You label me a “Hillary supporter” because I oppose the thug tactics of the Trump Team. Well, sorry, moron, but after being a life long Republican and having never voted but for one Democrat in my life (he was running unopposed when my state was still blue and I believe one should vote), you and your Sycophants For Trump have traveled a bridge too far. When Team Trump starts threatening state delegates, who may, or may not, make it to the national convention, you have lost ANY support I may have given to Trump simple because he is the nominee.

      Jindal is free to do what he wants, but as for me, #NeverTrump so I just won’t vote in the presidential election if Trump is the nominee just like I won’t vote for Princess Pantsuit.

        Trump chumps (or chimps, maybe?) are ridiculous. They are proud to announce they haven’t voted in the last few decades because the GOP candidate didn’t meet their requirements and that they are more than happy with Obama as the alternative. It’s only when Trump is the progressive candidate who will take us still further down the road to serfdom that anyone who doesn’t hop on the Trump train is “voting” for Hillary. They, of course, didn’t vote for Obama. Go figure.

          Are Trump Chumps anything like Cruz C nts ?

          Know what I’m say’in.

          Of course I don’t know what you are saying. I’m an adult. You are clearly not. I was a bit surprised when no one picked up on your calling Scooby Doo “gay”; after all, calling things “gay” is a new thing, from the ’90’s, not something a supposed 60+ year-old man would say.

          You’ve already been called out for your sloppy thinking and documentation of your so-called “facts,” so this sort of cultural reference, like calling something “gay,” is another indicator that you are not quite who you say you are.

          Me? I’m not bothered. Your thinking is juvenile and often marred by insanity (Cruz’s dad on the grassy knoll? Really?! That’s nuts.), so I’ve not labored under the delusion that you are an actual adult or an actual lawyer. How “gay” is that? :p

          Many Trump supporters are just normal people who are pissed off. Many Cruz supporters are just normal people who are pissed off. I think that calling anyone names is wrong. I haven’t missed an opportunity to vote since I turned 18, gosh that was almost 40 years ago. You and Mr. Pierre make some great tag team. What a shame.

          Amwick, I seem to recall your being quite vocal about me in the recent past. In fact, didn’t you recently use my contribution to the drafting of a post as “evidence” that the post was biased (a “hit piece”?) . . . and that, by extension, the professor is a doddering moron who doesn’t read things before they are posted in his own name?

          You can swoon all you want about the language or name-calling that is going on, but don’t do it from some high horse. You have written some quite horrid comments yourself and been very inflammatory. As an LI author, I can search them quite readily by your screen name. Would you like me to share them with you? Or do you think that climbing off that high horse of yours might be more productive?

          Fuzzy you are quite a biggot. You know there are black people who like country music and gays who vote republican and people in their 60s that can use computers and read contemporary matters and keep up with cultural changes tbroughout their lives.

          Your detective skills and deductive and inductive reasoning about who I am is as good as are the posts you waste people’s time with here on LI.

          You are out of your depth, Gary. First of all, it’s spelled “bigot,” and it describes, you, not me. You’ve repeatedly shown your disdain for Christians and for conservatives in these threads, and you have repeatedly demeaned Mormons and others.

          Aside from that: If I said “Blake Shelton won that Grammy because it was handed to him by gays (or blacks),” you’d think that was a perfectly benign statement? Or do you imagine that anyone else would view it as such?

          Most people would read it as a bigoted and derogatory statement. That you don’t says an awful lot about you.

          Fuzzy you arebthe one equating gays and blacks to mormons in a manner that implies you are saying something derogatory about mormons, gays, or blacks NOT ME. I may get out of my depth but on my worst day it will NEVER be in a battle of wits with tbe likes of you.

          No go home and rethink the subconcious hatred and bigotry contained your analogy above.

          I think you are completely biased, and I don’t understand why you insult people, because of their opinions. Yes, I believe that totally. I don’t feel that way about Prof. Jacobson, even though I know that he is against Donald Trump in a political sense.

          Doddering Moron? See Fuzzy, you are projecting that on me, when I believe the exact opposite. I just like to understand the actual author of an post, consider the source, so to speak.

        DaMav in reply to retire05. | April 26, 2016 at 10:23 pm

        I thought it was hilarious that you said that you look to Gary Britt to determine your vote 🙂

        “I want to personally thank you, Gary Britt, for helping me come to that decision.”

        Personally I prefer to make my own mind up, unlike you de facto Hillary supporters. You can tell your children “I helped Hillary Clinton by throwing a temper tantrum and refusing to vote for her opponent”.

          malclave in reply to DaMav. | April 26, 2016 at 10:37 pm

          The Trump supporters on this site are doing their very best to get Hillary elected.

          Anyone who is looking to Gary to make a decision about whom they vote for is not worth addressing. What kind of a complete moron do you have to be to base your vote for president of these United States on a person who has ten hours a day to post comments on a website? Many of which are not only demonstrably untrue but out there in crazy, tinfoil hat land (oh, yeah! Cruz’s dad was the shooter on the grassy knoll).

          Who would take such a person seriously? No one worth talking to, that’s for sure.

          Fuzzster I got a big laugh out of that Cruz dad on the grassy knoll comment. Besides being stupid you don’t have a very good sense of humor either. Of course they do say those things go hand in hand.

          Yes, Gary, it was laughable. Especially the numerous times you posted it trying to evoke a response (but alas everyone thought you were beneath contempt and beneath comment).

          Here’s what you wrote:

          Rut Row,

          Reports are that National Enquirer will publish photos and report of Ted Cruz’s father in New Orleans with Lee Harvey Oswald passing out pro Castro communist flyers. It was about 3 months before Oswald killed Kennedy. Was Rafael Cruz on the grassy knoll that day ??? Enquiring Minds Want To Know.

          And here are all the places you posted it:

          Not only are you a tiresome spammer, posting the same inanity over and over (either in the same or different threads), but you posted this twice, too. As you have neither a sense of humor nor a discernible personality, one can only surmise that this, like all of your other crazed anti-Cruz rants was intended to be sincere. Remember that fun one you hammered for days until you were told in no uncertain terms that you were dead wrong? Here’s the link to refresh your memory:

          And let’s not forget the frothing-at-the-mouth lunacy over Cruz’s father’s “commie” photo.

          Your comments are a study in lunacy.

          DaMav in reply to DaMav. | April 26, 2016 at 11:03 pm

          It was direct word for word quote from retire05 that you are attacking and getting all huffy over… I am but your humble messenger of Truth. 🙂

          retire05 in reply to DaMav. | April 26, 2016 at 11:45 pm

          I make my own decisions based on the information I gather. And one thing is clear, if you want to know where the slug is, look for two things; slug trails and other slugs.

          Trump supporters support Trump because they have certain things in common with him; rudeness, a vile mouth (see Gary’ posts), lack of any real idea of how an election is conducted. If you think Trump supporters are not a turn off to those of us who have worked our tails off for conservative values for decades, you’re not paying attention.

          Now you can call me a Hillary supporter all you want, and until the cows come home, but that doesn’t make it true. Perhaps you have a comprehension disorder and didn’t notice that I plainly stated I would not vote for Princess Pantsuit.

          If rude and abusive people like Gary are the kind who support Trump, I want nothing to do with them, or him, and you can most certainly judge a person by the company they keep.

          Trump didn’t win tonight. He got shot down by Hillary in all five states, just like he did in New York where she took over twice as many votes as he did. All of those states will vote Blue in November. So go ahead, support Trump. He CAN’T win against Hillary even if she’s wearing black and white stripes.

          LukeHandCool in reply to DaMav. | April 26, 2016 at 11:58 pm

          What Fuzzy said to Gary:

          Ouch !!!!!

          LukeHandCool in reply to DaMav. | April 27, 2016 at 12:04 am

          This part:

          “Here’s what you wrote:

          ‘Rut Row,

          Reports are that National Enquirer will publish photos and report of Ted Cruz’s father in New Orleans with Lee Harvey Oswald passing out pro Castro communist flyers. It was about 3 months before Oswald killed Kennedy. Was Rafael Cruz on the grassy knoll that day ??? Enquiring Minds Want To Know.'”

          Gary … dude … give it up … Fuzzy got you number.

      Sanddog in reply to DaMav. | April 26, 2016 at 11:26 pm

      Who do you think Trump would nominate to SCOTUS? Someone like Scalia? Dream on.

        He has already said many times strong conservatives like Sykes and Pryor. Sheesh. Keep up.

          He’s saying that now, just as he waves a Bible around at Liberty University and then proceeds to misquote it and demonstrate his ignorance of basic Christian principles, just as he showed that he has no idea what anyone on either side of the abortion discussion think about “punishing the mother,” and just as he showed his total ignorance of U. S. military power and of Russia’s increased influence and territorial ambitions. He’s a clueless sack of nothingness that makes himself look good by calling himself great. The only amazing thing about this is that anyone at all would believe this crap from someone with so little substance and even less understanding of the world or of America’s place in it.

          Previous to his current (and temporary) incarnation as a faux Republican he touted his radical leftist sister as a great choice for SCOTUS. Since then, he’s said, and you can’t make this up, that he didn’t even know what her beliefs are or what she thinks about the Constitution. Either way you slice that, Trump’s an absolute idiot or . . . he’s an absolute idiot.

          Here’s the relevant link:

          Somebody who says two corinthians doesn’t bother me. What does bother me are religious nut job members of a faux christion cult called Dominionism who belueves dominioists must take control of the levers of political power and accumulate all the wealth of the world as a necessary precursor to the return of Jesus to the earth. Combine those crazy faux christian cult beliefs with a belief that Cruz is an actual annointed messenger sent by god and a fulfillment of mormon prophecy.

          That kind of nut job should never have his finger on the nuclear buttons.

        RodFC in reply to Sanddog. | April 26, 2016 at 11:38 pm

        Bill Pryor or Dianne Sykes.

          malclave in reply to RodFC. | April 26, 2016 at 11:50 pm

          Are you sure? This is Trump we’re talking about… he might have meant Richard Pryor and Wanda Sykes.

Those exploring their soft pinko underbelly should listen to Bobby Jindal explaining why he will certainly support Trump if he is the Republican nominee. Unlike the dim bulbs and fake conservatives, Jindal realizes the stakes if Hillary wins.

Sorry took a nap just woke up.
When does Cruz give his victory speach?

Nice to see Gary, the only voice of reason, is still here. I used to check this site daily – sometimes TWICE daily!

I hope you got your pieces of silver LI “contributors”, because sadly you are ALL completely on the wrong side of history backing a usurper Canadian wannabe…. (how much does it pay?!)…

Look out for the Trump train… it has a big shiny light and it is coming straight at ya…


Connecticut — 3rd Place
Delaware — 3rd Place
Maryland — 3rd Place
Rhode Island — 3rd Place’s going to wind up that Cruz did not win a single county in the 5 states. And, in PA, Trump will win about 36 of the 54 unbound delegates. Add that to the 105 bound delegates he won tonight.

Cruz got absolutely destroyed no question.

    PhillyGuy in reply to PhillyGuy. | April 26, 2016 at 11:00 pm

    I should say that Trump has a shot at 5 more delegates. Assuming he simply hangs on to what is already posted, Trump would have approximately 1,019 delegates (bound and unbound) or 220 short.

      malclave in reply to PhillyGuy. | April 26, 2016 at 11:06 pm

      And if he gets to 1237… Cruz will be mathematically eliminated.

        PhillyGuy in reply to malclave. | April 26, 2016 at 11:12 pm

        Cruz is already mathematically eliminated from a first ballot victory. There is no disputing that. With Trump only 220 delegates away, he is the presumptive nominee.

          Valerie in reply to PhillyGuy. | April 26, 2016 at 11:39 pm

          Nope. If one candidate does not win on the first ballot, nobody is “mathematically eliminated.” This is a false narrative perpetuated by a campaign that has a plurality and is deeply unpopular.

          malclave in reply to PhillyGuy. | April 26, 2016 at 11:40 pm

          Key words… from a first ballot victory.

          Trump is the frontrunner by a large margin. He might well (heck, he probably will) get to 1237 and become the nominee. But to me “presumptive nominee” means someone already has the delegates, is running for reelection, or is running unopposed (expecting some anti-Cruz snark in response to this). Trump, at this point, doesn’t meet any of those criteria.

          I know the people campaigning for Hillary here keep pointing out Cruz’s “mathematically eliminated” statement, but there’s a major difference. When Cruz said it, he was in a multi-person race, trying to narrow the field. At this point, the GOP nomination is essentially a 2 person race (does anyone really think Kasich has even a Hail Mary shot?); Cruz backing out would just hand the nomination to someone who has won a plurality, but not a majority, of the popular vote. It would be surrendering the field, not narrowing it. And the idiotic repetitive drone of it here is just annoying as hell.

          When the campaign season started, I didn’t really want Trump but I was willing to support him. His supporters at various places, but especially here, have made it so I won’t even cast a nominal ballot for him in November. I have to wonder how many other Republicans will just sit out November if he is the nominee, in states that someone with less abusive supporters could win.

          PhillyGuy in reply to PhillyGuy. | April 26, 2016 at 11:41 pm

          I just checked the PA delegate summary and I overestimated who were Trump supporters so it looks like 29 or 30 unbounds will go to Trump. So Trump is about 226 delegates away from the nomination.

          PhillyGuy in reply to PhillyGuy. | April 26, 2016 at 11:46 pm

          Cruz cannot win on the first ballot. That is not in dispute. He can campaign but he has to depend on a second ballot. Trump becomes the presumptive nominee because he has a path to victory on the first ballot.

          Those are all true statements.

          malclave in reply to PhillyGuy. | April 26, 2016 at 11:55 pm

          Cruz cannot win on the first ballot. That is not in dispute.


          He can campaign but he has to depend on a second ballot.


          Trump becomes the presumptive nominee because he has a path to victory on the first ballot.

          Disagree. Trump, you, and his other supporters may want to presume he will win, but I do not. I’m not familiar with any official or even semi-official definition that overrides the inherent subjectiveness of calling it “presumptive”. Trump has a substantial lead, but it’s still a race.

          PhillyGuy in reply to PhillyGuy. | April 27, 2016 at 12:19 am

          You are whistling dixie now. Cruz was obliterated tonight. He did even worse in PA than he thought. The party is not going to nominate a candidate who got blown out in the Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries.

          Milhouse in reply to PhillyGuy. | April 27, 2016 at 2:39 am

          Yes, Cruz is mathematically eliminated from a first ballot victory. So ****ing what? What’s so special about a first ballot victory? He’s also mathematically eliminated from a victory using only delegates whose names have an odd number of letters, or one using only delegates who have black hair, but that’s irrelevant because there’s no reason to want such a victory.

          The only desirable thing about a first ballot victory is that it’s easy. OK, so he won’t win the easy way. But winning the hard way is no less valid.

          Milhouse in reply to PhillyGuy. | April 27, 2016 at 2:43 am

          Trump becomes the presumptive nominee because he has a path to victory on the first ballot.

          That’s bull***t. It’s like saying a horse is the presumptive winner of tomorrow’s race because it has four legs and can go around the track. Yes, it can, but so can all the other horses. Trump can win on the first ballot and nobody else can, but there’s nothing special about a first ballot win. A second or twenty-second ballot win is just as valid. And if it goes past one ballot Cruz is very likely to win.

          tom swift in reply to PhillyGuy. | April 27, 2016 at 3:00 am

          What’s so special about a first ballot victory?

          A first ballot victory means that the Party is going to have to come up with another plan to torpedo Trump.

          If Trump doesn’t have enough delegates to win on the first shot, then Cruz’s plan for the delegates to vote for him, rather than Trump, on the second ballot has a chance. Alternatively, the delegates can vote for somebody other than Trump or Cruz. That would probably surprise Cruz no end, but I doubt it would be a surprise to the RNC bigwigs.

          But these scenarios can’t happen if the first ballot makes Trump the nominee.

Trump’s closing remarks in his victory speech tonight were priceless.

Trump says

Hillary wouldn’t have 5% of the vote if she wasn’t a woman. The only thing Hillary has going for is the woman card. And the beautiful thing is Women don’t like her.

The liberal women are all going nuts. Anderson Cooper was all he could do not laugh !

This is why he will beat Hillary like a drum. He has no fear and says what we are all afraid to say.

filiusdextris | April 26, 2016 at 11:37 pm

While annoying that Trump wins 60% of the vote and 90% of the delegates and while I would be curious as to what data there is to suggest Trump-votes coming from the same hands as future Hillary voters, it really doesn’t matter – it’s a solid win for Trump tonight no matter how you slice it. Hats off to him (blech).

I’m not overly worried. Conservatism will have to soldier on the best we can. We’ve long known that the country has gone down the tubes in values and that the populace is starstruck, and the media has its own competing agenda. Cruz 2016 was our best offer to date in quite a while. It still might work out, and I’ll do my part, but if we have to suffer, we have to suffer. Sigh. Someday in the not-too-distant future, economic collapse will strike, and we’ll have a chance (with God’s mercy) to reboot with more common sense after a hopefully not-too-severe resource war.

    It’s just not all that bad. Cruz will continue to be a great voice for conservatism in the Senate, and who knows, President Trump might even nominate him for SCOTUS in the future.

    Right now the priority should be to wake up these whining poor losers WAH who are saying they will sit out the general WAH and hand it all to Hillary Clinton WAH if they don’t get their way.

Dare we say it?
Looks like Cruz got schlonged!

OK I keep updating my post..looks like Trump will win 111 of out the available 118 bound delegates tonight. Cruz gets 2 and Kasich gets 5. In PA, it looks like Trump wins 29 or 30 of the unbounds. Stay tuned.

OT, counting the unbound PA delegates….

It looks like 30 pledged to vote for Trump and another 12 pledged to the winner of their district. That’s 42 delegates, with Cruz and Kasich splitting the remaining with six each.

wow, cruz got beat up tonight! holy smokes

Anybody see the idiot Cruz trying to renact the scene from hoosiers by asking a guy to measure the height of the “basketball ring” from the floor ??

That makes two corinthians look like nothing. The basketball ring. I k8d you not.

    A moral person is terrifying to you Britt (and altar boys).

    At the same time, you have no problem whatsoever with Bully Boy Trump’s flaming flamboyant faux-ness. Trump’s the Hopey Changey pasty-white guy for you.

    Trump’s “wins” only tells me how screwed up the electorate has become, how TDS is worse than Zika in its destroying the brains of Trumpists.

      A moral person doesn’t lie as much as Ted Cruz does. Yesterday’s bungled rally at Hickory just cemented it. I counted 4 lies in less than 5 minutes in the clip I saw. He’s just a sleazebag, nothing more.

      I think that Donald Trump’s success is a clear indicator of how far removed the rulers are from the electorate. Cruz originally(eligibility aside) seemed part of that reaction, only it appears to me that he sold out. If anything, it shows that the electorate may be waking up.

        I think that Donald Trump’s success is a clear indicator of how far removed the electorate is with TDS.

        spartan in reply to amwick. | April 27, 2016 at 9:00 am

        I hate to burst your bubble but if DE is any indication, this Trump movement may be all smoke. I compared the numbers last night to the last election in DE where the GOP Establishment faced a challenge from an “outsider”; the 2010 GOP Senate Primary between Mike Castle and O’Donnell. Only 250 more folks voted last night. That is not much of a movement in 6 years.

        When you realize Ted Cruz received more votes in Wisconsin than Trump received in NY, Trump as the GOP nominee is going to have an ugly November. You should be very concerned.

        spartan in reply to amwick. | April 27, 2016 at 9:54 am

        According to the stats you link, Sanders received 42% of the Democratic vote. For Trump to overtake Hillary, he will need at least 69% of the Sanders vote to switch to Trump to be competitive.
        You use the phrase “easy peasy”. I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means.

      Cruz is not a moral person. He lies constantly and with the ease of the slimiest of lawyers. He is untrustworthy and stabs in the back anyone stupid enough to try and make an agreement with him.

    spartan in reply to Gary Britt. | April 27, 2016 at 9:46 am

    Next time, watch the video. He definitely says “rim” the first time. The second time, after the reenactment, it sounded like ring.

      Today the Great Bobby Knight of Indiana basketball legend will appear with and endorse Trump. Some say the Bobby Knight endorsement in Indiana is worth more than an endorsement from the governor.

The Livewire | April 27, 2016 at 9:36 am

Fuzzy, I’ll say this about arguing with Braying Git..

Don’t wrestle with a pig, you’ll just get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

Personally, I’m curious about how he pays for his internet connection…

Well, the anti-Trump folks had an explanation. The five states “have always been identified” as tough places to stop the Trump juggernaut. So those results – Trump won all five by wide margins – are “neither surprising nor decisive.”

This is delusional. Trump, in fact, is on a roll.

Bill Hemmer of Fox News said he won every county in all five states.

That his victories were not surprising is an indication of how Trump has taken command of the GOP race. Ted Cruz and John Kasich have become figures in his rear view mirror. The Cruz campaign, after winning in Wisconsin on April 5, has collapsed. Cruz is desperate. He now insists Trump can’t beat Hillary Clinton. Only he can. This is not a convincing argument.

Trump passes Romney’s popular vote total, likely to break GOP record

By Kyle Cheney

04/26/16 11:42 PM EDT

Updated 04/27/16 12:06 AM EDT

With his five blowout wins Tuesday night, Donald Trump has passed Mitt Romney’s popular vote total from four years ago and is on a trajectory that could land him more Republican votes than any presidential candidate in modern history – by a lot.

Trump surged to 9.9 million votes, according to totals that include Tuesday’s preliminary results across the northeast and could rise further as the final votes are counted. That’s already more than 100,000 more than Romney earned in the entire 2012 primary season and tens of thousands more than John McCain earned in 2008.

Trump is certain to pass McCain’s total next week in Indiana, but more importantly, he’s positioned to easily pass the modern record-holder George W. Bush — who collected 10.8 million votes in 2000.

That presents an uncomfortable reality for anti-Trump forces: they’re attempting to thwart the candidate who is likely to win more Republican primary votes than any GOP contender in at least the last 36 years, and maybe ever.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says that Donald Trump’s five big wins Tuesday night mean the only thing left for establishment Republicans to do is to “get over it” and accept that Trump will be the GOP nominee.

“You see the momentum building here,” Gingrich said on Fox News Tuesday night. “I think it’d be very, very hard, virtually impossible, to stop him from winning the nomination at this point.”

“This is an enormous achievement building on New York, and means that he’s almost certainly going to have an absolute majority of the delegates before you get to the convention in Cleveland,” Gingrich added.

Cruz is disintegrating before our eyes.

After Trump’s astounding five-for-five primary night, by margins that were likely surprising even for Trump fans, it’s now Indiana or bust. If Trump wins the primary next week in the Hoosier State, Cruz is toast and Trump will almost certainly be the Republican nominee.

There’s no putting lipstick on this pig. Cruz’s numbers Tuesday night, like his numbers in New York last week, were beyond horrible. With six weeks to go before voting concludes, the man conservatives are hoping can overcome Trump with his clever delegate game and more serious mien is getting 10 to 15 percent of the vote in major states.

It isn’t only that the not-Trump vote is failing to coalesce around Cruz — he’s going backward.