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Sean Hannity Hollers at Ted Cruz Over Delegates

Sean Hannity Hollers at Ted Cruz Over Delegates

“You gotta stop!”

In a radio interview with Senator Ted Cruz Tuesday, host Sean Hannity lost his cool.

Hannity contended Republicans were most concerned about the current delegate count, to which Cruz disagreed.

“Sean, with all respect — that’s not what people are concerned about. I’m campaigning everyday. People are concerned about bringing jobs back to America, people are concerned about raising wages, people are concerned about getting the federal government off the backs of small businesses and people are concerned about beating Hillary. The media loves to obsess about process and this process and this whining from the Trump campaign is all silly. It’s very simple,” said before Hannity interrupted.

Hannity cited his Twitter account, radio and TV shows as evidence that he knows best what Republicans are concerned about and again asked Cruz to explain the delegate game.

“Sean, the only people asking this question are the hard-core Donald Trump supporters,” said Cruz.

And then Hannity exploded. “Why do you do this?! Every single time, no, you gotta stop. Every time I have you on the air, I ask you a legitimate question, you try to throw it in my face. I’m getting sick of it!”



Cruz was given the chance to answer the question again and again explained that all of the, “noise and whining is coming from the Trump campaign. They don’t like the fact that they’ve lost five elections in a row. Republicans are uniting behind our campaign, so they’re screaming on Drudge and it’s getting echoed — this notion of a voterless election. It is nonsense. They are making it up. Over 1.3 million people voted; we won in landslides in all five.”

“Now there is a second component beyond the election,” Cruz continued, “which is that individual delegates are elected by the people. Donald Trump’s campaign does not know how to organize on the grassroots and so when the delegates are elected, conservative activists, real conservative activists show up and they elect delegates and we are winning those elections over and over again.”

This whole ordeal is easily explained by this Free Beacon supercut:

[h/t Josh Feldman of Mediaite]

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